She’s forgotten that #tags should only be used on Twitter or Instagram #socialmediadeprivation(Week 37)

So good to hear from her again, even if she is dying of the flu once more. Poor girl needs a break from being ill and getting stuck inside the flat for a week.

Hermana L is now about 9 months into her mission…soon to be returning in November sometime this year!


Well we had a slightly crazy week all in all! On Monday we went to a
place called prosperidad with the barrio 4 hermanas and had churros
and chocolate and claro we went shopping haha! This time of year they
have the best sales so if you want to get anything reduced you to have
uy it in January.

We made a new friend as well by chance! We were working with some
members and they gave us the reference for an inactive YSA. We went to
visit her and her boyfriend was there and so now we have the
opportunity to continue teaching them both we are very excited and
it’s helping us to put into practice what they taught us at zone
conference about finding and teaching young people because although
the goal is to bring families to the gospel when you baptize a young
person you bring a future family into the gospel. It’s so sweet when
you put it like that!

Yesterday I had to give a talk at church, honestly it’s the first talk
I’ve given since the MTC and it was so nerve wracking because I’ve
never given a talk in Spanish before despite having been out on the
mission for nearly 9 months haha! The bishop called in Saturday night
and asked us to do the talk so it was extra last minute haha! It’s
such an awesome ward! It’s super cool as well because there are so
many members they can’t fit in the chapel so it is filmed and
transmitted to the other class rooms via television so The Whole ward
can actually watch it. They are building a new capilla but it won’t be
ready until the end of the year.

I got the flu this week and I was mostly alive and we worked every day
and I more or less made it through but Friday I got super sick, and we
had the two most important events of the weeks and the baptismal
interviews for the family! So we stopped by a pharmacy in the pueblo
we were visiting to ask for some medication. (Here when you’re sick
you don’t really go to the doctors you just go to the pharmacy or
A&E..) and she gave me these sachets that you dissolve in water and
drink. So I took one at the appointment when we arrived and I had an
allergic reaction to the medicine! It was over one half of my face and
so I couldn’t even hide it haha! (Disaster 1) After the appointment
though we had to catch a bus straight to another pueblo for the
baptismal interviews but this bus only have one stop per pueblo and so
we missed the stop in Algete and ended up in cobeña which isn’t even
in our zone never mind our area haha! So we decide to look up how long
it would take us to walk back to he pueblo, 1 hour! It takes 10
minutes on the bus…so we waited 40 minutes for a bus back to Algete
and got there just before our district leaders arrived for the
interviews. (Disaster 2) so we were with the family for about 3 1/2
hours for their interviews which meant we wouldn’t get back for
English class so last minute the elders has to go and teach. And so
the family hop in the car to go to the capilla for noche de hogar and
we run to the bus with the elders from b4 and the youngest son in the
family (there are six of them and only 5 seats in the car you see..)
but we still got there late for NDH so the elders had to do it all
bless them. (Disaster 3) On the other hand they all passed their
baptismal interview and the dad  talked with the bishop and is going
to baptise them all this Friday! We are so excited!!!

So after being sick with the flu all week my companion now has the
stomach flu so we are going to be in piso for a while I think haha.
#PrayForHermanaTyler On Saturday there was a baby shower for the
bishops wife. We teach the bishops sister and when we go there
Saturday morning she had slept in and was super stressed because she
was behind on preparations so when we arrived we helped her make the
photo booth and then taught the lesson. Other things in the week? My
companion got herself Locked in the bathroom at a less actives house,
we made scones and educated the Americans in good food and had churros
twice #FatAndHappy We went and ate Mexican food with a Peruvian family
for her birthday and our Romanian investigator finally came to church
as did the bishops sister! It’s been a crazy week of disasters and
miracles! However with the baptism we lose about a third of our
investigators so we are doing lots of finding when we are healthy
again haha!

Hermana Liddicott



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