Two-thousand & seventeen (Week 34)

Happy New Year everybody! Louisa’s first email of 2017!

Dear all,

It has been a wonderful week! We have found a new investigator who is from Romania! We have had the blessing of starting to teach him the gospel and we are so excited to keep pushing forward and working with him! There is nothing more wonderful than seeing people progress and make changes in their lives! One of the investigators we have been working with, who has been taught for a very long time has begun progressing again! They’ve started reading the Book of Mormon from the start and it’s amazing to see the immediate changes that come about as we start keeping the commandments of the lord! Our beautiful family of investigators all came to church yesterday! We taught the word of wisdom this week and they loved it and are already keeping it! We have been so blessed to find a family so prepared, the Lord really does prepare people for us in every area to find and teach if we are faithful. And I’ve realized we really do have to have faith, we have to completely believe that we are going to find those people because if we don’t and we aren’t striving to find them we probably won’t!

One of my favourite things each week is having the ward noche de hogar! It’s awesome and it’s always such an inspiring night and we feel so much closer as a unit here and it helps our investigators to make friendships as well. This week it was our turn to plan the activity so I taught them the chocolate game! You know the one when you go round in a circle rolling the dice and when you roll a six you get to put on hat, scarf and gloves and eat chocolate with a knife and fork until the next person rolls a six? Well we played which was pretty cool.

It’s very cold here, on New Year’s Eve (noche vieja) everyone was partying in the streets and because church was later on yesterday at 12 we had time to go and contact in the streets. In fact it was so cold that the ice left over in people’s drinks on the streets was still frozen! I’m sure it’s a lot colder in England and probably even colder in Utah but after such a hot summer it feels super cold!

On Saturday we went to a service project in Barrio 5. We were working with the same organisation that we did service with last time with the toys except this time we were making up food crates for a HUGE queue of people stood outside who didn’t have anything  to eat. It was actually so fun! We got to know the other missionaries really well and we realised how much work really goes into the humanitarian efforts here, there are a lot of refugees here right now because of the conflicts in Venezuela and so it was nice to be able to help in that way! We were there 9-2 so we were exhausted and then we came back to our area to proselyte. Also in Spain people throw the strangest things away. Like for instance you’ll be walking down the street and De repente you’ll see a double bed by the bin or maybe a big painting or a bike. Anyway it’s kind of like a free for all if you see it by the bin it’s yours. This week we found one of the maybelline makeup stands. Although it would have made a great addition to our furniture we left it there!

And so begins 2017. This year so many things will happen! I’m so excited to make the most of this year. Yesterday in relief society we had a lesson based on the 2011 Liahona talk ‘forget me not’ by dieter f uchtdorf. And one of the things he talks about is making the most of everyday and being happy in the moment. I really want to focus on that this year, on making everyday one of the best days of my life and making the most of the places and the people that surround me! I am so grateful for the inspired leaders we are blessed with in the church and for their wise and divine counsel. I’m grateful that my Heavenly Father loves me and knows my challenges and helps me everyday! I love my Saviour and I know he lives, I know this is the gospel of Jesus Christ! I am so grateful for the blessing to live the gospel everyday, every second of my life! I’m grateful to be serving my mission in Spain and I know that here in San Sebastián de los Reyes with Hermana Tyler is exactly where he wants and needs me to be!

This morning I was reading in 3 Nephi 8 and here we have the signs of the Saviours death. I have been thinking about Christ and how he is the light of our lives, or rather he should be. When Christ was taken from the earth the light was lost for three days, the people could not see anything by natural nor any form of man made light either. Jesus Christ is our light, and I know he lives not because I’ve seen him but because though Him and His gospel I see everything else much more clearly. I love my Saviour!

Have an amazing week, invite the Saviour into all that you do!

Hermana Liddicott



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