Investigators…Investigators Everywhere… (Week 23)

One busy week for Louisa! By the sounds of it they are not doing too badly for investigators or baptism dates, which is great.

Email day was today this week so that is why the blog post wasn’t up on Monday! Enjoy reading and as always – don’t forget to email her and let her know about your week!

Hey everyone

It’s been a crazy great week again! So many crazy things have
happened! So first of all we have an investigator called Karen who is
the partner of one of our less actives. During the week the elders
rang us and asked us if we wanted the registro of Giovanna who was
their old investigator whom they called but said she was meeting with
us. We were so confused because we have NOBODY called Giovanna. So all
week we were wondering about it. Then we went to see Jorge and Karen.
In the prayer Hermana Wihongi forgot Karen’s name and so she was like
“please bless Jorge and Jorge junior and La Hermana….” And then
Jorge said she was called Joanna! Then Joanna explained that the
elders had called her in the week! Long story short, Karen is actually

We have met so many Nuevo amigos this week! One of them was called
Antonio, he is about 50 from the Dominican Republic and we contacted
him on the metro. Turns out he has already had the lessons in the
Dominican Republic but just isn’t baptised yet. Every time we teach
him a gospel principle he just says “claaaaro” (which means of course)
he has a fecha to be baptised on the 12th of November! We are so
Another new investigator we have is called Escarleth, she is from
Venezuela. We go and teach her English every week and then we share a
gospel message! This week we taught plan of salvation and she made us
arepas. If you don’t know what they are you should try them because
they are DELICOUS! Another new investigator is Ciro. Again we
contacted him on the metro and less than an hour later he called us
and asked to meet the next day, it was festivo the next day so he was
off work. He is great and has soooo much potential! Our final new
investigator for the week was Andres. He is 19 and from Ecuador, both
me and Hermana Wihongi felt like we should contact him when we passed
him in the street. He has loads of questions which is great been
reading the folleto of the restoration and writing down his questions
about that too! We are so excited! We have had soooo many miracles
this week in finding people!

We had zone capacitation (conference) this week which was pretty cool. We learnt a
lot about going outside our comfort zones to find people which means
we need to go to all parts of our area to find people not just stay in
the same parts where we always contact. So that is one of our
companionship goals this transfer. Also Madrid is getting the Area
book app. This means when we fill in carpeta on an evening it will all
be on the iPad as will our agendas! We won’t have paper ones anymore
which is kind of weird…!

We contacted a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot of Muslims this week in the
street, we aren’t allowed to teach them without presidents permission
you see. This one guy Ibrahim, he said we could call him Barry,
contacted US in the street. This rarely happens you see, and we set up
a cita for the Saturday evening of that week. He came like all dressed
up and we went to like a cute bar place and he thought it was like a
DATE and we were just sat there teaching the word of wisdom and the
Book of Mormon and then he told us he was a Muslim, awks. Anyway and
then he said he wanted to take us shopping on Sunday and that he’d
call us again…we left after that. Man crazy stuff.

So on Saturday like all our lessons were failing and then out of the
blue someone called Luz calls and wanted to meet right then! I got
excited because I thought it was an Antiguo investigador who was
awesome. So we went to the cita and it’s actually this crazy Russian
lady who was a self referral that we received through the church and
she brings her friend along called Wilma who is from Ecuador. They are
Adventists del septimo dia. No idea how you translate that to English
but they worship on a Saturday and aren’t jehovas witnesses and there
are loads of them in Spain! And they start preaching to us everytime
we start sharing a message and basically tell us we are heathens for
having church on a Sunday, because it’s sun-day in English so
OBVIOUSLY that means we worship the sun right? Wrong. She was crazy
and she kept telling us how we can’t say Jesus and we should say Jehua
or something like that because it’s the Hebrew way? She was crazy and
then half way through they start recording our testimonies and taking
selfies with us, it was so weird man. We are never meeting with them
again ahhaa! Hermana Wihongi was super chill about it though and was
really patient and didn’t even freak out when Wilma started kissing
her hand. It was weird like I said…

Also pedro our investigator is progressing so well and keeping the
word of Wisdom so will hopefully be baptised soon! It’s a 9 chicken
nuggets for €1.49 deal at Burger King so my companion and I are very
happy, it’s getting cold and rainy so Hermana Wihongi and I have both
been a bit sick, we went for a walk to find this persons piso because
we had a cita with them and we started half way down this street at
house 157 and needed to be at number 45. It was the longest street
ever and in fact the last piso we could find was number 53 and after
that there weren’t any. So we tried calling her but she didn’t answer
and so after getting lost we just couldn’t go to the Cita. Also I am
scared of spiders and every night I’ll check under the duvet. So
Hermana Wihongi cut out a paper spider and left it in my bed haha!
Essentially it has been a great few weeks and we are witnessing so
many miracles! When we do our part with the Lord he will always bless
us ten fold!

Love you all!
Hermana Liddicott

A few translations:

  • Zone Capacitation = Zone Conference
  • Adventists del Septimo Dia = Seventh Day Adventists
  • Fecha = Date
  • Folleta = Brochure
  • Cita = City

There is such a change in her emails since she had her new companion which is lovely to see. It seems she is feeling more confident and is able to really enjoy being out on her mission and put more effort into her work which is clearly bringing back results for them!

She emailed some pictures separately with an accompanying story which I shall now relate! She entitled it: Death to the Fire Alarm

So our fire alarm would beep every 3 minutes mass o menos and so we
told the office and they told us to destroy it and then email it to
them so they could put it in the bulletin and they would send us a new
fire alarm.

Cue pictures of them destroying it:

She is so funny haha.

And photos from the week!


Adios until next week y’all!


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