It’s getting Hot in Spain (Week 44)

Sunshine for Louisa and Spain! Here is the latest instalment on her mission!

Dear all,
The sun is out and so are the sandals here in Madrid! We are reaching
a beautiful 25 degrees and it’s only going to get hotter! Today we had
the wonderful blessing to go to the temple and feel the love our
Heavenly Father has for each one of us. I am so grateful to have the
temple here in my mission and I am even more grateful to be serving in
the Madrid zones still so that I can attend every transfer!

This week with the Chinese people we had some cool lessons. A lot of
them listen to be polite but don’t actually want to learn or receive a
testimony of these things. That makes us sad but at least they get to
hear a little slice of the message we share about the Saviour! We had
one lesson and the guy was a little bit sketchy on the phone and we
prayed and felt like we should still go to the lesson in B3 so we went
but we were still low key scared we were going to get kidnapped and he
wanted to have the lesson in a bar. We convinced him to sit outside
the metro and it all turned out okay. Don’t get kidnapped. Our Chinese
investigator who lives in Barrio 4 went to church on Sunday and he
loved it! We are waiting on the final go ahead but it looks like
Hermana tang and I will be able to travel to different sacrament
meetings to be with our Chinese investigators there!

Other cool things, or rather not so cool, all the people we get as
future investigators turn out to be creepy men. We had some kind of
sketchy appointments this week, always a good sign! We are praying to
find more investigators and we are trying to open our mouths and speak
to everyone. So basically it’s been a week of missionary work! And I
love it!

Keep being awesome! You should all go and read the talk by Hartman
Rector junior from the April 1979 conference called following Christ
to victory, it’s very good.

Stay awesome and stay out of jail!

Hermana Liddicott

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