Cinco Meses (Week 20)

Five months…she has been away for five months…time sure does fly by.

Nice email from her this week, sorry it is late up on the blog – but better late than never hey!

Not much time this week to write, so here’s a miracle from last president challenged us to give out more Books of Mormon and
I’d never really done it before and so I prayed about it and set the
goal of giving away a Book of Mormon everyday! And I did it, some days
I even gave  away 2! But one day a homeless man walks over and asks
for money, I explain were missionaries and we don’t have any. So then
he asks why there are so many churches! DREAM QUESTION RIGHT THERE,
and so we sat down and taught lesson one and gave him a Book of
Mormon. He’s homeless and so we haven’t seen him since but he was so
grateful and accepting and cried at the Joseph smith part. When we set
goals in prayer and faith the Lord really does provide.

One of my best friends in the ward here in Barrio 9 just got her
mission call to England LEEDS! We went to watch her open her call and
I just could not believe it, I called it before, the power of jinxing
strikes again! She leaves on January 11th, she’s called Laura coberan
and she’s the stake presidents daughter! The best part is she’ll still
be in her mission when I come home so I can go and see her! The Lord
blesses us so much!

My companion is more or less dead, we have 6 more days together before
we go home so the work is kind of dropping off as she is haha but
that’s okay I’m excited for next transfer to keep working in Barrio 9
with my new companion and just make it totally fuego (fire)! Here are some
photos for the week of the sunsets and with some investigators and
with Laura!

Okay spiritual things, are you an alma or an amulek? When the wicked
Nephites burn the righteous alma and amulek have these reactions in
alma 14.

12 Now Amulek said unto Alma: Behold, perhaps they will burn us also.

13 And Alma said: Be it according to the will of the Lord. But,
behold, our work is not finished; therefore they burn us not.

Alma wasn’t scared because he was giving his very very all to the
Lord. Amulek hasn’t got to that point of conversion as a missionary
yet. We have to leave the nets and give all. I’m an amulek but I want
to be an Alma. Don’t get me wrong amulek is great and he’s an amazing
missionary but we have so much potential to give all of ourselves and
be an Alma!

Love you all! Enjoy conference! 💕😘
Hermana Liddicott x

I think this week will be a mix for her, it is a countdown for her for a hopefully more successful and dedicated companion but also she can be quite impatient so this week might pass really slowly for her!

She sent lots of pictures across and it’s great to see that she is still enjoying her mission and meeting lots of new people!









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