Feliz Navidad (Week 33)

Christmas week for Louisa!

Dear everyone,

Today is still pday even though we got to Skype home yesterday because
yesterday was Sunday and so we couldn’t do things like clean or do
compras so we are going to hit the Boxing Day sales today. Although
Boxing Day doesn’t exist here in Spain or in many places in the world
expect Canada and the United Kingdom. Perhaps Australia although I
couldn’t state that with certainty. We had transfers this week and
both Hermana Tyler and I are staying in Alcobendas for another
transfer 🙂

This week has been a wonderful week of experiences! We went and did a
cool service project on Friday at a charity that helps pregnant young
or single mothers. Or mothers in general that need help. They help
find housing and health care and teach them to be self sufficient!
It’s such a cool organisation. So we were there sorting out and
cleaning toys to be given away as Christmas presents to these
families. It was a great service project!

Christmas Day was awesome, we went and opened christmas presents at
the office with the elders and the aps and then we had a sacrament
service at church. President Packs daughter sung an amazing musical
item, it was the one to the tune of greensleeves and it was beautiful
Two of our investigators came to church which was such a great
Christmas blessing for us to have them there and to celebrate
Christmas with them as well! Afterwards we got the aps to come carol
singing with us to an investigator and then we had Christmas with a
really nice German family in the ward, the elders and the Packs. Then
I got to CALL HOME! It was pretty strange, William and Joel have
gotten so big but it was awesome to talk to them. I went to the call
them and it kind of just hit me that I was a missionary and I was
doing missionary things haha! Then I waited at the office with the
elders whilst all our companions did their respective Skype calls.

In short we had a super good week. We are excited for the progression
that is coming to us as we work and grow in the gospel and we are
excited to see our investigators and their testimonies grow as well!
We got the elders Christmas presents but the best one we got was for
elder Kirby, he’s from Chorley stake so maybe some of you know him?
Anyway he introduced the elders here to the term numpty. The word
being defined as an affectionate term for someone who has done
something silly. Anyway and once Hermana Tyler got a rolling pin in
the post from her mum and so it was dubbed the Numpty stick. So for
Christmas we went to the chino store and bought him a cool wooden
stick and then wrote on it in Sharpy “the numpty stick” and decorated
it with glitter. So when someone is a numpty he will lightly tap them
on the head with it. In hindsight this story is probably more funny
when you know the particulars and when you were there in the moment
but I just typed it all out so merry Christmas!

Other than that we just did the regular missionary life and loved it!
I love my Saviour and I know he lives and loves us! I know that
through his sacrifice we can change for the better and be the
children, spouses and members of the church that He knows we can and
wants us to be! I’m so grateful for this Christmas time to reflect
more deeply on Him his love for us. This truly is his church and his
gospel! His gospel is perfect and will always draw us closer to him
and our heavenly home!

I love you all and Feliz Navidad! 🎁

Hermana Liddicott








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