The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Week 31)

Another Monday, another email! Also now 13 days until Christmas a.k.a 13 days until Louisa gets to skype us! Excited does not cover it at all, I’m very much looking forward to seeing her albeit only on a computer screen.

Glad to hear that she is cheerier and returning to full health!

Dear all,

Isn’t Christmas just the most wonderful time of the year? This past
week I was remembering the many traditions my family has for
Christmas, one of our favorites is watching a new Christmas DVD on
Christmas Eve that my mum will surprise us with every year. Mum always
chooses great movies, for me it’s one of my favourite Christmas
miracles. In line with this we also make sure we give service every
Christmas. This is a tradition I am anxious to continue with while I
am here in Spain, Service I have discovered is the best gift of all,
why? Because it blesses those around us and shows our love for our
saviour Jesus Christ.
Every January we hear people talking about what they got for
Christmas, the real question is what did we GIVE at Christmas? Did we
give our time the widowed and the lonely? Did we give compassion to
the sick? Did we give love to the lonely? This week I read “Someone
has appropriately said, “We make a living by what we get, but we build
a life by what we give.” I’d like to invite you all to give of your
time and service this year. It’s the best give we can give or receive
for there is nothing so precious nor infinitely finite as time.
This week has been a week of miracles, firstly the virus didn’t kill
me haha! And I learnt a lot whilst I was sick. I learnt that we have
to accept the service of others and we have to be patient with
ourselves. It’s funny how trials at the time seem so inconvenient but
afterwards we see how perfectly timed they were!
Other miracles, the family came to Noche De Hogar at the capilla! The
week we didn’t come to church they released our ward mission leader and
so we don’t have one right now and the missionaries had to organise
the NDH. It was a really good evening and our investigator Irma came
as well! And then the family came to church on Sunday! They loved it!
Here the ward is so big they have two over flow rooms and people who
were a little later arriving to church watch it via television! We are
waiting for the completion of the new capilla! The work is growing so
much here in San Sebastián! Irma is an amazing example to me. As
missionaries we have to be at church 30 minutes early but Irma was
there before us reading the Book of Mormon in the chapel. It reminded
me how important the gospel is and that I really need to value it
more. We learn from everyone if we let the spirit teach us!

We met some great people street contacting as well. GREAT people, we
are so excited to see the, next week! One of the most spiritual
lessons we had this week was a family home evening with a member
family to which we brought our investigator. We talked about the
atonement and how to get eternal life we need someone else to pay the
price. So we had a bag of chocolates from Mercadona and stuck a label
on saying La Vida Eterna and to earn the chocolate their mum had to do
10 sit ups. And so it went on around the family etc and we shared our
testimonies of the saviour and what he did for us. And still does for

Another amazing lesson was with one of our investigators who is pretty
young. He has a baptismal fecha for the end of December and he shared
his testimony with us and it was beautiful. I love being able to see
how the gospel honestly changes peoples lives and that they can see
this change for the better. I am so grateful for the gospel and the
joy it brings people.
There is the Christmas market this week in the plaza by our piso, it’s
super cool. We are enjoying doing the ilumina el mundo campaign for
Navidad. Some of the members got sealed this week which was really
beautiful and then the ward threw them like a wedding party afterwards, we
were having a lesson during the party at the church so afterwards we
got to have some photos!

I love this gospel and I am so grateful for the blessing I have to
serve a mission and help bless the lives of other people! I know my
Saviour lives and that he loves me. And that he loves each and every
one of you! Keep going and make the saviour and your Heavenly Father

Love you all,

Hermana Liddicott

So happy, so cheery and looking forward to Christmas it is great to see she is back to herself!

Photos below! Don’t forget to email her and let her know what you have been up to!






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