Another week in Vecindario (Week 57)

Dear all,

It’s been another great week here in Vecindario in Gran Canaria. It’s getting hotter day by day, I’ve never really felt heat like this before because it’s so sticky and humid. I guess the only way to describe is is the sensation you have when you open the oven door too fast you get blasted with hot air, except it’s like that all day.

However at the start of last week Hermana Wihongi and I flew to Madrid for concilio with the Packs. It was even hotter there but It was a really uplifting experience and since then President has issued the challenge for the whole mission to read the Book of Mormon in a transfer, o sea, by July 23rd!! I love it! The more Hermana Osborn and I read in the Book of Mormon the more we start to love it and find ways to apply it to each of our investigators.

We also had a goal to get to know our neighbours which came about in a very unusual way. We had ice all over the back of our fridge that was braking the cooling element and so we needed an extension cord to defrost our fridge and had to borrow one from the neighbours. Before we knew it they were all coming over trying to help and offer their personal opinions. They are so sweet and love to serve here in the islands!

Other highlights of the week include Barbara because she is just so prepared! She reads absolutely everything we give her. We found a new friend through a member! She has a lot of experience with lots of religions and so has a great knowledge of the bible, we are looking forward to seeing her more and helping her see the power of the Book of Mormon. The best part however was being able to go back and visit my dear Barrio 9 where I started my mission and had Hermana Wihongi as a companion! We got to see William at his bakery and Maria Battista! I am so grateful to be a missionary and to be able to get to know people and serve them!
Hermana Liddicott

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