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Today is the one year mark of Louisa on her mission woohoo exciting stuff…only six months left to go! That means guys you only have six months to email her, six months to write her a letter and six months to send her a parcel! Quick quick quick!

Here is a little overview of her mission so far:


Areas Assigned:

  • Islas Canarias
  • San Sebastian de los Reyes
  • Barrio 9
  • MTC


  • Hermana Osborn
  • Hermana Philips
  • Hermana Tang
  • Hermana Tyler
  • Hermana Wihongi
  • Hermana Shaw
  • Hermana Jiminez



  • Trainer
  • Greenie


Notable Events:

  • No stranger to illness
  • Baptisms
  • Learning Chinese


Selection of photos from the past year!

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Liddicott & Jimenez
P1000098 (1)
With her district
Louisa and her mission president and his wife
At the Airport



In her words “And so it took nine months but..!” (Week 39)

So transfers have happened and she is now training a greenie. Her first time training (poor greenie…)  jokes I’m sure she will do a good job!


It’s been a crazy week. We helped someone move house to a piso across
the street, it was the quickest move of my life. Then they fed us huge
sandwiches. We had an English tea time at a British members house and
we had scones and sandwiches and cadburys hot chocolate. It was good
fun. It was a pretty normal week we did a lot of contacting and
teaching of lessons.
We had some intense conversations about women and the priesthood and
why people can and can’t enter the temple, that’s always a fun chat to
We had stake conference over the weekend and the mission. President
invited all the missionaries to attend the afternoon session of the
conference as well as the Sunday session. We had a visiting area
seventy from Italy come and talk to us, he spoke a lot about
strengthening the country through member missionary work and giving
references to the missionaries. And so we are focusing on that.
Right now we are sat in the big train station called chamartin in
Madrid waiting for the hermanas for the islands to come in. We got
transfers and I’m training! I’m pretty excited! There are 5 hermanas
coming into the mission and 12 elders. And so Hermana Davis, Pitcher,
Robinson and I are all from the same group and we’re all training
together and then the other baby is going to the Canary Islands!
I got given loads more clothes from the hermanas going home and one of
the items was

Have a great week and pray for my baby!


Hermana Liddicott

Alas it seems we were not destined to know what one of the items was…oh well! Until next week!


Crazy Week (Week 38)

So pday is Wednesday this week, hence no email on Monday! Today she went to the Temple, pictures below! Everything else she got up to is in the email!

Dear all,

We had an absolutely crazy week! A total locura, but it has also been so full of miracles! The best miracle of all was the family getting baptised. It was wonderful to see the father baptizing his wife and then his two sons. He had been less active for a very long time and not been in Spain very long when the Hermanas bumped into his wife and wrote down her reference. Hermana Tyler and I began to teach them at the end of November and two months later they were baptised. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my whole entire life. I am so grateful for the gospel and the plan of salvation and how it allows us to be together forever.

We had some disasters that day as well! We were on intercambios so it was a little stressful in general and then the elders forgot to bring the baptismal programs and them the Chain on the plug BROKE when they tried to take it out of the font and so the younger boy was diving down trying to get it out but he couldn’t and so then the elders  got it out by hitting it with a big stick, it was intense. Then we’d been on intercambios and so we had lots of stuff. The elders were taking it out to the car and we gave them the wet baptism clothes in a black bin bag. And the chapel where we had the baptism was a good 30 minutes away. And so it finished late and we got home about 10:45pm and unloaded the car.

And we couldn’t find the baptism clothes.

So we asked the elders what happened and the elder driving just said “fetch.” They had binned the baptismal clothes!! So they had to drive back to the chapel and bin dive to get the clothes and then drive all the way back. It was crazy funny.

So then we had a world wide mission conference in pavones! It was very good and very uplifting and they changed the mission timetable to give us 30 minutes extra of preparation time on a morning, 30 minutes extra for lunch, and an extra hour almost to SLEEP! #bendecido We learnt a lot more about how to teach the gospel of Christ and I realized the only one that holds me back on the mission is me, if I listen closely to the Holy Ghost he will tell me everything I need to say and when to say it! So it was awesome to have that conference to push me forward during the next transfers. We have transfers on Saturday!

Sunday was also a crazy day, we had the confirmation of the family and it was so beautiful. The spirit was so strong in the chapel and they got to take the sacrament all together as a family for the first time. I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for all it does for me, for my family and for the people here in Spain. Then my mum had the baby so I have a new little sister called Rachel, maybe spelt Rachael, still up for debate. All week we had been teaching the plan of salvation and so although it crushes me that I can’t be there right now with my family I get to be here with our family of converts and see the miracles the gospel is bringing them.

There is probably a lot more to tell you all but we have p day on Monday so I’ll just email you! We have transfers on Saturday #prayforthehermanas

Love you all!
Hermana Liddicott

unnamed (6).jpg


She’s forgotten that #tags should only be used on Twitter or Instagram #socialmediadeprivation(Week 37)

So good to hear from her again, even if she is dying of the flu once more. Poor girl needs a break from being ill and getting stuck inside the flat for a week.

Hermana L is now about 9 months into her mission…soon to be returning in November sometime this year!


Well we had a slightly crazy week all in all! On Monday we went to a
place called prosperidad with the barrio 4 hermanas and had churros
and chocolate and claro we went shopping haha! This time of year they
have the best sales so if you want to get anything reduced you to have
uy it in January.

We made a new friend as well by chance! We were working with some
members and they gave us the reference for an inactive YSA. We went to
visit her and her boyfriend was there and so now we have the
opportunity to continue teaching them both we are very excited and
it’s helping us to put into practice what they taught us at zone
conference about finding and teaching young people because although
the goal is to bring families to the gospel when you baptize a young
person you bring a future family into the gospel. It’s so sweet when
you put it like that!

Yesterday I had to give a talk at church, honestly it’s the first talk
I’ve given since the MTC and it was so nerve wracking because I’ve
never given a talk in Spanish before despite having been out on the
mission for nearly 9 months haha! The bishop called in Saturday night
and asked us to do the talk so it was extra last minute haha! It’s
such an awesome ward! It’s super cool as well because there are so
many members they can’t fit in the chapel so it is filmed and
transmitted to the other class rooms via television so The Whole ward
can actually watch it. They are building a new capilla but it won’t be
ready until the end of the year.

I got the flu this week and I was mostly alive and we worked every day
and I more or less made it through but Friday I got super sick, and we
had the two most important events of the weeks and the baptismal
interviews for the family! So we stopped by a pharmacy in the pueblo
we were visiting to ask for some medication. (Here when you’re sick
you don’t really go to the doctors you just go to the pharmacy or
A&E..) and she gave me these sachets that you dissolve in water and
drink. So I took one at the appointment when we arrived and I had an
allergic reaction to the medicine! It was over one half of my face and
so I couldn’t even hide it haha! (Disaster 1) After the appointment
though we had to catch a bus straight to another pueblo for the
baptismal interviews but this bus only have one stop per pueblo and so
we missed the stop in Algete and ended up in cobeña which isn’t even
in our zone never mind our area haha! So we decide to look up how long
it would take us to walk back to he pueblo, 1 hour! It takes 10
minutes on the bus…so we waited 40 minutes for a bus back to Algete
and got there just before our district leaders arrived for the
interviews. (Disaster 2) so we were with the family for about 3 1/2
hours for their interviews which meant we wouldn’t get back for
English class so last minute the elders has to go and teach. And so
the family hop in the car to go to the capilla for noche de hogar and
we run to the bus with the elders from b4 and the youngest son in the
family (there are six of them and only 5 seats in the car you see..)
but we still got there late for NDH so the elders had to do it all
bless them. (Disaster 3) On the other hand they all passed their
baptismal interview and the dad  talked with the bishop and is going
to baptise them all this Friday! We are so excited!!!

So after being sick with the flu all week my companion now has the
stomach flu so we are going to be in piso for a while I think haha.
#PrayForHermanaTyler On Saturday there was a baby shower for the
bishops wife. We teach the bishops sister and when we go there
Saturday morning she had slept in and was super stressed because she
was behind on preparations so when we arrived we helped her make the
photo booth and then taught the lesson. Other things in the week? My
companion got herself Locked in the bathroom at a less actives house,
we made scones and educated the Americans in good food and had churros
twice #FatAndHappy We went and ate Mexican food with a Peruvian family
for her birthday and our Romanian investigator finally came to church
as did the bishops sister! It’s been a crazy week of disasters and
miracles! However with the baptism we lose about a third of our
investigators so we are doing lots of finding when we are healthy
again haha!

Hermana Liddicott


Hair Cut & Longest Bus Ride (Week 36)


January is flying by so fast, we are already half way through it’s crazy! This week has been a good week we’ve done some pretty awesome things! We went to a pueblo that was 50km away and so we spent 5 hours of the day going there and back for a 40 minute charla and then we had to sprint for the bus. It was crazy. We were visiting a less active family, to drive to this pueblo (small town) in the mountains it takes 40 minutes max but on the bus it takes a lot longer. It’s sad when we visit less actives and they tell us about their life in h church beforehand, for instance the mother is an ex missionary and now she is in active. It reminded me that the gospel needs to be a constant everyday thing or the flames of our faith will slowly diminish and die.

We went to visit another less active near us and she forgot we were coming and had gone to fly kites with her children at the park and so she invited us to join them! And so I got to fly a kite this week, in the end we got it stuck in the tree but we managed to get it down in the end. Then we had a really nice message about the creation. 1 Nefi 17:36 is one of my favorite verses because it talks about how the world was made specifically for us and our needs! I’m so grateful our Heavenly Father loves us so much! We have also been working on teaching street lessons, it’s nice and people really share their views with you because we don’t know where they live or what their number is, although I’m not totally sure why that would make such a difference but oh well!

Also hermana Tyler cut my hair. It was getting super long and so unmanageable in the wind and it just needed cutting really, so I sat on a stool in the bathroom and she cut my hair in Wednesday night which was pretty weird. She did a good job but it turned out a lot shorter than we were expecting but it’s cool I like it! We have a blower heater. I don’t know how to describe it to you really except it is a machine on the wall and it can blow hot or cold air. Well ours little by little stopped blowing air in general. So we told our dueño a few months ago and he still hadn’t fixed it so last night we took the front off and all the filters were clogged up with dust. Anyway so we cleaned it and now we have a warm piso!

The family that are getting baptised came to church on Sunday and so they are still going to be baptised on the 28th!! We are so excited for them! And the best part about it is that our capilla doesn’t have a font so we have to go to the stake centre at pavones which is where the temple is so that get to be baptised and be outside the temple which is their goal in a year from now!

We got some new investigators this week and we are hopefully having a wedding here in the ward soon! One of our investigators is not married and her partner is having the lessons back in their country and so when He comes to Spain they are going to get married so they can be baptised! Have any of you watched the district series 2? San Sebastián is literally the district right now. It’s awesome haha! We had zone conference this week which was awesome and we learnt a lot about repentance and making sure we see using it daily because how can we teach  and testify of a principle in the which we have no experience or personal conversion. Also they have put a focus for the mission on contacting young people. Did you know a large portion of the converts that make up the quorum of the seventy were converted to the gospel between 9-25? The best time for people to hear the gospel is when they are young and looking for direction in their lives, during the “decade of decision.” It was a wonderful zone conference. We also had interviews this week with president which was a wonderful experience! It’s such a blessing to see more of president and learn from him!

All in all we had a great week and it really strengthened my testimony. I’ve come to realise that trials really are a blessing and leave us so much stronger than when we started! I love my Saviour and I am so grateful that he loves me and each and everyone of you!

Hermana Liddicott







Eight months in the field (Week 35)

Update from Louisa this week! Tomorrow marks her being out for 8 months, only 10 left to go! But who’s counting hey?? Haha!

Seems she has had a good week as always! Lucky her not having rain, it has been pretty miserable today…


This week, well actually tomorrow, marks 8 months in the field! It’s
going by way too fast, I kind of wish sister missionaries got to serve
for two years as well! I love the mission so much!  This week has been
awesome, it’s been very cold but I guess that’s to be expected now!
But on the other hand it hasn’t rained, it’s been the driest winter of
my whole entire life. Ever.

We had a crazy busy week finding new investigators, we were blessed to
find and start teaching two new investigator families. One we found
when we offered to help her carry her bags in the street and the other
we found when my companion was sick this week and I was calling though
the old investigators in the area book. The lord really does bless us
in every phase of this work, no matter how hard it is or how tired we
are, when we put in our part he blesses us! (D&C 82:10) we found many
other investigators this week as well.

Reyes! Here the 5th and 6th of January are big holidays! On the 5th
they have the cabalgata at night which is a huge parade where there
are floats and people though sweets and confetti into the street! The
biggest most important floats each have one of the three kings on
them. And if when you go to bed on the 5th you leave your left shoe on
the windowsill of an open window the three Reyes magos (kings) will
come by and leave you presents and then on the six you open them.
Another tradition they have is eating roscon which is a giant ring
donut shaped cake filled with cream and topped with almonds and
sugared fruit. Inside the slices there is one porcelain king figurine
and also one date. The person who gets the king in their slice is the
winner and gets to wear a crown. He who gets the date thing has to pay
for the roscon next year. It’s pretty cool!

We had an awesome spiritual day yesterday. So for us, and I’m sure for
the most of you, it was fast Sunday. And so first of all, on a side
note I got to translate sacrament meeting over the translation kit
into English, it was kind of fun, I’d like to get better at it though
Anyway, it was fast Sunday and we were fasting for our family of
investigators that they would be able to find work and continue coming
to church. And I felt like it was such a privilege to be able to fast
for somebody else, to petition my Heavenly Father for blessings that
they needed. I don’t think I’ll ever look at fasting  as a sacrifice
again. And then in the evening we had a lesson with the parents of the
investigator family and the relief society president and her husband
who have just been sealed in the temple. Together we discussed eternal
marriage and the things we could do as missionaries and members to
support them in their goal of being one day sealed in the temple for
time and all eternity. Today we are going to gays again with them for
the things that they needed and we are so excited for them and for the
wonderful spirit that comes with fasting.

I am so grateful to be a part of the Lords work and to grow in this
wonderful gospel each day! I love you all and hope you have a
wonderful week!


Hermana Liddicott

I like the little traditions they have about the donut cake and the finding the king, that sounds super fun, I’m sure they enjoyed it!

They seem to be having success with teaching people as well which is great for them!

Looking forward to hearing more next week!


Two-thousand & seventeen (Week 34)

Happy New Year everybody! Louisa’s first email of 2017!

Dear all,

It has been a wonderful week! We have found a new investigator who is from Romania! We have had the blessing of starting to teach him the gospel and we are so excited to keep pushing forward and working with him! There is nothing more wonderful than seeing people progress and make changes in their lives! One of the investigators we have been working with, who has been taught for a very long time has begun progressing again! They’ve started reading the Book of Mormon from the start and it’s amazing to see the immediate changes that come about as we start keeping the commandments of the lord! Our beautiful family of investigators all came to church yesterday! We taught the word of wisdom this week and they loved it and are already keeping it! We have been so blessed to find a family so prepared, the Lord really does prepare people for us in every area to find and teach if we are faithful. And I’ve realized we really do have to have faith, we have to completely believe that we are going to find those people because if we don’t and we aren’t striving to find them we probably won’t!

One of my favourite things each week is having the ward noche de hogar! It’s awesome and it’s always such an inspiring night and we feel so much closer as a unit here and it helps our investigators to make friendships as well. This week it was our turn to plan the activity so I taught them the chocolate game! You know the one when you go round in a circle rolling the dice and when you roll a six you get to put on hat, scarf and gloves and eat chocolate with a knife and fork until the next person rolls a six? Well we played which was pretty cool.

It’s very cold here, on New Year’s Eve (noche vieja) everyone was partying in the streets and because church was later on yesterday at 12 we had time to go and contact in the streets. In fact it was so cold that the ice left over in people’s drinks on the streets was still frozen! I’m sure it’s a lot colder in England and probably even colder in Utah but after such a hot summer it feels super cold!

On Saturday we went to a service project in Barrio 5. We were working with the same organisation that we did service with last time with the toys except this time we were making up food crates for a HUGE queue of people stood outside who didn’t have anything  to eat. It was actually so fun! We got to know the other missionaries really well and we realised how much work really goes into the humanitarian efforts here, there are a lot of refugees here right now because of the conflicts in Venezuela and so it was nice to be able to help in that way! We were there 9-2 so we were exhausted and then we came back to our area to proselyte. Also in Spain people throw the strangest things away. Like for instance you’ll be walking down the street and De repente you’ll see a double bed by the bin or maybe a big painting or a bike. Anyway it’s kind of like a free for all if you see it by the bin it’s yours. This week we found one of the maybelline makeup stands. Although it would have made a great addition to our furniture we left it there!

And so begins 2017. This year so many things will happen! I’m so excited to make the most of this year. Yesterday in relief society we had a lesson based on the 2011 Liahona talk ‘forget me not’ by dieter f uchtdorf. And one of the things he talks about is making the most of everyday and being happy in the moment. I really want to focus on that this year, on making everyday one of the best days of my life and making the most of the places and the people that surround me! I am so grateful for the inspired leaders we are blessed with in the church and for their wise and divine counsel. I’m grateful that my Heavenly Father loves me and knows my challenges and helps me everyday! I love my Saviour and I know he lives, I know this is the gospel of Jesus Christ! I am so grateful for the blessing to live the gospel everyday, every second of my life! I’m grateful to be serving my mission in Spain and I know that here in San Sebastián de los Reyes with Hermana Tyler is exactly where he wants and needs me to be!

This morning I was reading in 3 Nephi 8 and here we have the signs of the Saviours death. I have been thinking about Christ and how he is the light of our lives, or rather he should be. When Christ was taken from the earth the light was lost for three days, the people could not see anything by natural nor any form of man made light either. Jesus Christ is our light, and I know he lives not because I’ve seen him but because though Him and His gospel I see everything else much more clearly. I love my Saviour!

Have an amazing week, invite the Saviour into all that you do!

Hermana Liddicott


Feliz Navidad (Week 33)

Christmas week for Louisa!

Dear everyone,

Today is still pday even though we got to Skype home yesterday because
yesterday was Sunday and so we couldn’t do things like clean or do
compras so we are going to hit the Boxing Day sales today. Although
Boxing Day doesn’t exist here in Spain or in many places in the world
expect Canada and the United Kingdom. Perhaps Australia although I
couldn’t state that with certainty. We had transfers this week and
both Hermana Tyler and I are staying in Alcobendas for another
transfer 🙂

This week has been a wonderful week of experiences! We went and did a
cool service project on Friday at a charity that helps pregnant young
or single mothers. Or mothers in general that need help. They help
find housing and health care and teach them to be self sufficient!
It’s such a cool organisation. So we were there sorting out and
cleaning toys to be given away as Christmas presents to these
families. It was a great service project!

Christmas Day was awesome, we went and opened christmas presents at
the office with the elders and the aps and then we had a sacrament
service at church. President Packs daughter sung an amazing musical
item, it was the one to the tune of greensleeves and it was beautiful
Two of our investigators came to church which was such a great
Christmas blessing for us to have them there and to celebrate
Christmas with them as well! Afterwards we got the aps to come carol
singing with us to an investigator and then we had Christmas with a
really nice German family in the ward, the elders and the Packs. Then
I got to CALL HOME! It was pretty strange, William and Joel have
gotten so big but it was awesome to talk to them. I went to the call
them and it kind of just hit me that I was a missionary and I was
doing missionary things haha! Then I waited at the office with the
elders whilst all our companions did their respective Skype calls.

In short we had a super good week. We are excited for the progression
that is coming to us as we work and grow in the gospel and we are
excited to see our investigators and their testimonies grow as well!
We got the elders Christmas presents but the best one we got was for
elder Kirby, he’s from Chorley stake so maybe some of you know him?
Anyway he introduced the elders here to the term numpty. The word
being defined as an affectionate term for someone who has done
something silly. Anyway and once Hermana Tyler got a rolling pin in
the post from her mum and so it was dubbed the Numpty stick. So for
Christmas we went to the chino store and bought him a cool wooden
stick and then wrote on it in Sharpy “the numpty stick” and decorated
it with glitter. So when someone is a numpty he will lightly tap them
on the head with it. In hindsight this story is probably more funny
when you know the particulars and when you were there in the moment
but I just typed it all out so merry Christmas!

Other than that we just did the regular missionary life and loved it!
I love my Saviour and I know he lives and loves us! I know that
through his sacrifice we can change for the better and be the
children, spouses and members of the church that He knows we can and
wants us to be! I’m so grateful for this Christmas time to reflect
more deeply on Him his love for us. This truly is his church and his
gospel! His gospel is perfect and will always draw us closer to him
and our heavenly home!

I love you all and Feliz Navidad! 🎁

Hermana Liddicott







It was the week before Christmas…(Week 32)

Dear all,

I am so excited for Christmas! And it’s on a Sunday! As a child I used
to dread the year that Christmas would come on a Sunday, but now I’m
older and wiser, at the ripe old age of 19 😉, I’ve discovered there
isn’t a more fitting way to celebrate the Saviours birth than to be at
church renewing our covenants with him  and promising to be better not
only tomorrow but forever. And the sacrament is available to us
because of the wonderful miracle of the Saviour. And so I am so
grateful that I can attend church this Christmas Day and learn and
sing of my Saviour! Oh how I love him and I am so grateful for his
sacrifice and his infinite love and forgiveness. We are so blessed.

This last week has been interesting. We had some good lessons with our
investigators. Sadly one of our amigas who is getting baptized next
year has to work sundays for the next 3 weeks. She works as an interna
so she looks after an old person 24hrs a day 7 days a week. It’s hard.
Well she gets 4 hours free each Sunday evening which is when she meets
with us! She really taught us how important the gospel is! She only
has 4 hours to leave her employers house a week and she wants to spend
one of those hours with us learning about her Saviour and his gospel!

We had the Madrid zones Christmas conference which was wonderful.
Hermana Pack shared a quote “every time you knock on a door someone in
Brazil gets baptised.” The work is slower here than other missions and
so that made us laugh but also made us realize that we don’t always
see the fruits of our efforts, so keep trying and keep on inspiring
people guys! President and hermana Pack also talked about The Flame of
Faith and how we can become spiritual bonfires 🔥 and how we can unite
the flames of faith we have individually to have a bigger flame as a
mission. And so we are setting goals to be more united as a
companionship, a zone and as a mission. We also gave gifts to the
Saviour, we took a notecard and an envelope and wrote down the ‘bad’
habits or qualities that we have and want to change and also he things
we wanted to improve on for next year and put it in the envelope and
that was our gift to the Saviour that we would use his atoning
sacrifice to become better missionaries and more effective servants in
his hands. I love the Saviour!

We had some great conversations with people in the street sharing the
ilumina el mundo campaign and it was just  awesome to see how much
people love it. Fun fact in Spain the Light up the world campaign is
super popular with Catholics and they are e ones sharing it the most
on the social media sites! Go figure. We had the ward Christmas party
which was really nice, our investigator family came and loved it. We
ate something called ensalada rusa. Which does not exist in Russia
apparently.. and we had chicken. They did an activity where everyone
in the ward got up and said something they were grateful for and then
stuck a sticker ornament on the paper tree, it was a nice spiritual
touch to the night. That morning we went out with the youth of the
stake to visit less actives in the area to invite them to come out to
the activity that night. The youth have such powerful testimonies and
they taught me so much about being more open and loving to the people
we stopped and talked to on the street!

I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Make sure
this year you give a gift to the Saviour, he is our older brother, our
best friend and our loyal defender. He gave his life so that we can be
better and cleaner every day! I love my Saviour and I know he lives. I
know he loves me and that he loves each and everyone of you! Give a
gift to the Saviour this Christmas!


Hermana Liddicott