November it is (Week 53)

Dear all,

It’s been a wonderful week full of inspiration and miracles. As I continue serving my mission I’ve come to learn that the more faith we give to the Lord, the more miracles he is able to bless us with. Isn’t that wonderful? I’m grateful for all the Lord teaches me every day.

One of the biggest highlights this week was having interviews with president Pack. He really is an inspired man and we are so lucky to have him here as our mission president. We talked about my release date and the possibility of going home in October but we both felt that it was the right decision for me to stay until the end of November. Time is flying by way too fast though! On the same day our investigator George had his baptismal interview and everything went perfectly well and so our friend will be getting baptised this week! It’s so exciting to see our brothers and sisters make these important covenants with the Lord. George is from Ghana and he is 72 and the biggest sweetheart you’ll ever meet! Were the lucky ones to know him and to learn from his testimony.

It’s very, very hot here! At the weekend we had a ward activity in the mountains and later we went proselyting in the south of the island near, kind of, the ocean. It’s such a beautiful island but I always forget to take photos! We had zone conference as well! It was really uplifting to have the focus on making all experiences spiritual experiences. The sister training leaders talked about asking inspired questions not only in lessons but during street conversations as well. Having out it into practice we have really been able to improve the quality of our contacting and find more prepared people. We’ve also focused on teach when you find, find when you teach section in predicad mi evangelio. And we’ve had lessons in pretty interesting places, through a ground floor window, the back of the bus, in an open garage, In a supermarket and the best we had was with our new Bulgarian investigar outside his apartment building on a concrete block eating a salad of red onions and cheese.

And so in our rather unconventional manners we have been able to find new investigators and we are so excited! The work is hard here but we are loving the challenge and it helps us to stay focused and really see the bigger picture of how we want to leave this area. We got rid of a load of insects in our piso which was kind of gross but hermana Osborn in the best and not at all scared of them so she was a pro at that! The lord really has blessed me with wonderful companions!

This week in the Book of Mormon I’ve been reading about Jacob 5 again. I used to hate reading that chapter in family scripture study because it was soooo long but I’ve realised that as a I plead with the Lord for greater understanding I am able to see that it’s not so much a story about trees and gardening but rather an example to the Saviours tireless service and unending love for us. I’m so grateful for a loving Saviour who does not give up on us and pushes us forward week after week. More than that I’m grateful for the priesthood! There are hard moments and I’m so grateful to be able to turn to worthy priesthood holders and hear the words my Heavenly Father has to say to me through priesthood blessings. The Lord has organised a perfect church, the people are far from perfection but He is loving and patient. I know He lives and loves us!

With love,
Hermana Liddicott

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