Crazy Week (Week 38)

So pday is Wednesday this week, hence no email on Monday! Today she went to the Temple, pictures below! Everything else she got up to is in the email!

Dear all,

We had an absolutely crazy week! A total locura, but it has also been so full of miracles! The best miracle of all was the family getting baptised. It was wonderful to see the father baptizing his wife and then his two sons. He had been less active for a very long time and not been in Spain very long when the Hermanas bumped into his wife and wrote down her reference. Hermana Tyler and I began to teach them at the end of November and two months later they were baptised. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my whole entire life. I am so grateful for the gospel and the plan of salvation and how it allows us to be together forever.

We had some disasters that day as well! We were on intercambios so it was a little stressful in general and then the elders forgot to bring the baptismal programs and them the Chain on the plug BROKE when they tried to take it out of the font and so the younger boy was diving down trying to get it out but he couldn’t and so then the elders  got it out by hitting it with a big stick, it was intense. Then we’d been on intercambios and so we had lots of stuff. The elders were taking it out to the car and we gave them the wet baptism clothes in a black bin bag. And the chapel where we had the baptism was a good 30 minutes away. And so it finished late and we got home about 10:45pm and unloaded the car.

And we couldn’t find the baptism clothes.

So we asked the elders what happened and the elder driving just said “fetch.” They had binned the baptismal clothes!! So they had to drive back to the chapel and bin dive to get the clothes and then drive all the way back. It was crazy funny.

So then we had a world wide mission conference in pavones! It was very good and very uplifting and they changed the mission timetable to give us 30 minutes extra of preparation time on a morning, 30 minutes extra for lunch, and an extra hour almost to SLEEP! #bendecido We learnt a lot more about how to teach the gospel of Christ and I realized the only one that holds me back on the mission is me, if I listen closely to the Holy Ghost he will tell me everything I need to say and when to say it! So it was awesome to have that conference to push me forward during the next transfers. We have transfers on Saturday!

Sunday was also a crazy day, we had the confirmation of the family and it was so beautiful. The spirit was so strong in the chapel and they got to take the sacrament all together as a family for the first time. I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for all it does for me, for my family and for the people here in Spain. Then my mum had the baby so I have a new little sister called Rachel, maybe spelt Rachael, still up for debate. All week we had been teaching the plan of salvation and so although it crushes me that I can’t be there right now with my family I get to be here with our family of converts and see the miracles the gospel is bringing them.

There is probably a lot more to tell you all but we have p day on Monday so I’ll just email you! We have transfers on Saturday #prayforthehermanas

Love you all!
Hermana Liddicott

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