Spino (Week 41)

Sorry it is so late everybody, I have had an extremely busy week! Better late than never though!

Dear everyone,

It’s been a good week this week, we found so we new investigators and
they are Chinese! We teach some of them in Spino, Spanish-Chino,
because some have been in Spain for a long time and know Spanish well
as well and so we just teach in a mixture of languages. Chinese is
hard but it’s kind of fun to learn as well, the hardest thing is that
there are four tones and so if we use the wrong tone then you say a
totally different word. I learnt how to share my testimony this week
which was awesome!

We had a ward activity at the church where we ate bocadillos de Jamón
serrano which is this delicious type of ham they have here in Spain.
And when you buy it you buy a big leg of it. It’s basically cured pig
leg… but anyway somebody came and showed us how to cut it
professionally and then we showed two films. Prince of Egypt and the
Zaratov approach. As missionaries we were only allowed to watch the
Saratov approach which was so intense, anyone who knows me knows how
much I hate tense movies! It was really sad as well!

We are going to stop doing English classes because people aren’t
coming enough and we are starting a Chinese class instead! So I need
to brush up on my Chinese! Hermana Tang’s sister got baptised last
Saturday and so we got to Skype them and watch the baptism. In
Malaysia church is done in Chinese so I understood everything and then
we got to chat to her family for a bit afterwards! In Malaysia they
LOVE spicy food. So Hermana tang loves spicy food, even my
acquaintances know I’m too weak for spicy food. But this week we were
making quesadillas and she made hers spicy by adding cayenne peppers
and she convinced me to try some. I genuinely thought I was going to
die. So this week my daughter tried to kill me 😉

Church was so busy this Sunday, we all managed to bring loads of
investigators to church it was packed and lots of less actives came as
well, and so the sacrament room was full as well as the overflow rooms
where you watch it on television! It was a miracle! We are being
belssed with so many miracles here in San Sebastián! We had
intercambios this week which was super cool. Hermana Keller my old STL
from, B9 came to San se and my companion went over to Guadalajara. It
was fun, we’ve done so many intercambios together that it was just
like being with an old companion ahaha!

I am sure more things happened this week but I don’t remember them
right now. I hope you have an amazing week!


Hermana Liddicott

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Watch Out – Louisa’s About (week 40)

She has access to cars…everyone watch out. One thing I remember about Louisa’s driving is that she does not enjoy it and that makes her a stressful person to be next to. Hopefully this will improve her driving and make her more confident…in the meantime prayers to her companion!

Asides from that – new compaion! New language! And she seems pretty happy!

Dear everyone,

What a crazy week. So I am training and my companion is called Hermana Tang. She is from Malaysia 🇲🇾 and she speaks Cantonese, Malay, Mandarin and English fluently and is now learning Spanish, she’s amazing! So our responsibilities include teaching any Chinese speaking investigators in Madrid and running a Spanish class for Chinese people. The only catch is that I do not speak Chinese and so now I am learning, just without the benefit of 6 weeks in the MTC it’s pretty fun though. And I get access to the mission cars, however I have to have driving lessons because they drive on the other side of the road here! So it’s very exciting all the new changes that are happening for us.

During the trainers meeting an elder shared his testimony that he had had a spiritual confirmation when reading the 12 weeks training program that if he allowed the new missionary to invite their investigators to be baptised he would see miracles, as he said it I too had that same spiritual witness and so this week between my companion and I we have challenged 5 people to be baptised and they all said yes! I am so grateful for the spiritual confirmations that the Holy Ghost brings us and for the wonderful blessings that come as we follow those promptings.

We found some new investigators this week, one of them lives in the same piso as one of our old investigators who said she didn’t live there anymore and CLARO when we turned up to the house she was still living there so that was kind of awkward. One of our other new investigators is from the Philippines. I love the Philippine people because they are so open and ready to listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ. And we found another Colombian! Woohoo!

Also a dog peed on Hermana tang in the opening prayer of the lesson with our recent convert family, it was one of those funny awkward moments you know?

It has been such a spiritually enriching week and I feel so blessed to have Hermana tang as my companion! She works so hard and together we are seeing so many miracles here in San Sebastián de los Reyes. We are seeing the gospel touch and change hearts and bring families together. Next week we are teaching three new Chinese families so I will have to learn Chinese pretty fast 😉

I love the gospel! I love the Saviour and I know he lives and loves us! I testify that the gift of tongues is real because there have been moments when my companion has been testifying in Chinese and I’ve understood, I love watching people’s hearts soften and their minds change as they accept this wonderful gospel into their lives. Keep being awesome!
Hermana Liddicott  🇬🇧🇪🇸

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In her words “And so it took nine months but..!” (Week 39)

So transfers have happened and she is now training a greenie. Her first time training (poor greenie…)  jokes I’m sure she will do a good job!


It’s been a crazy week. We helped someone move house to a piso across
the street, it was the quickest move of my life. Then they fed us huge
sandwiches. We had an English tea time at a British members house and
we had scones and sandwiches and cadburys hot chocolate. It was good
fun. It was a pretty normal week we did a lot of contacting and
teaching of lessons.
We had some intense conversations about women and the priesthood and
why people can and can’t enter the temple, that’s always a fun chat to
We had stake conference over the weekend and the mission. President
invited all the missionaries to attend the afternoon session of the
conference as well as the Sunday session. We had a visiting area
seventy from Italy come and talk to us, he spoke a lot about
strengthening the country through member missionary work and giving
references to the missionaries. And so we are focusing on that.
Right now we are sat in the big train station called chamartin in
Madrid waiting for the hermanas for the islands to come in. We got
transfers and I’m training! I’m pretty excited! There are 5 hermanas
coming into the mission and 12 elders. And so Hermana Davis, Pitcher,
Robinson and I are all from the same group and we’re all training
together and then the other baby is going to the Canary Islands!
I got given loads more clothes from the hermanas going home and one of
the items was

Have a great week and pray for my baby!


Hermana Liddicott

Alas it seems we were not destined to know what one of the items was…oh well! Until next week!


Crazy Week (Week 38)

So pday is Wednesday this week, hence no email on Monday! Today she went to the Temple, pictures below! Everything else she got up to is in the email!

Dear all,

We had an absolutely crazy week! A total locura, but it has also been so full of miracles! The best miracle of all was the family getting baptised. It was wonderful to see the father baptizing his wife and then his two sons. He had been less active for a very long time and not been in Spain very long when the Hermanas bumped into his wife and wrote down her reference. Hermana Tyler and I began to teach them at the end of November and two months later they were baptised. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my whole entire life. I am so grateful for the gospel and the plan of salvation and how it allows us to be together forever.

We had some disasters that day as well! We were on intercambios so it was a little stressful in general and then the elders forgot to bring the baptismal programs and them the Chain on the plug BROKE when they tried to take it out of the font and so the younger boy was diving down trying to get it out but he couldn’t and so then the elders  got it out by hitting it with a big stick, it was intense. Then we’d been on intercambios and so we had lots of stuff. The elders were taking it out to the car and we gave them the wet baptism clothes in a black bin bag. And the chapel where we had the baptism was a good 30 minutes away. And so it finished late and we got home about 10:45pm and unloaded the car.

And we couldn’t find the baptism clothes.

So we asked the elders what happened and the elder driving just said “fetch.” They had binned the baptismal clothes!! So they had to drive back to the chapel and bin dive to get the clothes and then drive all the way back. It was crazy funny.

So then we had a world wide mission conference in pavones! It was very good and very uplifting and they changed the mission timetable to give us 30 minutes extra of preparation time on a morning, 30 minutes extra for lunch, and an extra hour almost to SLEEP! #bendecido We learnt a lot more about how to teach the gospel of Christ and I realized the only one that holds me back on the mission is me, if I listen closely to the Holy Ghost he will tell me everything I need to say and when to say it! So it was awesome to have that conference to push me forward during the next transfers. We have transfers on Saturday!

Sunday was also a crazy day, we had the confirmation of the family and it was so beautiful. The spirit was so strong in the chapel and they got to take the sacrament all together as a family for the first time. I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for all it does for me, for my family and for the people here in Spain. Then my mum had the baby so I have a new little sister called Rachel, maybe spelt Rachael, still up for debate. All week we had been teaching the plan of salvation and so although it crushes me that I can’t be there right now with my family I get to be here with our family of converts and see the miracles the gospel is bringing them.

There is probably a lot more to tell you all but we have p day on Monday so I’ll just email you! We have transfers on Saturday #prayforthehermanas

Love you all!
Hermana Liddicott

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