Death can come by palm trees (Week 54)

It’s been an absolutely wonderful week we have had so many miracles! Some people, say it’s because the zone does a miracle prayer at 11pm each night but honestly we’ve discovered the real key to miracles is faith+works=miracles. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing! So this week we have developed our capacity to make goals and go out and reach them!
One of the biggest miracles we saw was the baptism of our friend George! He is a 72 year old man from Ghana who we teach in English. He is the funniest, sweetest person you’ll ever meet and he always wears his shirts mostly unbuttoned haha! So to start with we filled the font a little to high and so we had to empty it with buckets because we couldn’t make the suction pipe work. Then after the baptism the emptying mechanism just wasn’t working at all and so we spent a good two hours emptying the font with mop buckets. Definitely would have been easier in the sea but in spite of the font disasters it was a wonderful experience and George was so thrilled to be baptised and be a member of the true church of Jesus Christ here on her earth!
We made lots of new friends on the street, the ones that hang out in the bars. One is called Santiago and he’s pretty cool. After speaking to us the next day he found a Book of Mormon on a bench and has started to read it! The gospel of Jesus Christ has no boundaries my friends, we’ll save him a seat this Sunday. Another friend is our sweet uncle Mario! He always watches out for us and buys us clipper or coke and gets us pork at a little restaurant near our house. He is the sweetest, and not creepy I promise! We made another ‘friend’ although he is kind of sketchy though…he always sings songs in English to us when he sees us..
Okay, I am pretty sure the islands has a pretty high death rate for natural causes. Being that palm tree branches will randomly fall off in the street and hit people on the head. They are big hefty things as well. And it’s totally normal!! Crazy.
We got a new investigator who is a dentist! He’s so prepared to listen to the gospel and we go to his surgery and he takes us to the room downstairs where all his cute assistants hang out and make the dentures and we teach them all together. It’s so fun and they give us free dental products as well which we like very much.
Last night we were walking home over the creepy bridge where the street lights don’t work at the side of the main road and we both felt in danger. And so we grabbed hands and sped up, as we looked behind us this creepy man came out of the dark at the edge where we had just been and started following us! It was so weird because before we got there I was looking closely because  it’s a good place to hide! Regardless, we felt like we should cross, speed up and then cross back and so we did and bumped into one of our investigators! He’s like our dad here in the mission, we told him what was happening and he watched from a distance as we went home to make sure nobody followed us! The Holy Ghost really does protect us if we listen to him!
I know my Saviour lives and loves us, He has a plan for each and every one of us and I’m grateful that He knows me personally! I cannot wait for the day when I will return to their presence! In the ensign I read a wonderful talk about the purpose of our life here on the earth from September 1991,
“A divine thought and impression came to my soul,” he recalls. “It was: ‘The main goal of your life is to become my son.’” He later realized that this admonition is given repeatedly in the scriptures. But at the time he simply knew it was to be his individual goal; to achieve it, he would have to take the Savior as his model, choosing the goals and the methods of reaching them that the Savior would choose.”
Our goal is to reach our divine potential as children of God through the help and grace of the Saviour. I’m grateful for the church, I know it’s true!
I love you all, have a great week!
Hermana Liddicott
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