Thankful Week (Week 29)

Good to hear from her again this week, she seems to have had a good one and is settling in to her new area well! Also got to celebrate her first Thanksgiving…pretty cool!

Hey everyone!

Hope you’ve all had a super cool week. We had a good week and I got to
celebrate my first thanksgiving which was a really weird day to be
honest. It started off with a zone capacitación in which the hermanas
made pancakes so I cooked about 10 billion pancakes with the other
hermanas. Well it was more like 200 but still it was a substantial
amount! Then after the zone capacitación we went to Presidents Packs
house and he let us make up a plate of left overs and then we all ate
American pie and said things we were grateful for. It was really nice
and was a nice touch to the great day we’d already had.

We had the hermanas come to stay because it was concilio this week. So
we had the sister training leaders from Vigo come to stay. It was
especially cool because it was Hermana Melton and Jiménez! Hermana
Jiménez was my trainer and I got to go on splits with her which was so
fun. We had a great time working together again. We had English
classes again this week which were always fun, the people are great
who come to the class and I love it!

We got a new investigator this week and she accepted an invitation to
be baptised in the first lesson which was very exciting. She is very
loving and sweet, we are so excited to work with her. We have a
matrimony couple here in the office and they go to Costco every now
and then and so I got a 48oz bag of reeses pieces which was super
delicious!!! So we used them to make reeses pieces and peanut butter
brownies which were delicious. We also made this cool picture frame of
a quote, well a scripture that says “open your mouths and they shall
be filled and you shall become even as Nephi as old.” It’s in d&c
33:8. It’s a really good scripture and it’s our companionship
scripture for the transfer. Also attached is a photo of a mini statue
of me made out of icing the sugar paste stuff, a member in Barrio 9
made it for me!

I love you all! Have a great week!


Hermana Liddicott xx

I bet it was nice for her to see Hermana Jiminez again. She attached a few photos for us!

As always, email her, drop her a line, let her know what your are up to!



She’s Alive… (Week 28)

Well after there wasn’t a group email last week and her having barely revealed anything in my email I was super excited to get her emails this week and hear about what had happened!

Turns out she has had a transfer!!! Her first move since leaving the MTC, so she didn’t have a lot of time to write because she was packing (she has so much stuff and isn’t great at packing – I packed her suitcases for her before she left in May haha).

So transfer to a new area and a new companion! I know she likes her new companion and is excited to be serving with her but I think she is also sad to leave Barrio 9 and Hermana Wihongi they seemed to get on really well! Hermana Wihongi actually reminds me a bit of one of mine and Louisa’s friends Jemima. I think they would all get on like a house on fire!

Anyway her email and news is below!

Hello my wonderful people!

Sorry for the lack of email last week, transfers are always crazy! I am now serving in San Sebastián de Los Reyes, so I am about an hour away from my old area. It was really hard leaving Barrio 9 because I’d been there so long and we had some amazing investigators that are getting baptised this transfer, so I am sad I won’t be able to be there for that. That was one of the hardest things. And leaving Hermana Wihongi! She was such an amazing companion! I learnt so much from her, she has the biggest heart and the best sense of humour ever and she is such an amazing missionary. I honestly feel so blessed to have been able to serve with her for 6 weeks, I learnt so much. Momma&Poppa Wihongi if you’re reading this you have a great daughter!

My last week in Barrio 9 was fuego (fire = the best), our ward mission leader and his wife made me a miniature me out of fondant icing which is super cool. I got a bazillion photos with all the members as well. My new companion here in San Sebastián is Hermana Tyler! She was in the MTC with Hermana Wihongi so we both go home at the same time which is cool. She is from Utah and she is the funniest person ever and such a great missionary, I am so blessed with great companions.

Here in San Sebastián there are 10 missionaries!! The 4 office elders, the two A.Ps, a senior couple and the hermanas obviously ahha! We get driven around a lot here. The ward is fantastic, they are a smaller ward than Barrio 9 but they are just as wonderful. The work here is good, it is not as busy as Barrio 9 and so we are spending a lot of time finding people and serving the members and asking for references. Lots of people in the ward speak in English which is awesome, and they all seem to have cousins or family living in London, so we’ve been bonding over the UK. We have some great new appointments set up this week and we are so exited to work hard together.

We have had some miracles this week as well, there is a lady who’s son has died and the hermanas have been trying to pass by her shop and teach her but they never got to share anything. We felt inspired to show her a 1 minute 30 second plan of salvation video and she loved it! Now we teach her regularly and help her learn English too! Always follow the spirit.

English classes. Wow. One of my new favourite things is teaching English classes. They are all so funny and we have a great class! We do some verb conjugations to start and then we practice some speaking and then we split into two teams. England and the USA, because there is an elder here from England too! (Elder Kirby, from over Manchester way) we pick a topic and spend about 10 minutes learning vocabulary and then it’s a quiz. It gets very heated, so far both teams have one one match each.

I had to do a chicken dance at a NDH with familia Paz which was entertaining yet totally mortifying at the same time you know? The ward reminds me of my ward back home, they are just such a loving wonderful mix of people! We had a really powerful lesson with an investigator where we mostly listened to her and her feelings. Let me feel you a secret that I’ve learned so far on the mission, teaching is all about listening with your heart, if you listen with love you will ALWAYS know what to teach or what doctrine will help them in their life. My mum often said, you have two ears and one mouth, you should use them in that ratio. And that is so important! Give people the chance to talk.

The saviour loves us very much, this week I have seen his hand in my life everyday. In fact all day everyday and I feel so very blessed to know how much he loves and cares for me. I testify that he lives and that he is anxious for the day we return home so we can be an eternal family. He loves us and because he loves us he is here for us in every moment, the highs and the lows. I love you all and I am so grateful for everything you do for me!

Hermana Liddicot

So she is settling down well into her new area and with her new companion! She should be there Christmastime I think new transfers will be around the new year.

I can’t believe how long she has been out, but I’m super excited that it is getting closer and closer to Christmas I am so looking forward to skyping her! I can’t wait to see her and more importantly laugh at her ever increasingly American accent…(no offence to American accents, it’s just funny because hers is a weird mix of American and English yet she is in Spain).

Don’t forget to email her! Write her a letter! Send her a Christmas card! A Christmas present/package! If you need her email/address let me know and I will pass it on to you! Record a little video of yourself and your friends/family and send it to her!

If you are wanting to send her something for Christmas she would love anything along the lines of…chocolate, sweets, fluffy socks, lip balms, jewellery, stationary…stuff like that.

Until next week!


Woahh she’s a third of the way there (Week 26)

She might not be counting, but I sure am, week 26 marks a pretty big milestone she has completed 1/3 of her mission. One year, 2/3rds of her mission left…it has both gone very quickly and also very slowly…

Sorry that the post is delayed this week, I was in hospital but better late than never and here is what she has to day!

Hello everyone!

This week has been relatively quiet in comparison to other weeks. Sadly we had a lot of people fail us this week which is always hard but it’s okay because I’ve learnt when the Lord gives us trials it’s for a reason. There is always something to learn from the situation. Never complain because there is always, always someone having a harder time than you. It rained so very much this Saturday, I’ve rarely seen such heavy rain, and I’m from England! It was impresionante!

We got the area book app! So for those of you who don’t know as missionaries every night we fill in the carpeta, this is a big folder of teaching records for our investigators. And so as time goes on the carpeta fills up and so the missionaries start a new one for the area. Over time the old records are destroyed, but you can go through the carpeta and contact old investigators to help find people to teach. Anyway, our companionship has 3!!! And so they have launched an app for the iPad, so now we fill in the carpeta on our iPads and that’s where we do our daily and weekly planning and everything now really. BUT it won’t download on my iPad, we have tried everything and so a week later my companion still has to do most of the area book app. (Utah are on the job, don’t worry 🇺🇸)

Also, crazy lesson of the week. We received a reference from the church a while back for a Russian lady but she was too busy to meet. And so a few weeks back out of the blue she called us to meet and we had the weirdest lesson ever. Like her friend told us that in English Domingo means Sunday and therefore we worship the sun and not God. The whole lesson with her friend was along those lines. Anyway she wanted us to meet with her and her family this week. So we did and it was her, her son and her brother. The son speaks Russian, Germans and a bit of English. The brother German and some Russia and the lady speaks Russian and Spanish. At first they were trying to bible bash us but in the end they just shared their beliefs and we shared ours. We taught the lesson in English and translated into Spanish and the son translated it to German. It was a really cool experience, the Lord really does bless us with a wide variety of opportunities to grow and learn!

We had stake conference this weekend which was actually a very spiritual experience. We had two investigators come! One was our new friend from Mexico and he loved it! They had a mini string orchestra that played with the choir and it was the most beautiful musical item I’ve heard for a while. Music invites the spirit in a way nothing else can! Also there is an amazing mix of “if you could hie to Kolob” and “come thou font of every blessing” on YouTube that you should listen too, it just is amazing!

Also I met a really nice girl at stake conference, turns out she served her mission in FRANCE LYON🇫🇷 she is called Miriam and not only that but she was one of JEMIMA MCKENNAS MISSION COMPANIONS. The world is so so small sometimes and it gets smaller every day, especially in the church. Like in this stake there is a lady from Sheffield! And her children are kind of related to the Arnold family? Which are from the south of England perhaps? Anyway it’s super strange how small the world is in the church.

We ate some pretty great food this week, we ate with the stake presidents family again  and their daughter Laura is coming to the Leeds mission after Christmas so you should all keep your eyes pealed for her because she’s awesome! We ate fried yuca which I kid you not is the best thing ever.

I read an amazing talk by Boyd k packer this week called Do Not Fear. It’s from the April 2004 conference, he talks about how faith is the opposite of fear and how with the Hoy Ghost we are always protected!

He says, ” With the proper serum, the physical body is protected against disease. We can also protect our children from moral and spiritual diseases.

The word inoculate has two parts: in–“to be within”–and oculate means “eye to see.”

When children are baptized and confirmed (see D&C 20:41, 43; D&C 33:15), we place an eye within them–the unspeakable gift of the Holy Ghost (see D&C 121:26). With the Restoration of the gospel came authority to confer this gift.

The Book of Mormon gives us the key:

“Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ. … Feast upon the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you [and your children as well] all things what ye should do” (2 Ne. 32:3).       If you will accept it in your mind and cradle it in your feelings, a knowledge of the restored gospel and a testimony of Jesus Christ can spiritually immunize your children.

The gospel is the best protection we have in this troubled world! Keep going and keep the faith!

Love you guys!

It’s good that they both seem to be back on their feet now after being ill. I often wonder what missionaries do when they are ill….when I’m ill, I sleep, put music on, binge Netflix and movies…they don’t quite have the same freedoms.

Stake conference with the String Orchestra sounds pretty cool.

She has got on so well in Barrio 9 and made so many friends and memories, I think she will find it tough to move on…but for her to have spent a third of her mission there already I think she’ll change at next transfer.

Hopefully she is having a good week! Don’t forget to drop her an email, get in contact!

Louisa is a Linguist “Kebaptised” (Week 25)

Not a brilliant week for her and her companion who both ended up still sick! Being ill is just the worst. Still though they managed to get out and have some fun experiences “kebaptising” being amongst them.

Dear all,

I hope you all are well and doing good! This week I was still sick and I lost my voice which made things rather interesting… on Tuesday my companion got sick as well so we had to spend the day in our piso. Wednesday we took my companion to be Kebaptised because she had never had a kebab before! It’s a big tradition here in the Spain Madrid mission!

On Wednesday I got sick again but we still went out to work, my poor companion had to do like all of the teaching because I couldn’t speak. We met with one of my favourite investigator families and they fed us some some super nice food as well. But they gave me some medicine which turned out to be antibiotics so I had to finish taking the whole course if these antibiotics, in the end my voice came back so it’s not all bad..anyway we are going to the doctors today because we are still sick, my companion is sick sick, I’m more just flat out exhausted and congested. We’ll see what he says anyway. The elders were super cool and came and brought us soup yesterday which was super nice of them.

We started teaching a new investigator who really wants to be baptised, she’s from Honduras and she is so sweet! So we teach her a few times a week and all is going well with her.

We are teaching a wonderful new investigator from Mexico! There are not many Mexicans here in Spain. We met him street contacting and he is taking the lessons. In the first lesson he asked us what he needed to do to be baptised! We had a lot of people fail us this week and we were sick so it was a bit of a strange week yet we saw miracles all over it was amazing! Like we finally got to  meet with some of our less actives and we found some amazing people who contacted us on the metro!

We had our ward activity this week and it was ace. It was día de la hispanidad so there are lots of food and dances from all over South America and Spain! It was really something. We were not allowed to do a dance so we sang this song instead but it turned out kind of lame because both me and my Companion had lost our voices but she played the ukelele and it all turned out okay in the end. We found some new investigators through the activity which was so much fun!

Yesterday we were both super sick again and so we got sent back to our piso to rest and today we are going to the doctors. However it has been a really great week. We have had some amazing lessons with people who truly want to progress which is such a blessing. We are blessed with members who love and care for us as much as our investigators do. This is week 5 of the transfer now and I’m a little worried my time in Barrio 9 is coming to an end but it’s been some of the best five and a half months I’ve had in my whole entire life.

Something spiritual for you all, Sister Stephens said in the April 2015 conference,

“I don’t completely understand your challenges. But through my personal tests and trials–the ones that have brought me to my knees–I have become well acquainted with the One who does understand, He who was “acquainted with grief,” who experienced all and understands all.”

Christ understands, he understands what it is like to serve a mission and get sick. He understands what it’s like to lose your job, your dog, your left index finger and everything. He has felt all the pain you have ever felt and is always there to pick you up. I testify that you have a loving saviour and he knows YOU perfectly. He cares for you and wants to be there with you every step of the way. This is part of what the saviour means to me.

What does he mean to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Take care and live close to the Saviour,

Hermana Liddicott

Not sure taking antibiotics from someone was a particularly great idea but it seemed to work so I suppose it was useful. Hopefully they’ll get to the doctors and get sorted and feel much better soon!

Pictures below! Don’t forget to email her and let her know what you have been up to!

Until next week!