An Encounter with the floor and much more (Week 45)

Seems like she has had a pretty tough week! Keep emailing her and updating her and checking up on how she is doing!
Queridos amigos y familia!
Son los mejores! I am so grateful for all of your lovely emails and the support you’ve been to me throughout my missions and before the mission! I’m grateful to have each of you in my life, I know Heavenly Father puts us with certain people at certain times to teach us things! Just like hermana Tang teaches me everyday through her hard work and example each one of you has taught me and helped me become better through my life! So thankyou!
This past week was the last week of the transfer. Hermana Tang and I stayed together so this is now my fourth transfer in San Sebastián de los Reyes! I’ve been so blessed to come to such wonderful areas and spend so much time in them. We started putting more of a focus on the Chinese people here in Spain which means on Fridays and Saturdays we teach Spanish classes to Chinese people! We will be starting this week and we are so excited!
We had the hermanas going home stay with us last night! I love having them because they share so much of their experiences with us which helps us to grow and improve! Hermana Jiménez, my mission mum, came to stay and it was so nice! She is one of the best missionaries I know and I am so sad she is going home but I’m grateful for all she taught me! We had hermana Campillo stay as well who was also companions with Hermana Wihongi, she told me how they were killing things in Santiago and I believe it! She’s an awesome missionary and I hope we get to be companions again one day! #IslandsHereWeCome 😉
As with tradition I got sick, it seems like I can never go a transfer without getting sick haha, on Thursday I was just in a lot of pain and we went to have a lesson in a Chinese store with a Chinese investigator and I felt so sick like I was going to throw up and I turned to ask Hermana Tang where the bathroom was and then I passed out! It was crazy! Then hermana Tang called Hermana Pack and she and President Pack came and picked me up and took us home! I’ve been to the doctors and they gave me loads of medicine to take and so I’m doing better! We find out more this week! Chinese floors are seemingly the same as all other floors para que sepan 😉
We had so many miracles this week! We met so many great people and we are so excited to start teaching them this transfer! Heavenly Father blesses us so much when we do the best we can. We as humans will never be able to do quite enough but He promises us that “after all we can do it is by grace we are saved.” How grateful I am for the saving grace of my Saviour! I am so grateful He loves me and wants me to return home! But yes other than that we had a party normal missionary week!
Here’s a quote from one of my all time heroes BISMARCK that I found in the ensign
“To youth I have but three words of counsel: work, work, work.”
Hermana Liddicott
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