Hair Cut & Longest Bus Ride (Week 36)


January is flying by so fast, we are already half way through it’s crazy! This week has been a good week we’ve done some pretty awesome things! We went to a pueblo that was 50km away and so we spent 5 hours of the day going there and back for a 40 minute charla and then we had to sprint for the bus. It was crazy. We were visiting a less active family, to drive to this pueblo (small town) in the mountains it takes 40 minutes max but on the bus it takes a lot longer. It’s sad when we visit less actives and they tell us about their life in h church beforehand, for instance the mother is an ex missionary and now she is in active. It reminded me that the gospel needs to be a constant everyday thing or the flames of our faith will slowly diminish and die.

We went to visit another less active near us and she forgot we were coming and had gone to fly kites with her children at the park and so she invited us to join them! And so I got to fly a kite this week, in the end we got it stuck in the tree but we managed to get it down in the end. Then we had a really nice message about the creation. 1 Nefi 17:36 is one of my favorite verses because it talks about how the world was made specifically for us and our needs! I’m so grateful our Heavenly Father loves us so much! We have also been working on teaching street lessons, it’s nice and people really share their views with you because we don’t know where they live or what their number is, although I’m not totally sure why that would make such a difference but oh well!

Also hermana Tyler cut my hair. It was getting super long and so unmanageable in the wind and it just needed cutting really, so I sat on a stool in the bathroom and she cut my hair in Wednesday night which was pretty weird. She did a good job but it turned out a lot shorter than we were expecting but it’s cool I like it! We have a blower heater. I don’t know how to describe it to you really except it is a machine on the wall and it can blow hot or cold air. Well ours little by little stopped blowing air in general. So we told our dueño a few months ago and he still hadn’t fixed it so last night we took the front off and all the filters were clogged up with dust. Anyway so we cleaned it and now we have a warm piso!

The family that are getting baptised came to church on Sunday and so they are still going to be baptised on the 28th!! We are so excited for them! And the best part about it is that our capilla doesn’t have a font so we have to go to the stake centre at pavones which is where the temple is so that get to be baptised and be outside the temple which is their goal in a year from now!

We got some new investigators this week and we are hopefully having a wedding here in the ward soon! One of our investigators is not married and her partner is having the lessons back in their country and so when He comes to Spain they are going to get married so they can be baptised! Have any of you watched the district series 2? San Sebastián is literally the district right now. It’s awesome haha! We had zone conference this week which was awesome and we learnt a lot about repentance and making sure we see using it daily because how can we teach  and testify of a principle in the which we have no experience or personal conversion. Also they have put a focus for the mission on contacting young people. Did you know a large portion of the converts that make up the quorum of the seventy were converted to the gospel between 9-25? The best time for people to hear the gospel is when they are young and looking for direction in their lives, during the “decade of decision.” It was a wonderful zone conference. We also had interviews this week with president which was a wonderful experience! It’s such a blessing to see more of president and learn from him!

All in all we had a great week and it really strengthened my testimony. I’ve come to realise that trials really are a blessing and leave us so much stronger than when we started! I love my Saviour and I am so grateful that he loves me and each and everyone of you!

Hermana Liddicott








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