It was the week before Christmas…(Week 32)

Dear all,

I am so excited for Christmas! And it’s on a Sunday! As a child I used
to dread the year that Christmas would come on a Sunday, but now I’m
older and wiser, at the ripe old age of 19 😉, I’ve discovered there
isn’t a more fitting way to celebrate the Saviours birth than to be at
church renewing our covenants with him  and promising to be better not
only tomorrow but forever. And the sacrament is available to us
because of the wonderful miracle of the Saviour. And so I am so
grateful that I can attend church this Christmas Day and learn and
sing of my Saviour! Oh how I love him and I am so grateful for his
sacrifice and his infinite love and forgiveness. We are so blessed.

This last week has been interesting. We had some good lessons with our
investigators. Sadly one of our amigas who is getting baptized next
year has to work sundays for the next 3 weeks. She works as an interna
so she looks after an old person 24hrs a day 7 days a week. It’s hard.
Well she gets 4 hours free each Sunday evening which is when she meets
with us! She really taught us how important the gospel is! She only
has 4 hours to leave her employers house a week and she wants to spend
one of those hours with us learning about her Saviour and his gospel!

We had the Madrid zones Christmas conference which was wonderful.
Hermana Pack shared a quote “every time you knock on a door someone in
Brazil gets baptised.” The work is slower here than other missions and
so that made us laugh but also made us realize that we don’t always
see the fruits of our efforts, so keep trying and keep on inspiring
people guys! President and hermana Pack also talked about The Flame of
Faith and how we can become spiritual bonfires 🔥 and how we can unite
the flames of faith we have individually to have a bigger flame as a
mission. And so we are setting goals to be more united as a
companionship, a zone and as a mission. We also gave gifts to the
Saviour, we took a notecard and an envelope and wrote down the ‘bad’
habits or qualities that we have and want to change and also he things
we wanted to improve on for next year and put it in the envelope and
that was our gift to the Saviour that we would use his atoning
sacrifice to become better missionaries and more effective servants in
his hands. I love the Saviour!

We had some great conversations with people in the street sharing the
ilumina el mundo campaign and it was just  awesome to see how much
people love it. Fun fact in Spain the Light up the world campaign is
super popular with Catholics and they are e ones sharing it the most
on the social media sites! Go figure. We had the ward Christmas party
which was really nice, our investigator family came and loved it. We
ate something called ensalada rusa. Which does not exist in Russia
apparently.. and we had chicken. They did an activity where everyone
in the ward got up and said something they were grateful for and then
stuck a sticker ornament on the paper tree, it was a nice spiritual
touch to the night. That morning we went out with the youth of the
stake to visit less actives in the area to invite them to come out to
the activity that night. The youth have such powerful testimonies and
they taught me so much about being more open and loving to the people
we stopped and talked to on the street!

I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Make sure
this year you give a gift to the Saviour, he is our older brother, our
best friend and our loyal defender. He gave his life so that we can be
better and cleaner every day! I love my Saviour and I know he lives. I
know he loves me and that he loves each and everyone of you! Give a
gift to the Saviour this Christmas!


Hermana Liddicott




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