Intercambios & Other Stuff (Week 55)

Sorry it’s late! It’s been a busy week!


Spain is just the best, its full of weird crazy experiences with a
side order of wonderful people. You really have to experience it to
appreciate it. Like today we had some random guy come and talk to us
and he tried to give us besos (kisses) and when we said we couldn’t he
got mad and walked away, that’s just a taster of Spain for you x

We had intercambios (exchanges) this week with the STLs which was
cool. We worked in siete palmas in the north of the islands and it is
way colder than it is here in the south. It’s so windy here though,
genuinely I think I’m going to get blown away sometimes when we walk
in the street. It was a pretty regular week, taught some lessons,
talked to lots of people, worked with the members, ate bread lasagne
and just had lots of miracles.

But my favourite experience of the week was  when we were on
exchanges. I felt like I should sit with a teenager on a bus and it
turned out as the conversation progressed that she had dreamt the
night before that she would meet a British person who would share
something with her that day. And so I taught her the restoration and
gave her a Book of Mormon! The lord really is preparing people all

We have a new friend who is schizophrenic and we might have to drop
our Bulgarian friend because he isn’t all that interested in the
gospel… we taught family home evening in the ward and we shared the
story of the Provo tabernacle. How it was a wonderful building that
burnt down but because it had a sure foundation they were able to turn
it into something even more beautiful. A temple (now the Provo city
centre temple.) God sometimes needs to spiritually refurbish us
through the process of our trials. But he always has a higher purpose
in mind. All of our friends are doing good and progressing towards
their baptismal dates. We have transfers this week but hopefully we
will stay together!

Have a great week!

Hermana Liddicott

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