First Week in her Final Transfer (Week 68)

Dear everyone,

Thanks for all your emails and love, you’re all just great. So to summarise. I was transferred from the islands which meant I had to leave my dear Hermana Wihongi behind. To be able to serve with her twice was probably one of the best experiences of my life , she is so wonderful and powerful. And so this week I am in Toledo with my new companion Hermana Nelson. She is from California and super excited to get straight to work! She already speaks Spanish so well after just six weeks of learning it! She really is exactly what Toledo needs! She is a máquina!

So Toledo is beautiful. It’s the ancient capital of Spain and the city of the three religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It’s very old. But our piso is really nice, we had to clean it after the elders left it but it’s big, it even has two bathrooms. It was crazy getting here though, we got lost a lot because our GPS did not and still does not work. So we drive the two hours from Madrid to Toledo using road signs. We got lost, in fact we managed to drive past Toledo so we may or may not, we aren’t really sure, have crossed over to the Malaga mission. But we finally made it, but then we parked in thewrong underground garage. There are six and we didn’t know which was ours. In fact we didn’t even know we had an assigned parking Spot, someone got mad at us for parking in theirs awks, And we didn’t have the keys to get out of this wrong garage obvs so we were stuck for a while but we made lots of friends with the neighbours trying to get out. Other than that we only got lost one other time on the way to the bishops house. We decided to spend the morning contacting in his pueblo before we ate with them, but we got so lost we only just arrived in time for dinner. We asked a lot of petrol station people for directions. But we have driving down to a T now. No se preocupe!

Toledo is a city of miracles. We found some cool new investigators this week and we committed one of them to be baptised in the middle of October. She is super super prepared. She came to church with us yesterday, we all went for the first time ahha, and she loved it! Also the members are so good! And so kind! They bring their friends to church without us even asking. This. Almost. Never. Happens. In the end we had six friends at church yesterday! I think that is a Toledo record. We have been so so blessed.

It’s kind of strange knowing this will be my last area and that I will finish by training again but I am so happy to be here! There is so much work to do, we are just loving it. I can’t express how great it is to be a missionary and be able to dedicate this time to the lord.

This week as I was studying in Acts I came across this quote:

“Be careful how you characterize yourself. Don’t characterize or define yourself by some temporary quality. The only single quality that should characterize us is that we are a son or daughter of God. That fact transcends all other characteristics, including race, occupation, physical characteristics, honors, or even religious affiliation. …

“We have our agency, and we can choose any characteristic to define us. But we need to know that when we choose to define ourselves or to present ourselves by some characteristic that is temporary or trivial in eternal terms, we de-emphasize what is most important about us, and we overemphasize what is relatively unimportant. This can lead us down the wrong path and hinder our eternal progress”

Remember who you are! We are sons and daughters of the most high destined to be like Him should we so desire. Let that be the defining characteristic of our personalities that drives us to act in a way that will forever bring us closer to His side. I love you all, don’t forget how great you really are!

Have an awesome week, go help the missionaries in your ward xoxo
Hermana Liddicott

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Toledo (Week 67)

Dear everyone,

How wonderful you all are, thankyou for your prayers and your support. This week we had so many miracles, things are going well for Edus baptism this Saturday! We are so excited for her. We are now teaching an Elton John and a Christopher Columbus! We had double intercambios again. We got to see the wonderful hermanas from las palmas and Los cristianos. They are so powerful and I feel blessed to have served with them for that short period of time.

Also our mission has now been authorised to use smart phones and through the month of September we will begin to use Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp! Crazy right but pretty cool.

Also. Transfers. It breaks my heart but I will be leaving my beloved Vecindario and my dear friend Hermana Wihongi. I will be going back to the peninsula to the city of Toledo, look it up because it is beautiful. I will be pinkwashing! So Elders out and Hermanas in and my new companion is going to be, well I don’t know because I am training again! I am really excited and a little bit nervous. It’s a special situation and I will be driving a car again to be able to reach more of our area!

I have loved each of my areas but Vecindario will always be very special to me I think. Someone once told me that spiritual experiences build friendships. And I think that’s why I feel so close to the ward. We have all helped each other to grow spiritually over here last four months.

Sorry this has been kind of short but know that I love you all and you are the best!

Con amor
Hermana Liddicott

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De Ja Vu (Week 61)

Dear everyone,

Well we did indeed have transfers and well history repeats itself
because hermana wihongi and I have made it to be actual companions
again. We always said we’d serve together in the islands and here we
are. They closed the elders companionship in Vecindario so it’s just
going to be me and hermana wihongi working in Vecindario for the time
being but we are so so excited.

I had a great last week with hermana Osborn! She really is such a
great missionary, if you ever go to highland Utah, look her up! We had
an awesome lesson with Pedro, he is such a great person and we are so
excited to teach him, he loves church so much he comes to all the
activities and all the meetings! We also founds some new friends which
was pretty cool. Our favourite is a YSA from Tenerife! She is just
awesome, she wanted to meet with us because her FRIEND had shared the
gospel with her when they were roommates at university. We never
realise the impact we have on people when we talk to them about the
gospel. Her friend isn’t around now to see the lessons happen but
she’s the reason they are happening!

We ate a lot of food and visited a lot of people yesterday so Hermana
Osborn could say goodbye, I feel like I’ve eaten enough to last me a
year. We had intercambios with the Hermanas from telde o sea hermana
wihongi and I just traded companions for the day, it was incredible.
Hermana Burnham is such a good missionary and I’ve realised the best
miracles do come when we talk to everyone. Everyone. Whether they are
old, a little bit smelly, the most beautiful person ever or just a
regular kid we have to talk to them because they all need and deep
down inside, although they don’t know it yet ahah, want the gospel.

Kind of a gross story to almost finish off with, I went to the
bathroom in our piso and I was washing my hands. Next to the sink we
have a box of cotton buds and there was just a giant cockroach sitting
in it. I think I died and got twinkled back to life. It was pretty
gross but hermana Osborn saved the day! Fact: there are lots of
cockroaches in the islands. That’s the first I’ve seen in the piso
though…hopefully the last.

On a slightly more serious note though, I think about 100% of the
people in the world are often way to hard on themselves, and  as a
missionary I’ve noticed it’s so easy to do. I was studying a talk that
puts grace and the atonement into the context of a mum paying for her
child’s piano lessons. ( the full talk is in the ensign of September
2013) it says
“When a young pianist hits a wrong note, we don’t say he is not worthy
to keep practicing. We don’t expect him to be flawless. We just expect
him to keep trying. Perfection may be his ultimate goal, but for now
we can be content with progress in the right direction. Why is this
perspective so easy to see in the context of learning piano but so
hard to see in the context of learning heaven?…
There should never be just two options: perfection or giving up. When
learning the piano, are the only options performing at Carnegie Hall
or quitting? No. Growth and development take time. Learning takes
You know He knows you aren’t perfect, and He loves you still. He isn’t
asking you to be perfect today, he’s just asking you to do better and
be better. Remember we are all just learning heaven, it’s okay to mess
up! The Saviour will always step in with his divine grace and help us
pay the rest of the debt. I know He live and He loves us!

I love you all too,

Hermana Liddicott

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Transfers, Exchanges & Daily Life (week 58)

Dear all,
As usual it’s been a wonderful week here in Vecindario. Not too hot but plenty of wind! Things are going well, we are strengthening our relationship further with the members and as we do so they are helping us more with the work. Our mission president asked us to visit all the members by the end of August and teach them the restoration in five minutes. I love doing it and teaching these simple gospel truths because the spirit is so strong as we testify and help these members to remember how they felt when they heard this message for the first time.
Barbara is doing well, although she has a lot of trials right now in her life she is such an example to us because she keeps moving forward with faith and relying on God. She is the best. I feel so blessed to know her! We found some more new investigators this week, one of them is an ex jehovas witness! That means we are teaching two of them now! One of the nicest things to see is people who come to our church for the first time and can feel the difference in the level of spirituality there is there. This really is Christs true church!
Reading the Book of Mormon in five weeks is one of the best challenges I’ve ever been given, reading more thoroughly everyday day has helped me to realise the book speaks to me! One of the parts that impacted me most was in Jacob 5:21-23
“21 And it came to pass that the servant said unto his master: How comest thou hither to plant this MISSIONARY , or HERMANA LIDDICOTT? For behold, it was the poorest spot in all the land of the mission.
22 And the Lord of the vineyard said unto him: Counsel me not; I knew that it was a poor AREA; wherefore, I said unto thee, I have nourished HER this long time, and thou beholdest that SHE hath brought forth much fruit.
23 And it came to pass that the Lord of the vineyard said unto his servant: Look hither; behold I have planted another MISSIONARY of the MISSION also; and thou knowest that this AREA was poorer than the first. But, behold the MISSIONARY. I have nourished them this long time, and they hath brought forth much fruit; therefore, gather it, and lay it up against the season, that I may preserve it unto mine own self.”
Sometimes we wonder why the Lord places us in each of our circumstances but he puts us where we can bloom best, despite the surroundings. I liked it because it reminded me the Lord has a plan for each of our lives and we can grown in ways we never knew we needed to if we just grow where He plants us. We had exchanges with the hermanas from las palmas this week. It was great, they are such amazing missionaries and I’m grateful to have been able to serve with them. We didn’t get a new fridge yet but hopefully we will this week or next.
Have a great week,
Hermana Liddicott
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un año

Today is the one year mark of Louisa on her mission woohoo exciting stuff…only six months left to go! That means guys you only have six months to email her, six months to write her a letter and six months to send her a parcel! Quick quick quick!

Here is a little overview of her mission so far:


Areas Assigned:

  • Islas Canarias
  • San Sebastian de los Reyes
  • Barrio 9
  • MTC


  • Hermana Osborn
  • Hermana Philips
  • Hermana Tang
  • Hermana Tyler
  • Hermana Wihongi
  • Hermana Shaw
  • Hermana Jiminez



  • Trainer
  • Greenie


Notable Events:

  • No stranger to illness
  • Baptisms
  • Learning Chinese


Selection of photos from the past year!

image3 (2)image4IMG_3116image1 (12)image3 (6)unnamed (12)image1 (11)image3-4image1-6


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Liddicott & Jimenez
P1000098 (1)
With her district
Louisa and her mission president and his wife
At the Airport


Islas Canarias (Week 51)

Finally she has made it to the Canary Islands where she has wanted to be since day one haha! Don’t forget to email her and let her know what you have been getting up to!


The islands are wonderful! In fact it doesn’t make a difference doing
missionary works on the islands to Madrid. In fact sometimes I forget
I’m on the islands it’s kind of strange. When I arrived on Monday it
was just so hot! But I’ve got used to it now, it’s around 30 degrees
every day and that’s okay, except it’s really humid! But it’s so nice!
There’s lots or palm trees as expected but it’s not that lush and
green here, apparently that’s on Tenerife.

We have a wonderful ward here that is so willing to support the
missionary work! I think the biggest task ahead of us this transfer is
helping the members to trust us as representatives of the church who
want to and do work hard every day, but my companion is amazing! She
is such a hard worker and is so ready to do whatever the Lord requires
of us to see the miracles! We’ve already found some great new
investigators this week and committed some people to baptism. It’s a
really great place to be serving and Hermana Osborn is such a great
companion to have!

The first half of the week I had the flu which was kind of rough but
we still got out and worked and met the majority of the members. They
are a really wonderful group of people. We have people from all over
the world here including Norway! It reminded me of my old ward back in
Alcobendas. It was hard to leave the wonderful members there but I
know this is where the Lord needs me!

Side note. You can’t drink the water from the taps here or even use it
for Cooking because of a huge problem with the pipes and so instead of
fixing the pipes everyone just buys lots and lots of bottle water each
week, dragging that home from Mercadona is not fun ahha! And so that
means it damages your hair and makes it break off. So the hermanas
rinse their hair two or three times a week in apple cider vinegar
because that is meant to help. I haven’t list any hair yet so I think
we are on to a winner. And the don’t sell dry shampoo here…!

We did some door knocking this week and got to meet all sorts of
people, the best thing is that some people just recognise us as
representatives of Jesus Christ and let us into their homes and listen
to the restoration, it really does give you a sense of the weight of
your calling. This week I was studying in Romans 12. As a
companionship we had been praying to know how to change to earn the
trust of the members more and I came across romans 12 which lists the
wonderful qualities we need to develop. It talks about the importance
of each and everyone of the members and how they need to feel their
importance in the ward. I love how last verse which says, “21 Be not
overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good” We are surrounded by
difficult trials and situations but as long as we strive to do good
and be good the Lord will bless us with a strength beyond our own to
overcome the challenges of the world!

I hope you all have an amazing week,

Hermana Liddicott

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Temporary or Permanent? (50)


This week has been wonderful and so full of miracles! And absolutely
jam packed, it was sad to say goodbye to hermana Tang on Tuesday but I
know that she is serving where the Lord needs her and that her new
companion will help her so much! She is going to do a great work
starting the new Chinese branch in carabanchel! #PrayForTheChinos My
new companion Hermana Phillips is from California and she is
absolutely wonderful! (Photo attached) When we went to the temple on
Wednesday for preparation day they didn’t believe us that there had
really been transfers ahah! We have the same time in the mission and
so things are going swimmingly. She even sang God save the Queen with
me when it was the Queens birthday, I forget how old she is but
nonetheless it was her birthday. This week we have real transfers and
so we will see if we stay together or not.

We had lots of miracles this week. Elder Soares when he came for
mission tour talked a lot about the scripture in 2 Nefi 25:23 which
discusses how after all we do it is by grace we are saved. I can
definitely testify of that. He said we would just look at the miracles
and realise they were falling from the sky and this week that’s
literally what happened! Our new investigators literally just fell
from the sky. Some of them just came to church on Sunday and now we
have started to teach them! The lord really blesses us when we do all
we can do! So Hermana Phillips and I are trying to do all we can do
every day so that we can be saved by grace and really help to be a
blessing and not a burden to this wonderful area of San Sebastián de
los Reyes!

We made lots of new friends whilst we doorknocked this week. We had
some guy come up to us who though we were tax collectors. We explained
who we were and asked if we could stop by another day and share a
message, but he said right now was a good time. The Lord really
prepares people for us to teach when we make plans for the day and
then turn our Labours over to the Lord.

The elders had a baptism this past week as well, we do not have a font
here in San Sebastián so we had to do it in the swimming pool at a
members house. The baptism was for a man from Syria. It has been so
sweet to see the gospel change his life over the last six month. And
our investigator Doris came with us which just made her all the more
excited for her baptism later next month! The gospel is just a
wonderful thing!

I’m coming up to a year in the mission and I was thinking about what
I’ve learnt. Really I think I’ve come to recognise that Heavenly
Father loves and knows each and everyone if His precious, beloved
children. He knows our struggles and He knows how to help us if we
will only turn to Him. I am grateful for the trials I’ve had through
my life, in Romans it teaches us to glory in trials because trials
bring experience which in turn bring us patience and hope! I’m
grateful for this gospel and I know that it’s true!

Much love,

Hermana Liddicott

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Watch Out – Louisa’s About (week 40)

She has access to cars…everyone watch out. One thing I remember about Louisa’s driving is that she does not enjoy it and that makes her a stressful person to be next to. Hopefully this will improve her driving and make her more confident…in the meantime prayers to her companion!

Asides from that – new compaion! New language! And she seems pretty happy!

Dear everyone,

What a crazy week. So I am training and my companion is called Hermana Tang. She is from Malaysia 🇲🇾 and she speaks Cantonese, Malay, Mandarin and English fluently and is now learning Spanish, she’s amazing! So our responsibilities include teaching any Chinese speaking investigators in Madrid and running a Spanish class for Chinese people. The only catch is that I do not speak Chinese and so now I am learning, just without the benefit of 6 weeks in the MTC it’s pretty fun though. And I get access to the mission cars, however I have to have driving lessons because they drive on the other side of the road here! So it’s very exciting all the new changes that are happening for us.

During the trainers meeting an elder shared his testimony that he had had a spiritual confirmation when reading the 12 weeks training program that if he allowed the new missionary to invite their investigators to be baptised he would see miracles, as he said it I too had that same spiritual witness and so this week between my companion and I we have challenged 5 people to be baptised and they all said yes! I am so grateful for the spiritual confirmations that the Holy Ghost brings us and for the wonderful blessings that come as we follow those promptings.

We found some new investigators this week, one of them lives in the same piso as one of our old investigators who said she didn’t live there anymore and CLARO when we turned up to the house she was still living there so that was kind of awkward. One of our other new investigators is from the Philippines. I love the Philippine people because they are so open and ready to listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ. And we found another Colombian! Woohoo!

Also a dog peed on Hermana tang in the opening prayer of the lesson with our recent convert family, it was one of those funny awkward moments you know?

It has been such a spiritually enriching week and I feel so blessed to have Hermana tang as my companion! She works so hard and together we are seeing so many miracles here in San Sebastián de los Reyes. We are seeing the gospel touch and change hearts and bring families together. Next week we are teaching three new Chinese families so I will have to learn Chinese pretty fast 😉

I love the gospel! I love the Saviour and I know he lives and loves us! I testify that the gift of tongues is real because there have been moments when my companion has been testifying in Chinese and I’ve understood, I love watching people’s hearts soften and their minds change as they accept this wonderful gospel into their lives. Keep being awesome!
Hermana Liddicott  🇬🇧🇪🇸

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In her words “And so it took nine months but..!” (Week 39)

So transfers have happened and she is now training a greenie. Her first time training (poor greenie…)  jokes I’m sure she will do a good job!


It’s been a crazy week. We helped someone move house to a piso across
the street, it was the quickest move of my life. Then they fed us huge
sandwiches. We had an English tea time at a British members house and
we had scones and sandwiches and cadburys hot chocolate. It was good
fun. It was a pretty normal week we did a lot of contacting and
teaching of lessons.
We had some intense conversations about women and the priesthood and
why people can and can’t enter the temple, that’s always a fun chat to
We had stake conference over the weekend and the mission. President
invited all the missionaries to attend the afternoon session of the
conference as well as the Sunday session. We had a visiting area
seventy from Italy come and talk to us, he spoke a lot about
strengthening the country through member missionary work and giving
references to the missionaries. And so we are focusing on that.
Right now we are sat in the big train station called chamartin in
Madrid waiting for the hermanas for the islands to come in. We got
transfers and I’m training! I’m pretty excited! There are 5 hermanas
coming into the mission and 12 elders. And so Hermana Davis, Pitcher,
Robinson and I are all from the same group and we’re all training
together and then the other baby is going to the Canary Islands!
I got given loads more clothes from the hermanas going home and one of
the items was

Have a great week and pray for my baby!


Hermana Liddicott

Alas it seems we were not destined to know what one of the items was…oh well! Until next week!