Thankful Week (Week 29)

Good to hear from her again this week, she seems to have had a good one and is settling in to her new area well! Also got to celebrate her first Thanksgiving…pretty cool!

Hey everyone!

Hope you’ve all had a super cool week. We had a good week and I got to
celebrate my first thanksgiving which was a really weird day to be
honest. It started off with a zone capacitación in which the hermanas
made pancakes so I cooked about 10 billion pancakes with the other
hermanas. Well it was more like 200 but still it was a substantial
amount! Then after the zone capacitación we went to Presidents Packs
house and he let us make up a plate of left overs and then we all ate
American pie and said things we were grateful for. It was really nice
and was a nice touch to the great day we’d already had.

We had the hermanas come to stay because it was concilio this week. So
we had the sister training leaders from Vigo come to stay. It was
especially cool because it was Hermana Melton and Jiménez! Hermana
Jiménez was my trainer and I got to go on splits with her which was so
fun. We had a great time working together again. We had English
classes again this week which were always fun, the people are great
who come to the class and I love it!

We got a new investigator this week and she accepted an invitation to
be baptised in the first lesson which was very exciting. She is very
loving and sweet, we are so excited to work with her. We have a
matrimony couple here in the office and they go to Costco every now
and then and so I got a 48oz bag of reeses pieces which was super
delicious!!! So we used them to make reeses pieces and peanut butter
brownies which were delicious. We also made this cool picture frame of
a quote, well a scripture that says “open your mouths and they shall
be filled and you shall become even as Nephi as old.” It’s in d&c
33:8. It’s a really good scripture and it’s our companionship
scripture for the transfer. Also attached is a photo of a mini statue
of me made out of icing the sugar paste stuff, a member in Barrio 9
made it for me!

I love you all! Have a great week!


Hermana Liddicott xx

I bet it was nice for her to see Hermana Jiminez again. She attached a few photos for us!

As always, email her, drop her a line, let her know what your are up to!



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