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Today is the one year mark of Louisa on her mission woohoo exciting stuff…only six months left to go! That means guys you only have six months to email her, six months to write her a letter and six months to send her a parcel! Quick quick quick!

Here is a little overview of her mission so far:


Areas Assigned:

  • Islas Canarias
  • San Sebastian de los Reyes
  • Barrio 9
  • MTC


  • Hermana Osborn
  • Hermana Philips
  • Hermana Tang
  • Hermana Tyler
  • Hermana Wihongi
  • Hermana Shaw
  • Hermana Jiminez



  • Trainer
  • Greenie


Notable Events:

  • No stranger to illness
  • Baptisms
  • Learning Chinese


Selection of photos from the past year!

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Liddicott & Jimenez
P1000098 (1)
With her district
Louisa and her mission president and his wife
At the Airport



Temporary or Permanent? (50)


This week has been wonderful and so full of miracles! And absolutely
jam packed, it was sad to say goodbye to hermana Tang on Tuesday but I
know that she is serving where the Lord needs her and that her new
companion will help her so much! She is going to do a great work
starting the new Chinese branch in carabanchel! #PrayForTheChinos My
new companion Hermana Phillips is from California and she is
absolutely wonderful! (Photo attached) When we went to the temple on
Wednesday for preparation day they didn’t believe us that there had
really been transfers ahah! We have the same time in the mission and
so things are going swimmingly. She even sang God save the Queen with
me when it was the Queens birthday, I forget how old she is but
nonetheless it was her birthday. This week we have real transfers and
so we will see if we stay together or not.

We had lots of miracles this week. Elder Soares when he came for
mission tour talked a lot about the scripture in 2 Nefi 25:23 which
discusses how after all we do it is by grace we are saved. I can
definitely testify of that. He said we would just look at the miracles
and realise they were falling from the sky and this week that’s
literally what happened! Our new investigators literally just fell
from the sky. Some of them just came to church on Sunday and now we
have started to teach them! The lord really blesses us when we do all
we can do! So Hermana Phillips and I are trying to do all we can do
every day so that we can be saved by grace and really help to be a
blessing and not a burden to this wonderful area of San Sebastián de
los Reyes!

We made lots of new friends whilst we doorknocked this week. We had
some guy come up to us who though we were tax collectors. We explained
who we were and asked if we could stop by another day and share a
message, but he said right now was a good time. The Lord really
prepares people for us to teach when we make plans for the day and
then turn our Labours over to the Lord.

The elders had a baptism this past week as well, we do not have a font
here in San Sebastián so we had to do it in the swimming pool at a
members house. The baptism was for a man from Syria. It has been so
sweet to see the gospel change his life over the last six month. And
our investigator Doris came with us which just made her all the more
excited for her baptism later next month! The gospel is just a
wonderful thing!

I’m coming up to a year in the mission and I was thinking about what
I’ve learnt. Really I think I’ve come to recognise that Heavenly
Father loves and knows each and everyone if His precious, beloved
children. He knows our struggles and He knows how to help us if we
will only turn to Him. I am grateful for the trials I’ve had through
my life, in Romans it teaches us to glory in trials because trials
bring experience which in turn bring us patience and hope! I’m
grateful for this gospel and I know that it’s true!

Much love,

Hermana Liddicott

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Goodbye and new beginnings (Week 49)

Slight alteration to the plan of this week. Pday wasn’t going to be until Wednesday but an emergency transfer means she had some time today! If you haven’t emailed her this week yet you still have time as she will have some free time on Wednesday to email to!

Dear everyone,

Today is a sad day in the history of my mission because just like my
first trainer and I got spilt up, Hermana Tang and I will be split up
today. Hermana Tang is being emergency transferred to Carabanchel, my
old area, to serve with the Chinese people. The assistants called this
morning and we are so sad, and so I have split preparation day this
week. I will have the rest of my preparation day on Wednesday.

We had a wonderful miracle this week. A member who had just arrived in
Spain called us and wanted to meet, and then she brought her non
member cousin! She has such a desire to share the gospel with everyone
around her, truly we were blessed this week. We made some other new
friends this week as well.

Mostly this has been a growing experience, we big developed deeper and
more personal testimonies of th Saviour as we began to recognise the
hand of the Lord in all aspects of the missionary work. He really puts
people in our path when we pray and plan effectively. I know that my
Saviour lives and that he died for me, he knows me and loves me and
helps me to be better daily. This week was Semana Santa and we were
celebrating easter here in Spain. We saw the processions that are
typical of the Catholic Church and the floats of the Virgin Mary. It
kind of made me feel a little sad. It made me think of this quote from
Gordon B Hinckley about why we don’t have crossed in the churches:

“I replied that the lives of our people must become the only
meaningful expression of our faith and, in fact, therefore, the symbol
of our worship. …
“… No sign, no work of art, no representation of form is adequate to
express the glory and the wonder of the Living Christ. He told us what
that symbol should be when he said, ‘If ye love me, keep my
commandments.’ (John 14:15.)
“As his followers, we cannot do a mean or shoddy or ungracious thing
without tarnishing his image. Nor can we do a good and gracious and
generous act without burnishing more brightly the symbol of him whose
name we have taken upon ourselves.
“And so our lives must become a meaningful expression, the symbol of
our declaration of our testimony of the Living Christ, the Eternal Son
of the Living God.
“It is that simple, my brethren and sisters, and that profound and
we’d better never forget it.”

We are the example of Christ, we must be examples of the believers in
word, conversation, thought and deed. We are so lucky to have the
gospel. Remember, Christ has asked us to be his hands. I pray that we
can be worthy and faithful and fulfill our callings to share the

I’m grateful for this easter week to remember my Saviour and to be
with Hermana Tang. I hope you can all meet her for she is a miracle
worker. I feel blessed to have had her touch my life for these last 10
weeks! But she will live on and keep working miracles in carabanchel I
know! I l or you all!

Hermana Liddicott


Intercambios (Week 48)

Dear everyone,

I hope you’re all alive and had an excellent week! We had a really
good week, we had intercambios in Guadalajara with Hermana Estrada and
Curtis. It was awesome and I learnt so much about how to be a better
missionary! They really taught me how to work even better with the
members and how to strengthen their testimonies. Also we had a
wonderful zone conference, it was centred around having a better
relationship with the members and using the easter initiative.

If you haven’t seen the easter initiative I would like to invite you
to go and watch it on Mormon.org and then watch the follow up
principles for the eight principles of peace. It has been  such a
wonderful finding tool to use just as we contact people in the street!
The lord really prepares people to hear these messages! I also played
football this week. For he first time my whole mission. It was
surprisingly enjoyable! I got sunburnt though.

All in all the mission is a great experience. I hit eleven months
today and I look back and realise that I’ve changed a lot as a person!
I’ve learnt to trust a lot more in the Lord and believe that He really
is preparing people to be baptised and taught right here in

I’m so grateful for my Saviour and for His atoning sacrifice. I know
that through him we can become so much better and be the people and
the servants the Lord needs us to be!

Much love,

Hermana Liddicott IMG_3116IMG_3117IMG_3120

Conference and Chinese (Week 47)

One more week has gone by in the mission field and here is what happened in it!

Hello all you wonderful people!
The mission is simply marvellous, I grow to love it more and more
everyday and it seems so weird to think that it will only last for
18months! This week was great, we taught some lessons and had some
amazing street contacts. One of the people we talked to was a girl
struggling with a load of bags. We felt impressed to go and help her.
As we talked we discovered she already knew abort missionaries because
she would always see them when they got the bus too and from the
presidents house for mission leadership council but she never had the
chance to speak to them until now! The Lord really does prepare people
for us to find! It’s wonderful to see!

Other awesome highlights of the week, we met with some more Chinese
speakers in carabanchel and we are hoping to get a Chinese group up
and running by the end of the transfer. We had such a wonderful time
at general conference! I am so grateful that the Lord gives us
prophets seers and revelators here on the earth to lead and guide us,
I really loved he talk by Valeri V Cordón about how we are all
imperfect beings trying to speak a perfect language! We are all in
this together!

I went to the conference with questions and I came away with answers,
we challenged our investigators to do the same and so this week we are
excited to hear about the miracles and the answers they received!

I know the church is true! I know Thomas.S.Monson is the prophet of
God here on the earth to lead and I guide us. I know my Saviour lives
and that through the grace of His atoning sacrifice we can be saved
and made whole! I am so excited for Easter and the chance we have to
share the wonderful video initiative with the people of Spain! We are
so blessed!

With love,

Hermana Liddicot

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An Encounter with the floor and much more (Week 45)

Seems like she has had a pretty tough week! Keep emailing her and updating her and checking up on how she is doing!
Queridos amigos y familia!
Son los mejores! I am so grateful for all of your lovely emails and the support you’ve been to me throughout my missions and before the mission! I’m grateful to have each of you in my life, I know Heavenly Father puts us with certain people at certain times to teach us things! Just like hermana Tang teaches me everyday through her hard work and example each one of you has taught me and helped me become better through my life! So thankyou!
This past week was the last week of the transfer. Hermana Tang and I stayed together so this is now my fourth transfer in San Sebastián de los Reyes! I’ve been so blessed to come to such wonderful areas and spend so much time in them. We started putting more of a focus on the Chinese people here in Spain which means on Fridays and Saturdays we teach Spanish classes to Chinese people! We will be starting this week and we are so excited!
We had the hermanas going home stay with us last night! I love having them because they share so much of their experiences with us which helps us to grow and improve! Hermana Jiménez, my mission mum, came to stay and it was so nice! She is one of the best missionaries I know and I am so sad she is going home but I’m grateful for all she taught me! We had hermana Campillo stay as well who was also companions with Hermana Wihongi, she told me how they were killing things in Santiago and I believe it! She’s an awesome missionary and I hope we get to be companions again one day! #IslandsHereWeCome 😉
As with tradition I got sick, it seems like I can never go a transfer without getting sick haha, on Thursday I was just in a lot of pain and we went to have a lesson in a Chinese store with a Chinese investigator and I felt so sick like I was going to throw up and I turned to ask Hermana Tang where the bathroom was and then I passed out! It was crazy! Then hermana Tang called Hermana Pack and she and President Pack came and picked me up and took us home! I’ve been to the doctors and they gave me loads of medicine to take and so I’m doing better! We find out more this week! Chinese floors are seemingly the same as all other floors para que sepan 😉
We had so many miracles this week! We met so many great people and we are so excited to start teaching them this transfer! Heavenly Father blesses us so much when we do the best we can. We as humans will never be able to do quite enough but He promises us that “after all we can do it is by grace we are saved.” How grateful I am for the saving grace of my Saviour! I am so grateful He loves me and wants me to return home! But yes other than that we had a party normal missionary week!
Here’s a quote from one of my all time heroes BISMARCK that I found in the ensign
“To youth I have but three words of counsel: work, work, work.”
Hermana Liddicott
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It’s getting Hot in Spain (Week 44)

Sunshine for Louisa and Spain! Here is the latest instalment on her mission!

Dear all,
The sun is out and so are the sandals here in Madrid! We are reaching
a beautiful 25 degrees and it’s only going to get hotter! Today we had
the wonderful blessing to go to the temple and feel the love our
Heavenly Father has for each one of us. I am so grateful to have the
temple here in my mission and I am even more grateful to be serving in
the Madrid zones still so that I can attend every transfer!

This week with the Chinese people we had some cool lessons. A lot of
them listen to be polite but don’t actually want to learn or receive a
testimony of these things. That makes us sad but at least they get to
hear a little slice of the message we share about the Saviour! We had
one lesson and the guy was a little bit sketchy on the phone and we
prayed and felt like we should still go to the lesson in B3 so we went
but we were still low key scared we were going to get kidnapped and he
wanted to have the lesson in a bar. We convinced him to sit outside
the metro and it all turned out okay. Don’t get kidnapped. Our Chinese
investigator who lives in Barrio 4 went to church on Sunday and he
loved it! We are waiting on the final go ahead but it looks like
Hermana tang and I will be able to travel to different sacrament
meetings to be with our Chinese investigators there!

Other cool things, or rather not so cool, all the people we get as
future investigators turn out to be creepy men. We had some kind of
sketchy appointments this week, always a good sign! We are praying to
find more investigators and we are trying to open our mouths and speak
to everyone. So basically it’s been a week of missionary work! And I
love it!

Keep being awesome! You should all go and read the talk by Hartman
Rector junior from the April 1979 conference called following Christ
to victory, it’s very good.

Stay awesome and stay out of jail!

Hermana Liddicott

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An Interesting Week (Week 42)

Dear everyone,

As always I hope you have had a wonderful, uplifting week and did all
the things you needed to do. This has been an awesome week. I just
love the mission! We get to feel the spirit all the time and get to
know such wonderful people and share with them a life changing message
that enables them to be with their families forever! It’s a win win
situation really because we learn, grow and change so much as we
prepare ourselves to be worthy to share the beautiful message of the
atonement with everyone.

And I mean everyone, we had a conference this week given by Elder
Soares of the 70 and it was wonderful. His wife gave such an inspiring
talk she speaks Portuguese which is fairly similar to Spanish. And so
although there was a translator we all understood what she was saying
anyway. It was an interesting experience. She talked about the
difference between sin and weakness and how the enabling power of the
atonement and divine grace allow us to overcome both of those things.

Then elder soares spoke about talking to everyone, especially on
public transport because the elect are all over the place and it’s our
job to find them! It’s really inspired me to contact more in the metro
and we found some wonderfully prepared people doing just that this
week! We got to  visit my old area Barrio 9 to teach some Chinese
investigators. It was awesome and we bumped into two less actives I
used to visit on the street!

Our investigators continue preparing to be baptised and so we are
excited for them to make this covenant with their Heavenly Father and
one day enter into the family to have their own eternal families! The
gospel blesses everyone in so many different ways. The church wifi is
broken so we are making do with burger kings wifi which isn’t too
smashing to be fair. There is a drink here in Spain that you make by
dissolving a sachet of powder into water, it’s called Tang, which much
to the delight of the members is my companions name. We have made lots
of new Chinese friends this week and they’re going to teach us how to
cook Chinese food!

We had a really nice nap today for p day because we were exhausted,
Mercadona is closed for a month so we have to make do with Lidl
unfortunately. We are going to be travelling lore over Madrid this
week to teach some new Chinese investigators which is exciting. More
things happened this week I’m sure! Oh yeah some drunk customer tried
to give us a bag of weed and a €20 note slipped inside a Chinese
leaflet of the restoration that he was reading while our investigator
was serving him. We teach the Chinese people who own corner shops a
lot of the time. He then told me I had a third eye which meant I was
entitled to do telekinesis and because I had dimples it meant I was a
very patient person. It was weird. He also spoke French and English.

I know the church is true! I see this wonderful gospel changing the
lives of people here in Spain everyday and I am so grateful to have it
in my life! I love my Saviour and I know that through his atoning
sacrifice we can be made clean again and one day return to the
presence of our loving Heavenly Father! I am so grateful for this

Much love,

Hermana Liddicott

p.s Also, we had loads of hermanas staying in our piso for the mission
tour! So I got to see my misión mother Hermana Jiménez again and her
fabulous companion Hermana Duffin! It was such a blessing to be able
to work with them! I got to see hermana Wihongi as well which was so
fun, we had the hermanas from Gijón and the canary islands with us too
so we didn’t get a whole lot of sleep but it was such a blessing to
see them and learn from them! Photos to follow as the Burger King wifi
isn’t too hot ahah!


Spino (Week 41)

Sorry it is so late everybody, I have had an extremely busy week! Better late than never though!

Dear everyone,

It’s been a good week this week, we found so we new investigators and
they are Chinese! We teach some of them in Spino, Spanish-Chino,
because some have been in Spain for a long time and know Spanish well
as well and so we just teach in a mixture of languages. Chinese is
hard but it’s kind of fun to learn as well, the hardest thing is that
there are four tones and so if we use the wrong tone then you say a
totally different word. I learnt how to share my testimony this week
which was awesome!

We had a ward activity at the church where we ate bocadillos de Jamón
serrano which is this delicious type of ham they have here in Spain.
And when you buy it you buy a big leg of it. It’s basically cured pig
leg… but anyway somebody came and showed us how to cut it
professionally and then we showed two films. Prince of Egypt and the
Zaratov approach. As missionaries we were only allowed to watch the
Saratov approach which was so intense, anyone who knows me knows how
much I hate tense movies! It was really sad as well!

We are going to stop doing English classes because people aren’t
coming enough and we are starting a Chinese class instead! So I need
to brush up on my Chinese! Hermana Tang’s sister got baptised last
Saturday and so we got to Skype them and watch the baptism. In
Malaysia church is done in Chinese so I understood everything and then
we got to chat to her family for a bit afterwards! In Malaysia they
LOVE spicy food. So Hermana tang loves spicy food, even my
acquaintances know I’m too weak for spicy food. But this week we were
making quesadillas and she made hers spicy by adding cayenne peppers
and she convinced me to try some. I genuinely thought I was going to
die. So this week my daughter tried to kill me 😉

Church was so busy this Sunday, we all managed to bring loads of
investigators to church it was packed and lots of less actives came as
well, and so the sacrament room was full as well as the overflow rooms
where you watch it on television! It was a miracle! We are being
belssed with so many miracles here in San Sebastián! We had
intercambios this week which was super cool. Hermana Keller my old STL
from, B9 came to San se and my companion went over to Guadalajara. It
was fun, we’ve done so many intercambios together that it was just
like being with an old companion ahaha!

I am sure more things happened this week but I don’t remember them
right now. I hope you have an amazing week!


Hermana Liddicott

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