Spino (Week 41)

Sorry it is so late everybody, I have had an extremely busy week! Better late than never though!

Dear everyone,

It’s been a good week this week, we found so we new investigators and
they are Chinese! We teach some of them in Spino, Spanish-Chino,
because some have been in Spain for a long time and know Spanish well
as well and so we just teach in a mixture of languages. Chinese is
hard but it’s kind of fun to learn as well, the hardest thing is that
there are four tones and so if we use the wrong tone then you say a
totally different word. I learnt how to share my testimony this week
which was awesome!

We had a ward activity at the church where we ate bocadillos de Jamón
serrano which is this delicious type of ham they have here in Spain.
And when you buy it you buy a big leg of it. It’s basically cured pig
leg… but anyway somebody came and showed us how to cut it
professionally and then we showed two films. Prince of Egypt and the
Zaratov approach. As missionaries we were only allowed to watch the
Saratov approach which was so intense, anyone who knows me knows how
much I hate tense movies! It was really sad as well!

We are going to stop doing English classes because people aren’t
coming enough and we are starting a Chinese class instead! So I need
to brush up on my Chinese! Hermana Tang’s sister got baptised last
Saturday and so we got to Skype them and watch the baptism. In
Malaysia church is done in Chinese so I understood everything and then
we got to chat to her family for a bit afterwards! In Malaysia they
LOVE spicy food. So Hermana tang loves spicy food, even my
acquaintances know I’m too weak for spicy food. But this week we were
making quesadillas and she made hers spicy by adding cayenne peppers
and she convinced me to try some. I genuinely thought I was going to
die. So this week my daughter tried to kill me 😉

Church was so busy this Sunday, we all managed to bring loads of
investigators to church it was packed and lots of less actives came as
well, and so the sacrament room was full as well as the overflow rooms
where you watch it on television! It was a miracle! We are being
belssed with so many miracles here in San Sebastián! We had
intercambios this week which was super cool. Hermana Keller my old STL
from, B9 came to San se and my companion went over to Guadalajara. It
was fun, we’ve done so many intercambios together that it was just
like being with an old companion ahaha!

I am sure more things happened this week but I don’t remember them
right now. I hope you have an amazing week!


Hermana Liddicott

image1 (8).JPGimage3 (5).PNGimage2 (2).PNGimage3-4image2-7


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