Morar v. Morir (Week 19)

Hey squad,

How is it going? In Spain it’s hot still, not like 40 degree heat but
more like 30s which is nice. Also it rained. Like rained rained. We
had finished zone conference and then we went back to our area in the
afternoon and it all of a sudden rainstormed! We got drenched, it was
just like England! Zone conference was good, our president emphasized
the importance of the Book of Mormon because it really is the
convincing evidence of the message. We should be more focused on
getting that book into people’s hands than waiting until after a first
lesson. And so this week I made it my goal to give out a Book of
Mormon everyday and I did! Some people we’ve had appointments with
after I gave them the book on the street and with others not. But
that’s okay because they have the Book of Mormon which holds their
salvation. One story we had with this is abo a lady called Itza,
Hermana Duffin was contacting someone on the metro home and then I
keep talking to the lady when we got off! I gave her a Book of Mormon
and fixed a return appointment for like the next day and now we are
teaching her and her nephew! How cool is that! Always listen to the
spirit, don’t be too busy talking to your friends to not listen to the
Holy aghast because he knows.

Also at zone conference we had the first Spanish member of the 20th
century and his son come and speak to us. And the temple president. It
was amazing they said that in the book of the eternities missionaries
are the heroes. Missionaries are the heroes of the eternities! Today
we had the temple and we left at 6:30 to get the metro. So we had to
get up at like 5:30 but it’s so worth it!

This week we went to teach this guy we contacted in the street and we
got to prophets and we asked him what he thought about what we had
shared. And he came clean and told us he wasn’t interested in the
gospel he just let us in out of charity so we could get lessons to hit
our weekly targets, which was nice of him I guess…!

Also funny story so you know how we can say in prayers for the Holy
Ghost to “morar” in their home well I accidentally said “morir” and
essentially invited the spirit to die there… And then I just ended
the prayer and nobody said anything, so awkward ahah! Morar means to
dwell and morir means to die.. Haha language life!

Love you guys!
Hermana Liddicott









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