Another week in Vecindario (Week 57)

Dear all,

It’s been another great week here in Vecindario in Gran Canaria. It’s getting hotter day by day, I’ve never really felt heat like this before because it’s so sticky and humid. I guess the only way to describe is is the sensation you have when you open the oven door too fast you get blasted with hot air, except it’s like that all day.

However at the start of last week Hermana Wihongi and I flew to Madrid for concilio with the Packs. It was even hotter there but It was a really uplifting experience and since then President has issued the challenge for the whole mission to read the Book of Mormon in a transfer, o sea, by July 23rd!! I love it! The more Hermana Osborn and I read in the Book of Mormon the more we start to love it and find ways to apply it to each of our investigators.

We also had a goal to get to know our neighbours which came about in a very unusual way. We had ice all over the back of our fridge that was braking the cooling element and so we needed an extension cord to defrost our fridge and had to borrow one from the neighbours. Before we knew it they were all coming over trying to help and offer their personal opinions. They are so sweet and love to serve here in the islands!

Other highlights of the week include Barbara because she is just so prepared! She reads absolutely everything we give her. We found a new friend through a member! She has a lot of experience with lots of religions and so has a great knowledge of the bible, we are looking forward to seeing her more and helping her see the power of the Book of Mormon. The best part however was being able to go back and visit my dear Barrio 9 where I started my mission and had Hermana Wihongi as a companion! We got to see William at his bakery and Maria Battista! I am so grateful to be a missionary and to be able to get to know people and serve them!
Hermana Liddicott

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Sister Training Leader (Week 56)

Hey everyone,

So thanks for all your prayers and it turned out great for transfers after all. I turned 13 last weekend and I found out I am staying in vecindario with hermana Osborn! Plot twist, I am a sister training leader and Hermana Wihongi (you all remember her from when we served together in Barrio 9?) is going to be the other sister training leader, but not together. She will be serving in Telde, the area next door and we will be STLs together that way. It’s a little different but we are super excited! And I’m so happy to be a second transfer with hermana Osborn as well, she is an absolute sweetheart! So it’s kind of like having two companions at the same time but not really. When Hermana Wihongi and I first met right at the start of our missions we both said we were going to be STLs together in the islands, I guess we jinxed it! 😉

We had a really good week, we found some new friends who have been so prepared to hear the gospel. We found them the same day we decided to drop some of our non progressing investigators. Sometimes we have to act in faith before the Lord will bless us.  I love it when our investigators or recent converts have strong testimonies and begin to invite their friends and family to hear the gospel. That’s when missionary work really gets going because every investigator needs a friend at church. Our new friend Barbara is wonderful she is JAS and from Venezuela and so ready to make changes. She told us she was excited for us to come to her house because it was like God was coming to her home. Being a missionary is a big responsibility, it made us think about how we are representatives of the Saviour of the world. We are imperfect representatives of the only perfect person that ever lived. It’s kind of humbling really.

I asked my companion what her favourite part of the week was and she says it was when she discovered all the new emojis including a black Mrs Claus on the keyboard. Solid. Other than that it was a regular week in a regular area, lots of talking to members and people on the street, eating lots of chicken and rice, long walks in the heat trying to find the bus stop and just being a missionary really.

I love serving here in Vecindario and seeing the changes in our investigators and members! George got the priesthood yesterday which was so beautiful to see! I know our Saviour lives and that with His help we can be perfect! We are excited for the changes that we have this transfer and for the chance to learn from the other Hermanas in the zone.

This week I was studying Hannah in the Bible. She had a lot of trials in her life but I really liked this quote from the Ensign:

“She had done all within her power to be worthy of the Lord’s blessings. The Lord honored this commitment, inspiring Eli to say to her, “Go in peace: and the God of Israel grant thee thy petition”

Heavenly Father really will grant every righteous petition of our hearts if we ask in faith having been obedient and having done our part! I’m so grateful we have a Father who loves us so much!

I love you all, have a great week!
Hermana Liddicott

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Intercambios & Other Stuff (Week 55)

Sorry it’s late! It’s been a busy week!


Spain is just the best, its full of weird crazy experiences with a
side order of wonderful people. You really have to experience it to
appreciate it. Like today we had some random guy come and talk to us
and he tried to give us besos (kisses) and when we said we couldn’t he
got mad and walked away, that’s just a taster of Spain for you x

We had intercambios (exchanges) this week with the STLs which was
cool. We worked in siete palmas in the north of the islands and it is
way colder than it is here in the south. It’s so windy here though,
genuinely I think I’m going to get blown away sometimes when we walk
in the street. It was a pretty regular week, taught some lessons,
talked to lots of people, worked with the members, ate bread lasagne
and just had lots of miracles.

But my favourite experience of the week was  when we were on
exchanges. I felt like I should sit with a teenager on a bus and it
turned out as the conversation progressed that she had dreamt the
night before that she would meet a British person who would share
something with her that day. And so I taught her the restoration and
gave her a Book of Mormon! The lord really is preparing people all

We have a new friend who is schizophrenic and we might have to drop
our Bulgarian friend because he isn’t all that interested in the
gospel… we taught family home evening in the ward and we shared the
story of the Provo tabernacle. How it was a wonderful building that
burnt down but because it had a sure foundation they were able to turn
it into something even more beautiful. A temple (now the Provo city
centre temple.) God sometimes needs to spiritually refurbish us
through the process of our trials. But he always has a higher purpose
in mind. All of our friends are doing good and progressing towards
their baptismal dates. We have transfers this week but hopefully we
will stay together!

Have a great week!

Hermana Liddicott

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