Conference and Chinese (Week 47)

One more week has gone by in the mission field and here is what happened in it!

Hello all you wonderful people!
The mission is simply marvellous, I grow to love it more and more
everyday and it seems so weird to think that it will only last for
18months! This week was great, we taught some lessons and had some
amazing street contacts. One of the people we talked to was a girl
struggling with a load of bags. We felt impressed to go and help her.
As we talked we discovered she already knew abort missionaries because
she would always see them when they got the bus too and from the
presidents house for mission leadership council but she never had the
chance to speak to them until now! The Lord really does prepare people
for us to find! It’s wonderful to see!

Other awesome highlights of the week, we met with some more Chinese
speakers in carabanchel and we are hoping to get a Chinese group up
and running by the end of the transfer. We had such a wonderful time
at general conference! I am so grateful that the Lord gives us
prophets seers and revelators here on the earth to lead and guide us,
I really loved he talk by Valeri V Cordón about how we are all
imperfect beings trying to speak a perfect language! We are all in
this together!

I went to the conference with questions and I came away with answers,
we challenged our investigators to do the same and so this week we are
excited to hear about the miracles and the answers they received!

I know the church is true! I know Thomas.S.Monson is the prophet of
God here on the earth to lead and I guide us. I know my Saviour lives
and that through the grace of His atoning sacrifice we can be saved
and made whole! I am so excited for Easter and the chance we have to
share the wonderful video initiative with the people of Spain! We are
so blessed!

With love,

Hermana Liddicot

image2 (12)image1 (13)


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