Eight months in the field (Week 35)

Update from Louisa this week! Tomorrow marks her being out for 8 months, only 10 left to go! But who’s counting hey?? Haha!

Seems she has had a good week as always! Lucky her not having rain, it has been pretty miserable today…


This week, well actually tomorrow, marks 8 months in the field! It’s
going by way too fast, I kind of wish sister missionaries got to serve
for two years as well! I love the mission so much!  This week has been
awesome, it’s been very cold but I guess that’s to be expected now!
But on the other hand it hasn’t rained, it’s been the driest winter of
my whole entire life. Ever.

We had a crazy busy week finding new investigators, we were blessed to
find and start teaching two new investigator families. One we found
when we offered to help her carry her bags in the street and the other
we found when my companion was sick this week and I was calling though
the old investigators in the area book. The lord really does bless us
in every phase of this work, no matter how hard it is or how tired we
are, when we put in our part he blesses us! (D&C 82:10) we found many
other investigators this week as well.

Reyes! Here the 5th and 6th of January are big holidays! On the 5th
they have the cabalgata at night which is a huge parade where there
are floats and people though sweets and confetti into the street! The
biggest most important floats each have one of the three kings on
them. And if when you go to bed on the 5th you leave your left shoe on
the windowsill of an open window the three Reyes magos (kings) will
come by and leave you presents and then on the six you open them.
Another tradition they have is eating roscon which is a giant ring
donut shaped cake filled with cream and topped with almonds and
sugared fruit. Inside the slices there is one porcelain king figurine
and also one date. The person who gets the king in their slice is the
winner and gets to wear a crown. He who gets the date thing has to pay
for the roscon next year. It’s pretty cool!

We had an awesome spiritual day yesterday. So for us, and I’m sure for
the most of you, it was fast Sunday. And so first of all, on a side
note I got to translate sacrament meeting over the translation kit
into English, it was kind of fun, I’d like to get better at it though
Anyway, it was fast Sunday and we were fasting for our family of
investigators that they would be able to find work and continue coming
to church. And I felt like it was such a privilege to be able to fast
for somebody else, to petition my Heavenly Father for blessings that
they needed. I don’t think I’ll ever look at fasting  as a sacrifice
again. And then in the evening we had a lesson with the parents of the
investigator family and the relief society president and her husband
who have just been sealed in the temple. Together we discussed eternal
marriage and the things we could do as missionaries and members to
support them in their goal of being one day sealed in the temple for
time and all eternity. Today we are going to gays again with them for
the things that they needed and we are so excited for them and for the
wonderful spirit that comes with fasting.

I am so grateful to be a part of the Lords work and to grow in this
wonderful gospel each day! I love you all and hope you have a
wonderful week!


Hermana Liddicott

I like the little traditions they have about the donut cake and the finding the king, that sounds super fun, I’m sure they enjoyed it!

They seem to be having success with teaching people as well which is great for them!

Looking forward to hearing more next week!



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