Hasta Luegito (Week 77)

Hello everyone,
Well this will be my last group email. Thanks for reading them and writing me for these eighteen months. This last week and pico in Toledo have been incredible.we have been seeing miracles on a daily basis, we’ve been finding new people and being more creative..this week we have a light up the world activity with a light up the world photo booth included, more photos after the mission! 😉
Today we went to the temple and that’s why I’m writing on a Wednesday! It was such a wonderful experience, it was so nice to go though and know that this isn’t really the end of anything in life it’s just a time to move onto the next stage of the journey. We got to go to the temple last week as well with Ruben and Soledad to do Baptisms. It was beautiful.
Looking back on my mission I’ve begun to see that really Christ has been there right by my side. He didn’t just walk with me but he carried me through the most difficult moments. I know that He lives and he lives me. I testify of the redeeming power of his atonement and his infinite sacrifice. This week I began to study the New Testament and I love the way He teaches those that are spiritually ready to learn. It led me to study the labourers in the vineyard talk and I wanted to share this quote from Holland,

“So if you have made covenants, keep them. If you haven’t made them, make them. If you have made them and broken them, repent and repair them. It is never too late so long as the Master of the vineyard says there is time”

He is there. He loves you and He will never leave you. I love you all and I’ll see you soon!


Hermana Liddicott
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Almost at the end (Week 76)


Well this week was super awesome. Hermana Nelson is incredible. I
remember when I was leaving the islands to train and come to Toledo
and this kid elder Muir was like hey maybe you’ll train my friend
Hermana Nelson, she is a máquina. And then I did, crazy. She’s a great
comp I, super lucky. She’s up there with the Hermana Wihongis and
hermana Jiménez’s of the world.

Our dear friend Any committed to be baptised this week. I won’t be
there for that, but maybe I’ll Skype in to see it. She’s so sweet and
we met her our first week in Toledo. It has been such a blessing to
serve here. We had zone conference and intercambios which were both
pretty chill. We learnt lots about working with the member which is
pretty crucial in Toledo and we learnt about the new..CHRISTMAS
INITIATIVE. Very excited for a new #iluminaelmundo even if I’ll be
doing it all in English this year. It was cool to visit some old
Barrio 9 friends and to say goodbye to people at zone conference.

Said goodbye to Hermana Tang today. It was so sad but something I love
about the gospel is that there are no goodbyes. It’s just an “hasta
luego” I really have been blessed with the best companions on my

This week I started reading the Book of Mormon again from the
beginning looking for references to Christ, did you know His name or a
reference to him is made every 1.7 verses? Sometimes people doubt that
we are Christians because we have the Book of Mormon. But it’s sole
purpose is to testify of Christ. I know that He lives and that He
loves us. It is such a privilege and an honor to be his representative
in Toledo. I know that through Him we can overcome any challenge and
any weakness and so that one day when He comes again we will see Him
as He is and be like Him.

Have an amazing week!

Hermana Liddicott

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Hot, Cold & Rainy (week 75)

Hey all,
This was another beautiful week in one of the most beautiful cities in
Spain. It was hot for about 30% of the time freezing for another 30%
raining for another 30% and the rest was just pure indecisive. It’s
crazy you never know what to wear. Like on Saturday we planned a
sports activity with the JAS and it threw it down with rain and so we
got soaked to the skin but it was fun. But now all my muscles hurt and
I have a moisture patch under the watch face and I can’t work out how
to get rid of it, but let’s just appreciate the miracle that I played

Other cool things. We door knocked a lot and we actually found new
people to teach. It was crazy, people just straight up let us in their
houses to share a message which was kind of bizarre. But definitely
the kind of miracle I needed this week. Yesterday we had an awesome
lesson with Ruben and Soledad preparing them to do concert baptisms at
the temple, president Pack got to Skype in for the lesson as well
which was such a blessing!

The mission is awesome, taught some awesome less actives and we did
another hike in toledo this week which was pretty awesome and
basically the whole of the Madrid missionaries were here as well so
every time we turned the corner we bumped into them which was weird
because there is normally only me and my comp here.

Well it’s short this week but I love you all!

Hermana Liddicott

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Chalk Murals & Baptisms (Week 74)

Dear everyone,
Time is flying by and I am just growing to love Toledo more and more
everyday. It has definitely stolen a part of my heart ❤️ it’s so
beautiful and the people are learning to love us little by little.
This week was pretty regular. Lots of finding people and teaching the
members how to share the gospel and trying to re activate people. We
even chalked a new mural in the park. A globe with I am a child of God
around it in different languages with Mormon.org at the bottom. Then
this guy came and got a load of mud and spat in the Mormon.org and
rubbed that part off. Then he rubbed off our English class
announcement. Maybe he just doesn’t like web pages. But. We stil, had
a great time doing the chalking and found a new investigator out of

BUT…the highlight of the week was…RUBEN GOT BAPTISED. It was
incredible and such a wonderful moment. Ruben married a member ten
years ago and was the only person in the extended family that was not
a member. For years they tried to get him to come to church and
change. But the Lord has a perfect timing and we were blessed to be
here to witness it. Families really can be together forever through
the gospel.

So I just want to end this really short email with and invitation,
reach out to those around you that need the gospel, or those that had
the gospel and invite them to come back. Not only does this Lord want
them on His side but they need the Lord on their side. I love you all
very much. Have an incredible week. Go be missionaries!

Hermana Liddicott x

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Staying in Toledo (Week 73)

So we had transfers and no surprise Hermana Nelson and I stayed
together woohoo! And we are bother still here in Toledo woohoo! It is
such a beautiful city and such a wonderful place to be, I really
cannot think of a better place to be serving my mission right now.

So. Hermana Nelson and I have been working super hard to find someone
to teach and baptise and help grow the ward in any way we can. And we
have! Our dear friend Ruben is getting baptised this Saturday. His
wife is a member and they have three wonderful children. They have a
beautiful story that I’ll share with you some other day and so in
short now was his time and he will be getting baptised. They’re
setting a date to go to the temple next year and be sealed as an
eternal family. It’s one of those experiences that isn’t describable
in words. But it has been a privilege and an honour to help them have
an eternal family for that is what this life and the mission is all
about! Having eternal families, the gospel is so wonderful!

So every time we have a lesson with Ruben we would invite him to be
baptised on the 28th October and he would always say no. But he would
agree to keep fasting and praying about it. On Tuesday when we went at
the end of the lesson I was like “so Ruben you only have two lessons
left, how do you feel about baptism?” “Good.” “…good as in you want
to do it tomorrow or…..?” “Yes.” So we settled for the 28th October
like we had been praying about. Prayer works.

We had an awesome family home evening at the church this week and we
even had some people come to English class which was great. Thing are
going onwards and upwards here in Toledo. Yesterday we door knocked in
a little pueblo and we met some really cool Spanish people, they even
accepted Books of Mormon. The Lord is preparing people everywhere we

It’s just a short email this week and today I get to see Hermana
Wihongi in Sol! It’s only been eight weeks since we last saw each
other but it really feels like eternity haha!

This week I want to invite you all to remember. So many times in the
scriptures the nephites fall from power or are captured by the
lamanites because they forget. They forget to remember the Lord their
God. And so even if you are not of our faith I invite you to remember
how good the Lord has been to you throughout your life, if you were
once active but have lost the feeling you once had for the gospel I
invite you to remember how it used to feel and strive to reobtain that
feeling of closeness with the Lord. I love each of you and I hope you
have an incredible week!

Much love,

Hermana Liddicott x

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Conference, Park Chalking, Online Teaching (week 72)

Not too many emails left to go now! She will be back in about 6 weeks!

Hello all,

I hope you have all been able to have a great week and keep soaking up
the wonderful general conference messages. Every time I read them I
get something different out of them. I love the prophet! This week was
good, we got to go out and visit more pueblos and share the gospel in
areas that well haven’t seen missionaries for years. It was kind of a
neat feeling. I guess that’s how the pioneer missionaries felt. Except
their rejection was way tougher than the one we face.

We have been Chalking in the park again this week and it’s great, I
wish I had done it before in my mission. We’ve been chalking adverts
for English class all over the place and so we will see if it works
and people come this week. Cross fingers.

A really big blessing we had this week was teaching one of our new
friends Michelle, that’s an English name you’re right, because…she
lives in California! Thanks to the new technology we are able to teach
one of Hermana Nelsons friends from back home about the gospel. She
reached out to us and asked to receive the lessons so we will be
having the blessing of teaching her until she is ready to meet with
local missionaries in her area!

We also had another huge miracle this week. We have been really
struggling to find new investigators to teach that are able to
progress, that don’t work all the time and can come to church and have
interest. And so we were fasting and praying and on Sunday we woke up
feeling it would be a really good day. And it was. We had some
surprises investigators come to church and then bishop called us out
of gospel principles to meet a woman that has many relatives who are
members. She is going  through a hard time and wants to hear the
message so she came to find the church. It was such a testimony to us
that when we work diligently all day everyday and can’t always see the
fruits of our labours that our Heavenly Father sends us blessings go
straight from heaven. I am so grateful to still be a part of this
wonderful work!

The church is true. Thomas s Monson is a prophet of God and he leads
and guides us through revelation. I know Joseph smith restored the
church and that the Book of Mormon contains the answers to the
questions of our souls. I love you all so very much and if you have
any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Have a wonderful week!

All my love,

Hermana Liddicott

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Keeping Busy (Week 71)

Dear everyone,

It’s been another good week in Toledo. We are still trying to find
some new investigators to teach. We have a few solid ones which is
good but we are trying to find more so that when they get baptised in
a month or so we can still have people to teach. But all in due time,
it’s interesting to work as hard as you can and not see all the
results you want in the moment you think you need them and to have to
decide to wait patiently upon the Lord knowing it will all work out
for better. That’s one of the phrases I’ve liked most in the
scriptures this week, all things shall work together for your good,
because it’s true, every trial or difficulty that we are facing is
needed so that we can have future success.

I’m grateful for the scriptures and the truths that they teach us. We
invited one of our dear friends to be baptised, but he is praying
about the date. He will be the last piece of a puzzle that was started
many years ago, so we are praying for him. It’s so wonderful to see
how the Lord has been preparing him through little experiences over
the years.

Oh man we had exchanges this week and I was back in Barrio 9. It was
the best. The best. There isn’t loads to write this week because I
remember now that I wrote you all on Wednesday hmm. We had Noche de
Hogar (FHE) as a ward this week which was nice, it’s always fun to see
people there and share the gospel, we had about 15 people this time
which is a big improvement on the five that came the first time so
little by little.

Cool story for the week, so all of our lessons failed for Sunday
afternoon and we felt like we should go and passby all the old
investigators in a little pueblo in our Area and that we should leave
right now not after studies. So we moved studies to the evening and
went. We had never been there before and no members live there either
but we went anyway and nobody was home and nobody was on the streets
and so we decided to stay and tract. We walked past an open apartment
building and felt like we should knock the doors inside. The very
first door we knocked was opened by a lady who had just arrived home
from Colombia and was about to go to sleep. She had met the church in
Colombia through her grandma and she had received a Book of Mormon and
was starting to read it. We were able to get her number and will start
teaching her soon. I am so grateful for the promptings of the Holy
Ghost and for the blessings that come as we follow them.

Other news? My older sister turned 22, happy birthday, we spent 2 days
in Madrid, we ate some really good Peruvian humitas, a dog peed on our
freshly washed car and our investigator shared a really powerful
testimony of fasting in church, she’s super cool.

Well I love you all and I just want to invite you to look for and
appreciate the little things, the tender mercies that nephi talks
about. It’s the tender mercies that keep us going until the miracle
comes, trust in the Lord! He loves you and knows you! Have a great


Hermana Liddicott

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Wednesday P-Day (Week 70)

Dear everyone,
Well this has been another great week in Toledo, sorry I’m emailing on Wednesday not on Monday, we went to the temple so we got to change our preparation day. Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the blessing of the temple? I’m grateful for the opportunity we have to go and to renew our covenants and to do the work for those beyond the veil.
We had lots of cool things happen this week. We all had general conference, we watched it with Amaya and Josue and two of our investigator friends, marina and Scarlett which was really awesome. They were sad the prophet didn’t get to speak but maybe next time. We are fasting and praying with Marina this week about her baptism date, we hope it all goes well for her!
This week we decided we needed to shake things up a little in Toledo and so instead of street contacting we bought a load of chalk  and we street chalked. And you know what? The people came and talked to us! It was really nice, we got to have so many more gospel conversations than we otherwise would have!
We also had intercambios, it was great. I got to be with hermana kletzli and we were in BARRIO 9! My first area! It was so sweet to be able to see all the members and the people I used to teach. We even got to go and see familia varona in boadilla, they freaked out when they heard hermana Wihongi and I got to be companions AGAIN in the islands. They really are the sweetest people ever.
We also got to try real, authentic food from Nicaragua which was super delicious. I loved it. If I wasn’t British I’d like to be a Latina I think. They are just great in every way. Other things…this week I was on the weekly call to elder Jensen our district leader and the timer went off for some cookies I was baking and so I went to take them out but Hermana Nelson said not to worry and she would do it. So I told her to make sure the bottoms of the cookies were golden. She comes back in and re sets the timer. Later, eight minutes later. When I go to take what I thought was the next set of cookies out I realise she had just flipped each cookie and put them back in the oven 😂😂😂 and so they were crunchy outside but good inside, kind of like a cookie cereal. It was so funny.
On a more spiritual note, I finally finished the New Testament, shout out to Hermana Wihongi for helping me on that, she really is the best, and it’s helped me to have a desire to KNOW my Saviour better. I liked this quote which says,

​​​​“The core of this testimony will always be the faith in and the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His divine mission” (​“The Power of a Personal Testimony,”​​ Ensign​ or ​Liahona,​ Nov. 2006, 38).

And it’s so true, I know that Jesus Christ is my Saviour. I know he lives and loves me and knows me more perfectly than I know myself. I know this is His church upon the earth and I invite you all to come unto Him and follow Him and build your testimony upon the rock of his divinity and divine redemptive mission.

You guys are wonderful, have a great week!

Hermana Liddicott
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Technology Update (Week 69)

Dear all,

As you may have noticed our misión is now authorised for the use of online proselyting. We are so excited for these changes, it was kind of weird at zone conference to get a smart phone and then start posting on Facebook and whatsapping people again but it has so many blessings. Firstly we can have better daily contact with the people we teach. Secondly we can Skype our friends and have mini online lessons with them and better still the members can Skype or Facebook messenger call in and join the lesson too! We are so excited and we are already seeing the huge blessings. Don’t be afraid to contact me or my companion if you have any questions!

This week was wonderful, we met so many prepared people here in Toledo,we just worked our hearts out! Some of the hermanas that I came in the mission with did their farewell testimonies which was really weird. Time flies. But we enjoy it whilst we can. The members are so wonderful here, they have such great testimonies and such a strong desire to share the gospel and be missionaries, and with the online proselyting aspect of the work we are excited to flood the network with the gospel!

This week I was asked to speak in church about the topic, putting the Lord first in our lives. And as I thought about why I realised that it was and still is today the first and great commandment. I really liked this quote from Ezra Taft Benson:

“Why did God put the first commandment first? Because He knew that if we truly loved Him we would want to keep all of His other commandments. “For this is the love of God,” says John, “that we keep his commandments” (1 Jn. 5:3; see also 2 Jn. 1:6).

We must put God in the forefront of everything else in our lives. He must come first, just as He declares in the first of His Ten Commandments: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” (Ex. 20:3).

When we put God first, all other things fall into their proper place or drop out of our lives. Our love of the Lord will govern the claims for our affection, the demands on our time, the interests we pursue, and the order of our priorities.

We should put God ahead of everyone else in our lives.”

I love it because it’s so true! We love such busy lives with so many responsibilities that pull us in all sorts of directions, we wonder how we will ever have time for the Lord. But remember, God IS our loving Heavenly Father and He will bless us as we put Him first, He will bless us with the knowledge to fulfil our tasks or we will simply realise that they were unimportant. I pray that we can follow the admonition of Paul to the Hebrews when he invites them to “Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward.” Trust in the Lord. Put Him first, lean not unto your own understanding. He lives and loves us and knows what’s best for us

I love you all, have a marvellous week,
Hermana Liddicott