Baby Pigs (Week 52)

Sorry it’s late. I’ve been so busy this week. But better late than never, the latest instalment of what Louisa gets up to!


Dear everyone,

I hope you had a great week and enjoyed celebrating American mothers day🇬🇧 this week was full of miracles and challenges as normal but we have the wonderful blessing to overcome them through the atonement of Jesus Christ. We are still trying to develop a stronger relationship with the ward leaders and the members to show them that we are here as representatives of Jesus Christ and that we are here to work hard, my companion is the best and she’s so great to work with!

We had some great moments this week, we began to drop a lot of the investigators in the teaching pool because they weren’t willing to keep their commitments or they weren’t showing real interest in our message. And that was hard because it meant we would have to find new people to teach entirely! And so we prayed about it and we’re blessed with miracles, one day a Bulgarian man came and stopped us and asked to have the lessons! We taught the restoration to him this past week and we are so excited to keep teaching him! We also did an activity at the church making brownies with the young women and their friends. We have met some great future investigators through contacting as well and we are excited for the miracles that are going to follow this week.

We had some funny moments as well, we were doing some door knocking and we saw the cutest little dog ever. And so we looked around and couldn’t find an owner and so we picked it up and took some photos with it and then put it down only to find the owner watching us the whole time. He was nice though and didn’t get mad. Probably because we are blondes, they think blonde hair is the best thing since sliced bread here which is so strange…

Today we went to crocodile park and I got to hold a baby PIG! And a boa constrictor and some other reptile type creatures. It was exciting and terrifying because I do not like snakes. You weren’t meant to hold the pigs BUT me and my companion are blonde, and the guy was flirting with me so I contacted him and asked if I could hold the piglet and he said yes. But he only let me and my comp hold it and one of the elders, the other hermanas were mad about that. I told you the islanders love blondes.

We are just having miracles. One of the best miracles of the week was being able to Skype home and talk to my wonderful family! They really are the best and I am so grateful for the support they give me on the mission, it was awesome to ‘meet’ my baby sister for the first time though! I’m so grateful for my mum and for all she has done for me and for the other ‘mums’ who have helped me along the way. It’s great, I hit one year this past week, it’s crazy the mission really isn’t long enough! I love you all, keep looking out for miracles because they’re out there!

Hermana Liddicott

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