She’s Alive… (Week 28)

Well after there wasn’t a group email last week and her having barely revealed anything in my email I was super excited to get her emails this week and hear about what had happened!

Turns out she has had a transfer!!! Her first move since leaving the MTC, so she didn’t have a lot of time to write because she was packing (she has so much stuff and isn’t great at packing – I packed her suitcases for her before she left in May haha).

So transfer to a new area and a new companion! I know she likes her new companion and is excited to be serving with her but I think she is also sad to leave Barrio 9 and Hermana Wihongi they seemed to get on really well! Hermana Wihongi actually reminds me a bit of one of mine and Louisa’s friends Jemima. I think they would all get on like a house on fire!

Anyway her email and news is below!

Hello my wonderful people!

Sorry for the lack of email last week, transfers are always crazy! I am now serving in San Sebastián de Los Reyes, so I am about an hour away from my old area. It was really hard leaving Barrio 9 because I’d been there so long and we had some amazing investigators that are getting baptised this transfer, so I am sad I won’t be able to be there for that. That was one of the hardest things. And leaving Hermana Wihongi! She was such an amazing companion! I learnt so much from her, she has the biggest heart and the best sense of humour ever and she is such an amazing missionary. I honestly feel so blessed to have been able to serve with her for 6 weeks, I learnt so much. Momma&Poppa Wihongi if you’re reading this you have a great daughter!

My last week in Barrio 9 was fuego (fire = the best), our ward mission leader and his wife made me a miniature me out of fondant icing which is super cool. I got a bazillion photos with all the members as well. My new companion here in San Sebastián is Hermana Tyler! She was in the MTC with Hermana Wihongi so we both go home at the same time which is cool. She is from Utah and she is the funniest person ever and such a great missionary, I am so blessed with great companions.

Here in San Sebastián there are 10 missionaries!! The 4 office elders, the two A.Ps, a senior couple and the hermanas obviously ahha! We get driven around a lot here. The ward is fantastic, they are a smaller ward than Barrio 9 but they are just as wonderful. The work here is good, it is not as busy as Barrio 9 and so we are spending a lot of time finding people and serving the members and asking for references. Lots of people in the ward speak in English which is awesome, and they all seem to have cousins or family living in London, so we’ve been bonding over the UK. We have some great new appointments set up this week and we are so exited to work hard together.

We have had some miracles this week as well, there is a lady who’s son has died and the hermanas have been trying to pass by her shop and teach her but they never got to share anything. We felt inspired to show her a 1 minute 30 second plan of salvation video and she loved it! Now we teach her regularly and help her learn English too! Always follow the spirit.

English classes. Wow. One of my new favourite things is teaching English classes. They are all so funny and we have a great class! We do some verb conjugations to start and then we practice some speaking and then we split into two teams. England and the USA, because there is an elder here from England too! (Elder Kirby, from over Manchester way) we pick a topic and spend about 10 minutes learning vocabulary and then it’s a quiz. It gets very heated, so far both teams have one one match each.

I had to do a chicken dance at a NDH with familia Paz which was entertaining yet totally mortifying at the same time you know? The ward reminds me of my ward back home, they are just such a loving wonderful mix of people! We had a really powerful lesson with an investigator where we mostly listened to her and her feelings. Let me feel you a secret that I’ve learned so far on the mission, teaching is all about listening with your heart, if you listen with love you will ALWAYS know what to teach or what doctrine will help them in their life. My mum often said, you have two ears and one mouth, you should use them in that ratio. And that is so important! Give people the chance to talk.

The saviour loves us very much, this week I have seen his hand in my life everyday. In fact all day everyday and I feel so very blessed to know how much he loves and cares for me. I testify that he lives and that he is anxious for the day we return home so we can be an eternal family. He loves us and because he loves us he is here for us in every moment, the highs and the lows. I love you all and I am so grateful for everything you do for me!

Hermana Liddicot

So she is settling down well into her new area and with her new companion! She should be there Christmastime I think new transfers will be around the new year.

I can’t believe how long she has been out, but I’m super excited that it is getting closer and closer to Christmas I am so looking forward to skyping her! I can’t wait to see her and more importantly laugh at her ever increasingly American accent…(no offence to American accents, it’s just funny because hers is a weird mix of American and English yet she is in Spain).

Don’t forget to email her! Write her a letter! Send her a Christmas card! A Christmas present/package! If you need her email/address let me know and I will pass it on to you! Record a little video of yourself and your friends/family and send it to her!

If you are wanting to send her something for Christmas she would love anything along the lines of…chocolate, sweets, fluffy socks, lip balms, jewellery, stationary…stuff like that.

Until next week!



One thought on “She’s Alive… (Week 28)

  1. Thank you so much for posting this letter. My daughter is her new companion and is super excited to serve with Hermana Liddicott. She says that Hermana Liddicott is as sassy as she is so they are having lots of fun. Looking forward to reading more about their adventures.

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