Toledo (Week 17)

Message from Maria: Apologies everyone for the blog being so far behind, I have been abroad for two weeks with limited internet!

Because I have so much to catch up on I will literally be copying and pasting her emails for the last few weeks, regular service will resume as of next week!

Hello everyone!

If I didn’t email you I’m sorry, we went to Toledo so I haven’t had
wifi all day nearly and well we were enjoying Toledo! We found the
sword of Laban replicas again and Hermana duffin and I knighted each
other! We are now officially called as missionaries to the Spain
Madrid mission 😉

This week we gained two investigators, a mother and daughter from
Ecuador that were a reference from Barrio 1 about 2 months ago who we
never managed to contact. So I got the impression the other day to
call through the old references we had received and she was one of the
calls we made. She answered and now we started teaching her! She works
Sunday’s but is trying to find a new job so she can come to church!
The people here are so humble and willing to change for this gospel
it’s inspiring! Ulysses our investigator failed us both times, so
technically he was never actually an investigator because we never got
the chance to teach him which was sad, maybe some other time! We got
to eat with the stake president which was cool. It’s still really
really hot here, it’s still hitting around 40 degrees sometimes still,
I’m weak with the heat haha..!
2 of the investigators we lost are a couple Called William and
Carolina. My comp went to visit them when we were on splits with the
members. They want to convert us together sir religion because we have
false doctrine because as sister missionaries we aren’t allowed to do
besos to men (air kiss greeting thing) and so therefore we have false
doctrine…? Strange right.

We learnt how to make morir soñando at last which is the most
delicious drink from the Dominican Republic. The recipe is:
Morir soñando
2 liters cold milk
Lots of ice
I cup of sugar, or sugar to taste
Juice of 8/9 lemons.

Put the milk in a big bowl.
Stir in all the sugar til dissolved
Add the ice and stir, the milk needs to be really cold
Add the juice of your lemons. Tip it all in and stir it.
Drink it and die with happiness

Someone tried to essentially buy my companion. This 25 year old
morrocan stopped us in the street and was like “hey I’m single and I
want to meet a girl” so we invited him to church. Then he told me
straight up that he was in love with my companion and wanted to marry
her…and he never spoke to her only to me as if I was some kind of
middle man. He asked me to invite her to go for coffee with him
without me there. We explained the word of wisdom, and fixed a cita
for Friday. When we rang to confirm the cita he told us he was Muslim
and didn’t want Christianity but he still loved my companion. We came
to the mutual conclusion that we should not meet up on Friday.
Also attached is a photo of me with someone who is the best friend of
a woman called Christina in my ward, small world right!
Some thing spiritual?
My district leader shared these with us a while ago as the key for
miracles in the mission. I think it’s a good key for life.

Be believing
Commit yourself
Do your part
Expect trials of your faith
Expect the Lord to act

Hermana Liddicott x







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