Trip to the Zoo (Week 22)

She said not much time but she still had quite a lot to say which was nice 🙂 Five months out in the mission field this week (+ two weeks in mtc hence week 22). Finally she seems to really be able to enjoy what she is doing now she has a companion who is on the same page as her.

I suspect she will get transferred next time, she has been in Barrio 9 for a very long time, but it would be nice if she could spend Christmas there as she has made such good friends with everybody it would be a shame to be moved just before!

Hey all,

Not much time to write this week! I turned 5 months today and we went
to the zoo and it was super cool and we saw jelly fish and walked
through a butterfly house. My companion Hermana Wihongi is super cool
and we are having a blast. It’s kind of sad because this is probably
our only transfer together because this is my 4th transfer in Barrio

For example we went to go talk with one of our investigators. They
however were not home so we decided to try knocking. We had recently
heard the talk from the conference that President Uctdorf gave about
not giving up and sometimes the one thing we need to find is on the
fourth floor at the last door. So we knocked this whole building and
no one answered us. Not a single person. When finally we reached the
last door we were hoping for the best and then…. someone answered!!
He was incredibly friendly and he told us to come back at 5 that same
day! It was really amazing and nothing like we had been expecting!
Then we came back at 5 and guess what happened…. He wasn’t there. We
were so sad. But we tried the investigators door from before and
waited and a girl answered and said, “Are you the mormon
missionaries?” You will not believe this but it was totally in
English! We said yes and she said please come in!! So she let us in
and shes this 14 year old girl from the Philippines. She said she has
been wanting to talk to the missionaries for a long time and her mom
told her if the missionaries ever came by to entertain them. Haha it
was so cute. We taught her the first lesson and it went great! We just
felt really right so we asked her if she would like to be baptized as
she learns about its truth and she said yes! It was really cool so the
miracle is that even though they didn’t answer the first time around,
we had a reason to go back the same day. Because we were able to do
that we got to meet an amazing young girl who is just such a light you
can see it for miles. I am excited to see how this transfer will be!

Finally we decided we should probably just spend some time contacting
people on the street. Hahahahahahha oh my goodness. We ran into this
really tall, really big, Chinese man on the street. His name is
Alejandro. He told us he wasn’t really interested and as we were
walking away he says “I am a singer!” (In spanish) and we were like
what?! He said, “You speak English?” (In Spanish) and we said yes! And
he said, “I sing backstreet boys” and again we were like What?!! AND
THEN HE STARTS SINGING! (IN ENLGISH!) He actually wasn’t even bad at
singing or drunk either he was really just being himself! Hahaha it
was hilarious. We grabbed a video. Man that was a really fun surprise
and then he kissed us both, without consent, on the cheek it was soooo
gross because ew! Haha we ran away and handsanitized my face after
haha sooo bad. Ew. Lol well yeah so that happened but I guess that’s
what I get for being in the Ghetto of Madrid!
also we had a picnic in the piso!

Love you guys!
Hermana Liddicott

Fun week of activities for them, I’m glad they had success in their ventures and found some people who wanted to listen. Meeting Alejandro sounds hilarious haha wish I could have seen him sing Backstreet Boys!

Pictures below as always! Don’t forget to drop her an email! Next post, next week!























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