Zone Conference, Exchanges, The Island (Week 60)

Dear all,

It has been a wonderfully busy and jam packed week. We had preparation day and we went on a tour of the whole island with our ward mission leader and his girlfriend. It really is a beautiful place, we got a little lost but life is like that, sometimes we get a little side tracked and it allows us to smell the flowers.

I spent most of my week without seeing my companion Hermana Osborn which was kind of strange because Hermana Wihongi and I had exchanges and zone conferences all week. We started with the Hermanas from Santa Cruz on Wednesday night, They are both so awesome, although planning them can be stressful I’m grateful for them because I get to see all the cool things they do to be better missionaries. Then we had zone conference, Hermana Wihongi and I taught about applying the scriptures to our investigators to solve their doubts. To start off the session we had Elder Rogers from the matrimony couple come in and dress up as Alma the younger to illustrate how the Book of Mormon speaks to us. It was a great meeting. President Pack spoke about how we need to recognise our identity as children of God, he shared the passages in Moses 1. It’s interesting to note how Satan tempts Moses after he is exhausted from such a spiritual high. He will always hit us when our defences are down.

After zone conference we were back on exchanges again with the Hermanas from La Laguna. It was a pretty sweet experience to spend it with Hermana Barcenas as it’s her last transfer in the mission and she goes home next week. She was one of my first sister training leaders. She always taught me the importance of your attitude. That no matter the situation your attitude determines whether or not it is a positive or a negative experience. We had interviews with president on Saturday as well which was pretty great, he really does give inspired counsel.

We found some awesome new people and had some new friends come to church. Vecindario is as hot and windy as ever and mostly I’m having a wonderful time being a missionary in this beautiful island with such wonderful people! This week we have our final exchange with the hermanas and then we have transfers on Saturday night! I cannot believe how fast the transfer has gone by.

Have a wonderful Week!
Hermana Liddicott

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