Cactus = Answer to Problems (Week 24)

Week twenty-four or six months since she left England…my how time flies. It is also two months until Christmas, nine weeks until the new year…roll on 2017 there are so many things to look forward to, Louisa coming home in November being one of them!

As always here is her update of life in the field! She has had an interesting week with ups and downs. Read, enjoy, drop her an email/letter.

Also on the off chance the Filipino sister who wrote to Louisa is reading this – send her an email, she can’t write back because you left no address…

Not much happened this week because I wrote you all on Wednesday! It’s been very wet and rainy which is very strange and makes it feel a lot like home. On Thursday we met with some of our investigators. One of them had a birthday so we baked her a cake however we managed to put the oven on the wrong setting and it was just taking forever to cook, then when we took it out to cut it the bottom of the cake was burnt black! So we had to slice that layer off and the rest of it still tasted pretty good!

On Friday we had district meeting. I love district meeting because the message is always exactly what I need to hear! Lately we’ve been struggling to help our investigators make and keep commitments and so we talked about it a lot in district meeting and we’ve got some good plans for improving. We had a NDH with the Barrio and we had an investigator come but by the time they arrived the NDH was over so we just shared a message with them instead. UNO. We really wanted to play uno and use it as a teaching aid and so we went on a hunt. We tried soooo many Chino stores (these are like the pound shop I guess..?) and we couldn’t find any! So we went to the corte ingles outlet store and we found it for €13!!!! We didn’t buy it but had planned to use uno later that day. Then by chance we were buying a companionship cactus at lunch and we found uno in a chino for €2. We’ve played a lot of uno these late few days. Moral of the story? Buying a cactus is the answer to all your problems.

This weekend I’ve been sick, I just have a cold but it’s bad. On Saturday all we managed was correlation with the ward mission leader, a lesson with an investigator which was meant to be at 12:30. They showed at 1pm and was like “oh can’t stay long I have to go to a meeting at 1.” So we had a short lesson with our investigator and watched the video Gracias A Él. It’s one of the Easter videos and it’s so touching, everytime I watch it I feel the spirit! We ate with the elders and one of my favourite families and then our lesson failed so we got permission to go back and rest in piso at like 5. Next thing I know it’s 10 at night and I was super sick. The members told us the clocks went back so we got up as if the clocks had changed, turns out they don’t change til next week ahah! So we were late to church.

The elders gave me a blessing because I was still super sick, I had a fever of 102, no idea what that is in Celsius..? We taught a new investigator who is from Peru and is just so wonderful and open to the gospel. And we found a new investigator who just showed up to church and wants to be baptised and so we are teaching her the charlas and will probably get baptised at the end of this transfer.

We ate papa la guancayena this week which is one of my most favourite foods from Peru it is just super delicous! It’s like potatoes in this yellow creamy sauce and sometimes it has chicken with it. Spanish people and South Americans love chicken, which is good because so do I!

TRANSFERS! We had an emergency transfer in the mission! Something went down or happened or I don’t really know to be honest in another area and so elder Jensen from Barrio 9 left to go to serve in that area. It was super weird to have him leave halfway through a transfer! He has the same time in the mission Hermana Wihongi and I so it was strange to see him go. It was strange to see another person have to leave the ward while I’m getting on for 6 month here! I love this ward so much and feel so blessed to serve here, really hoping I get five transfers here but I don’t know if I will haha 😂

Mystery of the week! I got a letter from somebody who WAS serving in the Philippines. Problem? I don’t know anyone serving in the Philippines. Her name is Sister Kahoalii and on august 30th she has 7 weeks left in the mission and so she’s already gone home now and so I can’t write her back. The thing is maybe I do know her, she served in the Lahug Cebu city mission. Any leads on the mystery? Because I would love to write her back but she has included no return address for her home, only for the mission office at the Philippines temple.

This week I read this quote, Well, just remember the Book of Mormon says that ‘it came to pass,’ not that it came to stay.”

Guys, Whatever trial you are going through, whatever illness you a suffering, whatever difficulty you feel you cannot overcome. Remember, it came to pass. Trials are not forever they are just a short term opportunity to develop spiritual roots that will fortify you your whole life!

Love you all and stay strong

Hermana Liddicott

Who knew UNO was in such high demand…the is clearly a market for it, at 13€ a box you’d make a decent profit!

She makes a good point about bad times though, they don’t stay forever, good times are always there to follow and we shouldn’t give up!

Until next week! Adios!





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