Adios Louisa

So the day finally came around to say goodbye.

We had a pretty good last day yesterday. Me and Louisa went into town and I bought her a going away gift and we had lunch together which was great. Then when we came home the rest of the afternoon was taken up with packing and clearing out her room.

Whenever I used to come home I’d help Louisa do a clear out but I hadn’t done one for ages and she just has so much stuff. I think we filled three bin bags of rubbish/charity. But she did get all packed and everything fit and her room looks respectable for Rebekah to use.

For tea we had takeout Chinese and watched the Lego Movie. Louisa’s requests. It was really fun and nice to sit together as a family and have a good laugh.

For family home evening we talked about what Louisa would get up to on her mission and drew pictures of it on the whiteboard.IMG_20160509_193044256.jpg

Later on President McEwen came round to set Louisa apart to be a missionary.IMG_20160509_213808041

A very late night as we discovered lots of last minute things that needed doing. So I was glad it was Leeds-Bradford she was flying from, meaning we didn’t have to leave until 6.30am. Although it’s just a connecting flight for her. She will fly to London and then onto Madrid from there.

I set an alarm for 5.30am and when I got up it turned out everyone else was still asleep which is weird because I knew Louisa had set an alarm for 5am. I woke her up but she just mumbled at me and rolled over. Mum finally woke her up in the end and there was a slight panic when she found out it wasn’t 5am but actually 5.40am. But we made it out on time.

Last bits in the suitcase and we were at the airport by 7.15am. It was weird going to an airport just to drop someone off. I don’t think I’ve actually done that before, I’ve only ever gone if I’m flying.IMG_20160510_071539780

We located the check in desk and then got an airport attendant to take a family photo for us. The queue took ages only one desk was open and then a second did but it was priority only so it was a while.


She got checked in fine, suitcases met the requirements. And then it was time to say bye so she could go through airport security.

It is weird that we won’t get a text or a Facebook message when she gets there. I’m so used to the instant communication it will be bizarre for a little while I think.

Lots of hugs and kisses. I don’t think anyone actually cried, but Louisa definitely got sniffly and teary. William wanted to hurry off to find an airplane and Joel was just a bit too excited about the whole thing haha.

18 months is a long time and it hasn’t set in yet. I don’t think it will for a while for me because I live in Leicester and go to uni there so I am not at home all the time anyway. Not until things like birthdays, Christmas and the family summer holiday will it all become real I think.

I don’t actually know what time she’ll get to Madrid at. Her flight leaves at 9.35 to London and the she has a couple hours layover so I suspect afternoon she’ll be there.

Goodbye Louisa and see you November 2017.