An Interesting Week (Week 42)

Dear everyone,

As always I hope you have had a wonderful, uplifting week and did all
the things you needed to do. This has been an awesome week. I just
love the mission! We get to feel the spirit all the time and get to
know such wonderful people and share with them a life changing message
that enables them to be with their families forever! It’s a win win
situation really because we learn, grow and change so much as we
prepare ourselves to be worthy to share the beautiful message of the
atonement with everyone.

And I mean everyone, we had a conference this week given by Elder
Soares of the 70 and it was wonderful. His wife gave such an inspiring
talk she speaks Portuguese which is fairly similar to Spanish. And so
although there was a translator we all understood what she was saying
anyway. It was an interesting experience. She talked about the
difference between sin and weakness and how the enabling power of the
atonement and divine grace allow us to overcome both of those things.

Then elder soares spoke about talking to everyone, especially on
public transport because the elect are all over the place and it’s our
job to find them! It’s really inspired me to contact more in the metro
and we found some wonderfully prepared people doing just that this
week! We got to  visit my old area Barrio 9 to teach some Chinese
investigators. It was awesome and we bumped into two less actives I
used to visit on the street!

Our investigators continue preparing to be baptised and so we are
excited for them to make this covenant with their Heavenly Father and
one day enter into the family to have their own eternal families! The
gospel blesses everyone in so many different ways. The church wifi is
broken so we are making do with burger kings wifi which isn’t too
smashing to be fair. There is a drink here in Spain that you make by
dissolving a sachet of powder into water, it’s called Tang, which much
to the delight of the members is my companions name. We have made lots
of new Chinese friends this week and they’re going to teach us how to
cook Chinese food!

We had a really nice nap today for p day because we were exhausted,
Mercadona is closed for a month so we have to make do with Lidl
unfortunately. We are going to be travelling lore over Madrid this
week to teach some new Chinese investigators which is exciting. More
things happened this week I’m sure! Oh yeah some drunk customer tried
to give us a bag of weed and a €20 note slipped inside a Chinese
leaflet of the restoration that he was reading while our investigator
was serving him. We teach the Chinese people who own corner shops a
lot of the time. He then told me I had a third eye which meant I was
entitled to do telekinesis and because I had dimples it meant I was a
very patient person. It was weird. He also spoke French and English.

I know the church is true! I see this wonderful gospel changing the
lives of people here in Spain everyday and I am so grateful to have it
in my life! I love my Saviour and I know that through his atoning
sacrifice we can be made clean again and one day return to the
presence of our loving Heavenly Father! I am so grateful for this

Much love,

Hermana Liddicott

p.s Also, we had loads of hermanas staying in our piso for the mission
tour! So I got to see my misión mother Hermana Jiménez again and her
fabulous companion Hermana Duffin! It was such a blessing to be able
to work with them! I got to see hermana Wihongi as well which was so
fun, we had the hermanas from Gijón and the canary islands with us too
so we didn’t get a whole lot of sleep but it was such a blessing to
see them and learn from them! Photos to follow as the Burger King wifi
isn’t too hot ahah!



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