In her words “And so it took nine months but..!” (Week 39)

So transfers have happened and she is now training a greenie. Her first time training (poor greenie…)  jokes I’m sure she will do a good job!


It’s been a crazy week. We helped someone move house to a piso across
the street, it was the quickest move of my life. Then they fed us huge
sandwiches. We had an English tea time at a British members house and
we had scones and sandwiches and cadburys hot chocolate. It was good
fun. It was a pretty normal week we did a lot of contacting and
teaching of lessons.
We had some intense conversations about women and the priesthood and
why people can and can’t enter the temple, that’s always a fun chat to
We had stake conference over the weekend and the mission. President
invited all the missionaries to attend the afternoon session of the
conference as well as the Sunday session. We had a visiting area
seventy from Italy come and talk to us, he spoke a lot about
strengthening the country through member missionary work and giving
references to the missionaries. And so we are focusing on that.
Right now we are sat in the big train station called chamartin in
Madrid waiting for the hermanas for the islands to come in. We got
transfers and I’m training! I’m pretty excited! There are 5 hermanas
coming into the mission and 12 elders. And so Hermana Davis, Pitcher,
Robinson and I are all from the same group and we’re all training
together and then the other baby is going to the Canary Islands!
I got given loads more clothes from the hermanas going home and one of
the items was

Have a great week and pray for my baby!


Hermana Liddicott

Alas it seems we were not destined to know what one of the items was…oh well! Until next week!



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