Death can come by palm trees (Week 54)

It’s been an absolutely wonderful week we have had so many miracles! Some people, say it’s because the zone does a miracle prayer at 11pm each night but honestly we’ve discovered the real key to miracles is faith+works=miracles. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing! So this week we have developed our capacity to make goals and go out and reach them!
One of the biggest miracles we saw was the baptism of our friend George! He is a 72 year old man from Ghana who we teach in English. He is the funniest, sweetest person you’ll ever meet and he always wears his shirts mostly unbuttoned haha! So to start with we filled the font a little to high and so we had to empty it with buckets because we couldn’t make the suction pipe work. Then after the baptism the emptying mechanism just wasn’t working at all and so we spent a good two hours emptying the font with mop buckets. Definitely would have been easier in the sea but in spite of the font disasters it was a wonderful experience and George was so thrilled to be baptised and be a member of the true church of Jesus Christ here on her earth!
We made lots of new friends on the street, the ones that hang out in the bars. One is called Santiago and he’s pretty cool. After speaking to us the next day he found a Book of Mormon on a bench and has started to read it! The gospel of Jesus Christ has no boundaries my friends, we’ll save him a seat this Sunday. Another friend is our sweet uncle Mario! He always watches out for us and buys us clipper or coke and gets us pork at a little restaurant near our house. He is the sweetest, and not creepy I promise! We made another ‘friend’ although he is kind of sketchy though…he always sings songs in English to us when he sees us..
Okay, I am pretty sure the islands has a pretty high death rate for natural causes. Being that palm tree branches will randomly fall off in the street and hit people on the head. They are big hefty things as well. And it’s totally normal!! Crazy.
We got a new investigator who is a dentist! He’s so prepared to listen to the gospel and we go to his surgery and he takes us to the room downstairs where all his cute assistants hang out and make the dentures and we teach them all together. It’s so fun and they give us free dental products as well which we like very much.
Last night we were walking home over the creepy bridge where the street lights don’t work at the side of the main road and we both felt in danger. And so we grabbed hands and sped up, as we looked behind us this creepy man came out of the dark at the edge where we had just been and started following us! It was so weird because before we got there I was looking closely because  it’s a good place to hide! Regardless, we felt like we should cross, speed up and then cross back and so we did and bumped into one of our investigators! He’s like our dad here in the mission, we told him what was happening and he watched from a distance as we went home to make sure nobody followed us! The Holy Ghost really does protect us if we listen to him!
I know my Saviour lives and loves us, He has a plan for each and every one of us and I’m grateful that He knows me personally! I cannot wait for the day when I will return to their presence! In the ensign I read a wonderful talk about the purpose of our life here on the earth from September 1991,
“A divine thought and impression came to my soul,” he recalls. “It was: ‘The main goal of your life is to become my son.’” He later realized that this admonition is given repeatedly in the scriptures. But at the time he simply knew it was to be his individual goal; to achieve it, he would have to take the Savior as his model, choosing the goals and the methods of reaching them that the Savior would choose.”
Our goal is to reach our divine potential as children of God through the help and grace of the Saviour. I’m grateful for the church, I know it’s true!
I love you all, have a great week!
Hermana Liddicott
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November it is (Week 53)

Dear all,

It’s been a wonderful week full of inspiration and miracles. As I continue serving my mission I’ve come to learn that the more faith we give to the Lord, the more miracles he is able to bless us with. Isn’t that wonderful? I’m grateful for all the Lord teaches me every day.

One of the biggest highlights this week was having interviews with president Pack. He really is an inspired man and we are so lucky to have him here as our mission president. We talked about my release date and the possibility of going home in October but we both felt that it was the right decision for me to stay until the end of November. Time is flying by way too fast though! On the same day our investigator George had his baptismal interview and everything went perfectly well and so our friend will be getting baptised this week! It’s so exciting to see our brothers and sisters make these important covenants with the Lord. George is from Ghana and he is 72 and the biggest sweetheart you’ll ever meet! Were the lucky ones to know him and to learn from his testimony.

It’s very, very hot here! At the weekend we had a ward activity in the mountains and later we went proselyting in the south of the island near, kind of, the ocean. It’s such a beautiful island but I always forget to take photos! We had zone conference as well! It was really uplifting to have the focus on making all experiences spiritual experiences. The sister training leaders talked about asking inspired questions not only in lessons but during street conversations as well. Having out it into practice we have really been able to improve the quality of our contacting and find more prepared people. We’ve also focused on teach when you find, find when you teach section in predicad mi evangelio. And we’ve had lessons in pretty interesting places, through a ground floor window, the back of the bus, in an open garage, In a supermarket and the best we had was with our new Bulgarian investigar outside his apartment building on a concrete block eating a salad of red onions and cheese.

And so in our rather unconventional manners we have been able to find new investigators and we are so excited! The work is hard here but we are loving the challenge and it helps us to stay focused and really see the bigger picture of how we want to leave this area. We got rid of a load of insects in our piso which was kind of gross but hermana Osborn in the best and not at all scared of them so she was a pro at that! The lord really has blessed me with wonderful companions!

This week in the Book of Mormon I’ve been reading about Jacob 5 again. I used to hate reading that chapter in family scripture study because it was soooo long but I’ve realised that as a I plead with the Lord for greater understanding I am able to see that it’s not so much a story about trees and gardening but rather an example to the Saviours tireless service and unending love for us. I’m so grateful for a loving Saviour who does not give up on us and pushes us forward week after week. More than that I’m grateful for the priesthood! There are hard moments and I’m so grateful to be able to turn to worthy priesthood holders and hear the words my Heavenly Father has to say to me through priesthood blessings. The Lord has organised a perfect church, the people are far from perfection but He is loving and patient. I know He lives and loves us!

With love,
Hermana Liddicott

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Baby Pigs (Week 52)

Sorry it’s late. I’ve been so busy this week. But better late than never, the latest instalment of what Louisa gets up to!


Dear everyone,

I hope you had a great week and enjoyed celebrating American mothers day🇬🇧 this week was full of miracles and challenges as normal but we have the wonderful blessing to overcome them through the atonement of Jesus Christ. We are still trying to develop a stronger relationship with the ward leaders and the members to show them that we are here as representatives of Jesus Christ and that we are here to work hard, my companion is the best and she’s so great to work with!

We had some great moments this week, we began to drop a lot of the investigators in the teaching pool because they weren’t willing to keep their commitments or they weren’t showing real interest in our message. And that was hard because it meant we would have to find new people to teach entirely! And so we prayed about it and we’re blessed with miracles, one day a Bulgarian man came and stopped us and asked to have the lessons! We taught the restoration to him this past week and we are so excited to keep teaching him! We also did an activity at the church making brownies with the young women and their friends. We have met some great future investigators through contacting as well and we are excited for the miracles that are going to follow this week.

We had some funny moments as well, we were doing some door knocking and we saw the cutest little dog ever. And so we looked around and couldn’t find an owner and so we picked it up and took some photos with it and then put it down only to find the owner watching us the whole time. He was nice though and didn’t get mad. Probably because we are blondes, they think blonde hair is the best thing since sliced bread here which is so strange…

Today we went to crocodile park and I got to hold a baby PIG! And a boa constrictor and some other reptile type creatures. It was exciting and terrifying because I do not like snakes. You weren’t meant to hold the pigs BUT me and my companion are blonde, and the guy was flirting with me so I contacted him and asked if I could hold the piglet and he said yes. But he only let me and my comp hold it and one of the elders, the other hermanas were mad about that. I told you the islanders love blondes.

We are just having miracles. One of the best miracles of the week was being able to Skype home and talk to my wonderful family! They really are the best and I am so grateful for the support they give me on the mission, it was awesome to ‘meet’ my baby sister for the first time though! I’m so grateful for my mum and for all she has done for me and for the other ‘mums’ who have helped me along the way. It’s great, I hit one year this past week, it’s crazy the mission really isn’t long enough! I love you all, keep looking out for miracles because they’re out there!

Hermana Liddicott

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un año

Today is the one year mark of Louisa on her mission woohoo exciting stuff…only six months left to go! That means guys you only have six months to email her, six months to write her a letter and six months to send her a parcel! Quick quick quick!

Here is a little overview of her mission so far:


Areas Assigned:

  • Islas Canarias
  • San Sebastian de los Reyes
  • Barrio 9
  • MTC


  • Hermana Osborn
  • Hermana Philips
  • Hermana Tang
  • Hermana Tyler
  • Hermana Wihongi
  • Hermana Shaw
  • Hermana Jiminez



  • Trainer
  • Greenie


Notable Events:

  • No stranger to illness
  • Baptisms
  • Learning Chinese


Selection of photos from the past year!

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Liddicott & Jimenez
P1000098 (1)
With her district
Louisa and her mission president and his wife
At the Airport


Islas Canarias (Week 51)

Finally she has made it to the Canary Islands where she has wanted to be since day one haha! Don’t forget to email her and let her know what you have been getting up to!


The islands are wonderful! In fact it doesn’t make a difference doing
missionary works on the islands to Madrid. In fact sometimes I forget
I’m on the islands it’s kind of strange. When I arrived on Monday it
was just so hot! But I’ve got used to it now, it’s around 30 degrees
every day and that’s okay, except it’s really humid! But it’s so nice!
There’s lots or palm trees as expected but it’s not that lush and
green here, apparently that’s on Tenerife.

We have a wonderful ward here that is so willing to support the
missionary work! I think the biggest task ahead of us this transfer is
helping the members to trust us as representatives of the church who
want to and do work hard every day, but my companion is amazing! She
is such a hard worker and is so ready to do whatever the Lord requires
of us to see the miracles! We’ve already found some great new
investigators this week and committed some people to baptism. It’s a
really great place to be serving and Hermana Osborn is such a great
companion to have!

The first half of the week I had the flu which was kind of rough but
we still got out and worked and met the majority of the members. They
are a really wonderful group of people. We have people from all over
the world here including Norway! It reminded me of my old ward back in
Alcobendas. It was hard to leave the wonderful members there but I
know this is where the Lord needs me!

Side note. You can’t drink the water from the taps here or even use it
for Cooking because of a huge problem with the pipes and so instead of
fixing the pipes everyone just buys lots and lots of bottle water each
week, dragging that home from Mercadona is not fun ahha! And so that
means it damages your hair and makes it break off. So the hermanas
rinse their hair two or three times a week in apple cider vinegar
because that is meant to help. I haven’t list any hair yet so I think
we are on to a winner. And the don’t sell dry shampoo here…!

We did some door knocking this week and got to meet all sorts of
people, the best thing is that some people just recognise us as
representatives of Jesus Christ and let us into their homes and listen
to the restoration, it really does give you a sense of the weight of
your calling. This week I was studying in Romans 12. As a
companionship we had been praying to know how to change to earn the
trust of the members more and I came across romans 12 which lists the
wonderful qualities we need to develop. It talks about the importance
of each and everyone of the members and how they need to feel their
importance in the ward. I love how last verse which says, “21 Be not
overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good” We are surrounded by
difficult trials and situations but as long as we strive to do good
and be good the Lord will bless us with a strength beyond our own to
overcome the challenges of the world!

I hope you all have an amazing week,

Hermana Liddicott

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