Woahh she’s a third of the way there (Week 26)

She might not be counting, but I sure am, week 26 marks a pretty big milestone she has completed 1/3 of her mission. One year, 2/3rds of her mission left…it has both gone very quickly and also very slowly…

Sorry that the post is delayed this week, I was in hospital but better late than never and here is what she has to day!

Hello everyone!

This week has been relatively quiet in comparison to other weeks. Sadly we had a lot of people fail us this week which is always hard but it’s okay because I’ve learnt when the Lord gives us trials it’s for a reason. There is always something to learn from the situation. Never complain because there is always, always someone having a harder time than you. It rained so very much this Saturday, I’ve rarely seen such heavy rain, and I’m from England! It was impresionante!

We got the area book app! So for those of you who don’t know as missionaries every night we fill in the carpeta, this is a big folder of teaching records for our investigators. And so as time goes on the carpeta fills up and so the missionaries start a new one for the area. Over time the old records are destroyed, but you can go through the carpeta and contact old investigators to help find people to teach. Anyway, our companionship has 3!!! And so they have launched an app for the iPad, so now we fill in the carpeta on our iPads and that’s where we do our daily and weekly planning and everything now really. BUT it won’t download on my iPad, we have tried everything and so a week later my companion still has to do most of the area book app. (Utah are on the job, don’t worry 🇺🇸)

Also, crazy lesson of the week. We received a reference from the church a while back for a Russian lady but she was too busy to meet. And so a few weeks back out of the blue she called us to meet and we had the weirdest lesson ever. Like her friend told us that in English Domingo means Sunday and therefore we worship the sun and not God. The whole lesson with her friend was along those lines. Anyway she wanted us to meet with her and her family this week. So we did and it was her, her son and her brother. The son speaks Russian, Germans and a bit of English. The brother German and some Russia and the lady speaks Russian and Spanish. At first they were trying to bible bash us but in the end they just shared their beliefs and we shared ours. We taught the lesson in English and translated into Spanish and the son translated it to German. It was a really cool experience, the Lord really does bless us with a wide variety of opportunities to grow and learn!

We had stake conference this weekend which was actually a very spiritual experience. We had two investigators come! One was our new friend from Mexico and he loved it! They had a mini string orchestra that played with the choir and it was the most beautiful musical item I’ve heard for a while. Music invites the spirit in a way nothing else can! Also there is an amazing mix of “if you could hie to Kolob” and “come thou font of every blessing” on YouTube that you should listen too, it just is amazing!

Also I met a really nice girl at stake conference, turns out she served her mission in FRANCE LYON🇫🇷 she is called Miriam and not only that but she was one of JEMIMA MCKENNAS MISSION COMPANIONS. The world is so so small sometimes and it gets smaller every day, especially in the church. Like in this stake there is a lady from Sheffield! And her children are kind of related to the Arnold family? Which are from the south of England perhaps? Anyway it’s super strange how small the world is in the church.

We ate some pretty great food this week, we ate with the stake presidents family again  and their daughter Laura is coming to the Leeds mission after Christmas so you should all keep your eyes pealed for her because she’s awesome! We ate fried yuca which I kid you not is the best thing ever.

I read an amazing talk by Boyd k packer this week called Do Not Fear. It’s from the April 2004 conference, he talks about how faith is the opposite of fear and how with the Hoy Ghost we are always protected!

He says, ” With the proper serum, the physical body is protected against disease. We can also protect our children from moral and spiritual diseases.

The word inoculate has two parts: in–“to be within”–and oculate means “eye to see.”

When children are baptized and confirmed (see D&C 20:41, 43; D&C 33:15), we place an eye within them–the unspeakable gift of the Holy Ghost (see D&C 121:26). With the Restoration of the gospel came authority to confer this gift.

The Book of Mormon gives us the key:

“Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ. … Feast upon the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you [and your children as well] all things what ye should do” (2 Ne. 32:3).       If you will accept it in your mind and cradle it in your feelings, a knowledge of the restored gospel and a testimony of Jesus Christ can spiritually immunize your children.

The gospel is the best protection we have in this troubled world! Keep going and keep the faith!

Love you guys!

It’s good that they both seem to be back on their feet now after being ill. I often wonder what missionaries do when they are ill….when I’m ill, I sleep, put music on, binge Netflix and movies…they don’t quite have the same freedoms.

Stake conference with the String Orchestra sounds pretty cool.

She has got on so well in Barrio 9 and made so many friends and memories, I think she will find it tough to move on…but for her to have spent a third of her mission there already I think she’ll change at next transfer.

Hopefully she is having a good week! Don’t forget to drop her an email, get in contact!


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