Give Me Mountains To Climb (Week 64)

Calling everyone’s attention! Louisa has been out for quite a while now and she comes back in November I think it works out at about another 16 weeks or so. Anyway she misses hearing from everybody on pday so if you haven’t emailed her/haven’t emailed her in a while hit her up! She really would like to hear from someone other than me haha!


It was another cracking week in Gran Canaria! Very hot and very
beautiful, this is such a wonderful place to serve! We had so many
miracles this week, Pedro passed his baptismal interview and is
getting baptised this week we are so happy for him! It’s incredible to
see the changes he’s made in his life since we met him a month ago.
The lord really is preparing people everywhere we go.

We also had intercambios with the hermanas from Las Palmas, they are
pretty awesome. I love being able to do exchanges with the hermanas
because they are great! Great missionaries with great senses of
humour. It’s definitely one of the best parts of the week.

In gospel principles we talked about honesty and how a little lie is
still a lie and it can actually do more damage in the long run. To
illustrate this point we told the story of the missionary who didn’t
like chicken. Once there was a missionary who did not like chicken but
not wanting to offend the people of the misión didn’t tell the members
and so said missionary ate chicken for many months until it made them
sick, one day it slipped out to a member who then spontaneously
announced it to the members. The poor missionary felt very bad because
the members felt bad they had been feeding them chicken. Moral of the
story tell them out right if they ask. Now there are other morals to
the story like it’s good to sacrifice and not be rude and eat what the
members give you but for the purpose of the lesson it worked, a fib is
still a fib even if it’s a half fib or done to benefit others I
realised. Grey is just watered down black.

Well it was an awesome week, last week we played volleyball in the
beach and today we are going to hike with our friend Yeray to see some
arches that look like Utah. It’s pretty cool so well keep you all
posted! This week we climbed mountains through the pueblos of
Vecindario and today we did the most interesting hike ever. It was
pretty awesome and super hot. It is inhe middle of the desert by some
industrial waste plant and then you hike up up up into the mountains
and after a few asthma attacks you’re there. It took us a good couple
of yours to get there and back but it was worth it for the view and
the photos!

Have a great week and know that I love you all and I am grateful for
your support, the church is true.

Hermana Liddicott

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Octopus, pigs and sausage dogs (Week 63)


We had a great week as always, we had concilio with president and hermana Pack in Madrid which was incredible! There is always such an amazing spirit when we are there and we have a decided as a mission we will have 25 baptisms for the month of August which means we need to make two new friends a week. Did you know statistically we need to find 30 new investigators to have a convert baptism? On average. So the goal is to lower this number and focus on finding the prepared.

We had a really interesting experience this week when we were in a lesson with a new investigator and her family and we were about to open with prayer and then the jehovas witnesses just walk in and sit down and start teaching a lesson! It was crazy. They were actually really disrespectful and rude, every time we spoke or testified they would interrupt an start shouting over. It was kind of awkward. In the end the lady just told them to be quiet and let us speak. They tried to say the Book of Mormon was false because of the scripture in revelation that says not to add to or take away from the bible, so we read Deuteronomy 4:2 where it says the same thing…and put the point across that we still have the whole of the New Testament…by the way they don’t have that verse in their bible…they…took it out… Then they tried to tell us Joseph smith wrote the Book of Mormon and in the end we testified and left and we will go back this week to see the investigator. Don’t worry we were super polite and respectful. It was kind of a mic drop moment.

Well Pedro is doing really well and has his interview this week, he fasted with us yesterday about his baptismal date and all is well. We are so blessed to be able to teach him! We just met some incredibly prepared people this week and the members of the ward are really getting involved in the work. Our convert George even brought a random guy in off the street that he’d just met because he told him about the church and he wants to receive the lessons. Heavenly Father really blesses us so much.

Amongst other things we ate octopus and sausage dog shaped pancakes and had a wonderful work filled week! The gospel really is the best! This week I was reading about Joesph smith and the lost 116 pages and he ensuing revelation from the lord and I liked this quote:

At just 22, he was learning to hear the Lord’s voice, to listen not just for revelation he wanted but for revelation he needed—and not just for revelation he needed personally but for revelation needed to fulfill God’s promises to all His children.”

We must listen to the answers the lord gives, not just for the ones we want! The Lord really does love us and has much for us to do!

Have a great week!
Hermana Liddicott

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Hot Weather (Week 62)

Dear everyone,
This week was hot. H.O.T. Vecindario is famous for wind which makes the heat bearable. This week we didn’t have any and it was up there in the 40s. But we survived to tell the tale ahah x this week was great, it’s so awesome being back with hermana Wihongi again! She’s a great missionary and just a great person in general! She’ll have you laughing for days.
This week we met with Pedro which awesome, he’s learning English as well so we teach him phrases like “what’s up man” We started on the word of wish only to find he already lives it! Heavenly Father really is preparing people everywhere we go! Well mostly that’s all I can think of right now, we learnt how to make taco soup, we found a one eyed cat when we were contacting which was kind of weird. We had to walk home from our new investigators house late at night through the countryside without streetlights which was pretty sketchy but we survived. Today we are in Madrid, we flew out last night and go home on Tuesday after concilio.
This week I have been about the gospel of Jesus Christ a little and whenever we always teach less actives I find it sad when they feel the gospel has stopped working for them and it reminded me of this story:

There is an old Jewish tale about a soap maker who did not believe in God. One day as he was walking with a rabbi, he said, “There is something I cannot understand. We have had religion for thousands of years. But everywhere you look there is evil, corruption, dishonesty, injustice, pain, hunger, and violence. It appears that religion has not improved the world at all. So I ask you, what good is it?”

The rabbi did not answer for a time but continued walking with the soap maker. Eventually they approached a playground where children, covered in dust, were playing in the dirt.

“There is something I don’t understand,” the rabbi said. “Look at those children. We have had soap for thousands of years, and yet those children are filthy. What good is soap?”

The soap maker replied, “But rabbi, it isn’t fair to blame soap for these dirty children. Soap has to be used before it can accomplish its purpose.”

The rabbi smiled and said, “Exactly.”

For the gospel to take root in and have effect in our lives we must USE it, that doesn’t just mean reading the scriptures once in a while or occasionally going to church. Just like soap, it requieres a liberal and somewhat frequent application for it to bring the benefits in our lives! I know the Saviour lives and that he loves us! I know that he gave us the gospel so that we can have joy an one day return to Him and our Heavenly Father!

Have a great week,
Hermana Liddicott
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De Ja Vu (Week 61)

Dear everyone,

Well we did indeed have transfers and well history repeats itself
because hermana wihongi and I have made it to be actual companions
again. We always said we’d serve together in the islands and here we
are. They closed the elders companionship in Vecindario so it’s just
going to be me and hermana wihongi working in Vecindario for the time
being but we are so so excited.

I had a great last week with hermana Osborn! She really is such a
great missionary, if you ever go to highland Utah, look her up! We had
an awesome lesson with Pedro, he is such a great person and we are so
excited to teach him, he loves church so much he comes to all the
activities and all the meetings! We also founds some new friends which
was pretty cool. Our favourite is a YSA from Tenerife! She is just
awesome, she wanted to meet with us because her FRIEND had shared the
gospel with her when they were roommates at university. We never
realise the impact we have on people when we talk to them about the
gospel. Her friend isn’t around now to see the lessons happen but
she’s the reason they are happening!

We ate a lot of food and visited a lot of people yesterday so Hermana
Osborn could say goodbye, I feel like I’ve eaten enough to last me a
year. We had intercambios with the Hermanas from telde o sea hermana
wihongi and I just traded companions for the day, it was incredible.
Hermana Burnham is such a good missionary and I’ve realised the best
miracles do come when we talk to everyone. Everyone. Whether they are
old, a little bit smelly, the most beautiful person ever or just a
regular kid we have to talk to them because they all need and deep
down inside, although they don’t know it yet ahah, want the gospel.

Kind of a gross story to almost finish off with, I went to the
bathroom in our piso and I was washing my hands. Next to the sink we
have a box of cotton buds and there was just a giant cockroach sitting
in it. I think I died and got twinkled back to life. It was pretty
gross but hermana Osborn saved the day! Fact: there are lots of
cockroaches in the islands. That’s the first I’ve seen in the piso
though…hopefully the last.

On a slightly more serious note though, I think about 100% of the
people in the world are often way to hard on themselves, and  as a
missionary I’ve noticed it’s so easy to do. I was studying a talk that
puts grace and the atonement into the context of a mum paying for her
child’s piano lessons. ( the full talk is in the ensign of September
2013) it says
“When a young pianist hits a wrong note, we don’t say he is not worthy
to keep practicing. We don’t expect him to be flawless. We just expect
him to keep trying. Perfection may be his ultimate goal, but for now
we can be content with progress in the right direction. Why is this
perspective so easy to see in the context of learning piano but so
hard to see in the context of learning heaven?…
There should never be just two options: perfection or giving up. When
learning the piano, are the only options performing at Carnegie Hall
or quitting? No. Growth and development take time. Learning takes
You know He knows you aren’t perfect, and He loves you still. He isn’t
asking you to be perfect today, he’s just asking you to do better and
be better. Remember we are all just learning heaven, it’s okay to mess
up! The Saviour will always step in with his divine grace and help us
pay the rest of the debt. I know He live and He loves us!

I love you all too,

Hermana Liddicott

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Zone Conference, Exchanges, The Island (Week 60)

Dear all,

It has been a wonderfully busy and jam packed week. We had preparation day and we went on a tour of the whole island with our ward mission leader and his girlfriend. It really is a beautiful place, we got a little lost but life is like that, sometimes we get a little side tracked and it allows us to smell the flowers.

I spent most of my week without seeing my companion Hermana Osborn which was kind of strange because Hermana Wihongi and I had exchanges and zone conferences all week. We started with the Hermanas from Santa Cruz on Wednesday night, They are both so awesome, although planning them can be stressful I’m grateful for them because I get to see all the cool things they do to be better missionaries. Then we had zone conference, Hermana Wihongi and I taught about applying the scriptures to our investigators to solve their doubts. To start off the session we had Elder Rogers from the matrimony couple come in and dress up as Alma the younger to illustrate how the Book of Mormon speaks to us. It was a great meeting. President Pack spoke about how we need to recognise our identity as children of God, he shared the passages in Moses 1. It’s interesting to note how Satan tempts Moses after he is exhausted from such a spiritual high. He will always hit us when our defences are down.

After zone conference we were back on exchanges again with the Hermanas from La Laguna. It was a pretty sweet experience to spend it with Hermana Barcenas as it’s her last transfer in the mission and she goes home next week. She was one of my first sister training leaders. She always taught me the importance of your attitude. That no matter the situation your attitude determines whether or not it is a positive or a negative experience. We had interviews with president on Saturday as well which was pretty great, he really does give inspired counsel.

We found some awesome new people and had some new friends come to church. Vecindario is as hot and windy as ever and mostly I’m having a wonderful time being a missionary in this beautiful island with such wonderful people! This week we have our final exchange with the hermanas and then we have transfers on Saturday night! I cannot believe how fast the transfer has gone by.

Have a wonderful Week!
Hermana Liddicott

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Driving Around the Islands (Week 59)


This week I am writing this for the back of a car driving around the
Canary Islands and seeing the sights, it is so beautiful! This week we
had some awesome miracles, we had an investigator move to our island
right before her baptism, we have Barbara’s baptismal interview this
week, we went to Tenerife on Monday and Tuesday to do intercambios
with the hermana in Los cristianos, they are such great missionaries!
Did lots of missionary work and getting ready for the zone conference
and the two sets of exchanges we have this week.

I’ll send some photos of the island next week but for now here are
some from Tenerife. Have a good week, I will write more next week!

Hermana Liddicott

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Transfers, Exchanges & Daily Life (week 58)

Dear all,
As usual it’s been a wonderful week here in Vecindario. Not too hot but plenty of wind! Things are going well, we are strengthening our relationship further with the members and as we do so they are helping us more with the work. Our mission president asked us to visit all the members by the end of August and teach them the restoration in five minutes. I love doing it and teaching these simple gospel truths because the spirit is so strong as we testify and help these members to remember how they felt when they heard this message for the first time.
Barbara is doing well, although she has a lot of trials right now in her life she is such an example to us because she keeps moving forward with faith and relying on God. She is the best. I feel so blessed to know her! We found some more new investigators this week, one of them is an ex jehovas witness! That means we are teaching two of them now! One of the nicest things to see is people who come to our church for the first time and can feel the difference in the level of spirituality there is there. This really is Christs true church!
Reading the Book of Mormon in five weeks is one of the best challenges I’ve ever been given, reading more thoroughly everyday day has helped me to realise the book speaks to me! One of the parts that impacted me most was in Jacob 5:21-23
“21 And it came to pass that the servant said unto his master: How comest thou hither to plant this MISSIONARY , or HERMANA LIDDICOTT? For behold, it was the poorest spot in all the land of the mission.
22 And the Lord of the vineyard said unto him: Counsel me not; I knew that it was a poor AREA; wherefore, I said unto thee, I have nourished HER this long time, and thou beholdest that SHE hath brought forth much fruit.
23 And it came to pass that the Lord of the vineyard said unto his servant: Look hither; behold I have planted another MISSIONARY of the MISSION also; and thou knowest that this AREA was poorer than the first. But, behold the MISSIONARY. I have nourished them this long time, and they hath brought forth much fruit; therefore, gather it, and lay it up against the season, that I may preserve it unto mine own self.”
Sometimes we wonder why the Lord places us in each of our circumstances but he puts us where we can bloom best, despite the surroundings. I liked it because it reminded me the Lord has a plan for each of our lives and we can grown in ways we never knew we needed to if we just grow where He plants us. We had exchanges with the hermanas from las palmas this week. It was great, they are such amazing missionaries and I’m grateful to have been able to serve with them. We didn’t get a new fridge yet but hopefully we will this week or next.
Have a great week,
Hermana Liddicott
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Another week in Vecindario (Week 57)

Dear all,

It’s been another great week here in Vecindario in Gran Canaria. It’s getting hotter day by day, I’ve never really felt heat like this before because it’s so sticky and humid. I guess the only way to describe is is the sensation you have when you open the oven door too fast you get blasted with hot air, except it’s like that all day.

However at the start of last week Hermana Wihongi and I flew to Madrid for concilio with the Packs. It was even hotter there but It was a really uplifting experience and since then President has issued the challenge for the whole mission to read the Book of Mormon in a transfer, o sea, by July 23rd!! I love it! The more Hermana Osborn and I read in the Book of Mormon the more we start to love it and find ways to apply it to each of our investigators.

We also had a goal to get to know our neighbours which came about in a very unusual way. We had ice all over the back of our fridge that was braking the cooling element and so we needed an extension cord to defrost our fridge and had to borrow one from the neighbours. Before we knew it they were all coming over trying to help and offer their personal opinions. They are so sweet and love to serve here in the islands!

Other highlights of the week include Barbara because she is just so prepared! She reads absolutely everything we give her. We found a new friend through a member! She has a lot of experience with lots of religions and so has a great knowledge of the bible, we are looking forward to seeing her more and helping her see the power of the Book of Mormon. The best part however was being able to go back and visit my dear Barrio 9 where I started my mission and had Hermana Wihongi as a companion! We got to see William at his bakery and Maria Battista! I am so grateful to be a missionary and to be able to get to know people and serve them!
Hermana Liddicott

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Sister Training Leader (Week 56)

Hey everyone,

So thanks for all your prayers and it turned out great for transfers after all. I turned 13 last weekend and I found out I am staying in vecindario with hermana Osborn! Plot twist, I am a sister training leader and Hermana Wihongi (you all remember her from when we served together in Barrio 9?) is going to be the other sister training leader, but not together. She will be serving in Telde, the area next door and we will be STLs together that way. It’s a little different but we are super excited! And I’m so happy to be a second transfer with hermana Osborn as well, she is an absolute sweetheart! So it’s kind of like having two companions at the same time but not really. When Hermana Wihongi and I first met right at the start of our missions we both said we were going to be STLs together in the islands, I guess we jinxed it! 😉

We had a really good week, we found some new friends who have been so prepared to hear the gospel. We found them the same day we decided to drop some of our non progressing investigators. Sometimes we have to act in faith before the Lord will bless us.  I love it when our investigators or recent converts have strong testimonies and begin to invite their friends and family to hear the gospel. That’s when missionary work really gets going because every investigator needs a friend at church. Our new friend Barbara is wonderful she is JAS and from Venezuela and so ready to make changes. She told us she was excited for us to come to her house because it was like God was coming to her home. Being a missionary is a big responsibility, it made us think about how we are representatives of the Saviour of the world. We are imperfect representatives of the only perfect person that ever lived. It’s kind of humbling really.

I asked my companion what her favourite part of the week was and she says it was when she discovered all the new emojis including a black Mrs Claus on the keyboard. Solid. Other than that it was a regular week in a regular area, lots of talking to members and people on the street, eating lots of chicken and rice, long walks in the heat trying to find the bus stop and just being a missionary really.

I love serving here in Vecindario and seeing the changes in our investigators and members! George got the priesthood yesterday which was so beautiful to see! I know our Saviour lives and that with His help we can be perfect! We are excited for the changes that we have this transfer and for the chance to learn from the other Hermanas in the zone.

This week I was studying Hannah in the Bible. She had a lot of trials in her life but I really liked this quote from the Ensign:

“She had done all within her power to be worthy of the Lord’s blessings. The Lord honored this commitment, inspiring Eli to say to her, “Go in peace: and the God of Israel grant thee thy petition”

Heavenly Father really will grant every righteous petition of our hearts if we ask in faith having been obedient and having done our part! I’m so grateful we have a Father who loves us so much!

I love you all, have a great week!
Hermana Liddicott

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