Cinco Meses (Week 20)

Five months…she has been away for five months…time sure does fly by.

Nice email from her this week, sorry it is late up on the blog – but better late than never hey!

Not much time this week to write, so here’s a miracle from last president challenged us to give out more Books of Mormon and
I’d never really done it before and so I prayed about it and set the
goal of giving away a Book of Mormon everyday! And I did it, some days
I even gave  away 2! But one day a homeless man walks over and asks
for money, I explain were missionaries and we don’t have any. So then
he asks why there are so many churches! DREAM QUESTION RIGHT THERE,
and so we sat down and taught lesson one and gave him a Book of
Mormon. He’s homeless and so we haven’t seen him since but he was so
grateful and accepting and cried at the Joseph smith part. When we set
goals in prayer and faith the Lord really does provide.

One of my best friends in the ward here in Barrio 9 just got her
mission call to England LEEDS! We went to watch her open her call and
I just could not believe it, I called it before, the power of jinxing
strikes again! She leaves on January 11th, she’s called Laura coberan
and she’s the stake presidents daughter! The best part is she’ll still
be in her mission when I come home so I can go and see her! The Lord
blesses us so much!

My companion is more or less dead, we have 6 more days together before
we go home so the work is kind of dropping off as she is haha but
that’s okay I’m excited for next transfer to keep working in Barrio 9
with my new companion and just make it totally fuego (fire)! Here are some
photos for the week of the sunsets and with some investigators and
with Laura!

Okay spiritual things, are you an alma or an amulek? When the wicked
Nephites burn the righteous alma and amulek have these reactions in
alma 14.

12 Now Amulek said unto Alma: Behold, perhaps they will burn us also.

13 And Alma said: Be it according to the will of the Lord. But,
behold, our work is not finished; therefore they burn us not.

Alma wasn’t scared because he was giving his very very all to the
Lord. Amulek hasn’t got to that point of conversion as a missionary
yet. We have to leave the nets and give all. I’m an amulek but I want
to be an Alma. Don’t get me wrong amulek is great and he’s an amazing
missionary but we have so much potential to give all of ourselves and
be an Alma!

Love you all! Enjoy conference! 💕😘
Hermana Liddicott x

I think this week will be a mix for her, it is a countdown for her for a hopefully more successful and dedicated companion but also she can be quite impatient so this week might pass really slowly for her!

She sent lots of pictures across and it’s great to see that she is still enjoying her mission and meeting lots of new people!









Morar v. Morir (Week 19)

Hey squad,

How is it going? In Spain it’s hot still, not like 40 degree heat but
more like 30s which is nice. Also it rained. Like rained rained. We
had finished zone conference and then we went back to our area in the
afternoon and it all of a sudden rainstormed! We got drenched, it was
just like England! Zone conference was good, our president emphasized
the importance of the Book of Mormon because it really is the
convincing evidence of the message. We should be more focused on
getting that book into people’s hands than waiting until after a first
lesson. And so this week I made it my goal to give out a Book of
Mormon everyday and I did! Some people we’ve had appointments with
after I gave them the book on the street and with others not. But
that’s okay because they have the Book of Mormon which holds their
salvation. One story we had with this is abo a lady called Itza,
Hermana Duffin was contacting someone on the metro home and then I
keep talking to the lady when we got off! I gave her a Book of Mormon
and fixed a return appointment for like the next day and now we are
teaching her and her nephew! How cool is that! Always listen to the
spirit, don’t be too busy talking to your friends to not listen to the
Holy aghast because he knows.

Also at zone conference we had the first Spanish member of the 20th
century and his son come and speak to us. And the temple president. It
was amazing they said that in the book of the eternities missionaries
are the heroes. Missionaries are the heroes of the eternities! Today
we had the temple and we left at 6:30 to get the metro. So we had to
get up at like 5:30 but it’s so worth it!

This week we went to teach this guy we contacted in the street and we
got to prophets and we asked him what he thought about what we had
shared. And he came clean and told us he wasn’t interested in the
gospel he just let us in out of charity so we could get lessons to hit
our weekly targets, which was nice of him I guess…!

Also funny story so you know how we can say in prayers for the Holy
Ghost to “morar” in their home well I accidentally said “morir” and
essentially invited the spirit to die there… And then I just ended
the prayer and nobody said anything, so awkward ahah! Morar means to
dwell and morir means to die.. Haha language life!

Love you guys!
Hermana Liddicott








Cooling Down (Week 18)

Hey everyone,

It finally started being less hot, by that I mean we don’t melt during
medio dia, it’s still hitting the high 30s everyday but it’s doable
haha! It was kind of a quiet first half of the week because we had
intercambios on the Thursday. The only difference this time was that
we did them in b9 so we had to double up our lessons on Thursday so
that we had stuff to do with the Hermana training leaders.

We have a really cool investigator called Luz who lives out in
Boadilla, which is a pueblo over an hour from where we live. We found
her calling through the old investigators listed in our phone. But she
brought w friend to the lesson on Saturday and so now we are teaching
her friend too! I love it when people are so touched by our message
that they start to share it before they’ve even heard it all. The
spirit is a powerful influence in conversion.Also Rosa came to church
and her daughter Liz came to English class! We are so excited for
Them! They are a wonderful family and so prepared and accepting of
this gospel. The only sad part is that rosa works most of Sunday’s and
so can only attend relief society and gospel principles class and then
she has to work 😦 we are praying she can find a way to come to
sacrament so she can be baptised! We have some new potential
investigators set up this week and so hopefully we’ll see some
progress with them!  On Saturday I turned 4! 4 months in the mission
haha! I feel so old but so young. Time is a weird concept on the

Our recent convert told us she wanted to give us pedicures. But she
did the whole thing. She washed our feet and everything. Exfoliation,
pumice, the works. It was one of the most humbling experiences of my
life to know that someone cared enough about me to do that for me. It
made me think about how the Saviour washed the disciples feet before
he died. Service is a sign of respect and love.
Matthew 25:40
40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you,
Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my
cbrethren, ye have done it unto me.

Serve. Serve. Serve. Serve your mum, your dad, your friend and your
enemy. Love them that hate you. It’s hard but we have to do it. The
best way to get through a a trial is to serve because if we don’t we
just give up. I read an interesting quote in the new era which said,
“But the motivating factor to keep on going was that I knew that at
the point where I said ‘Stop! I can’t take any more!’ my progression
would stop. So I just kept right on going.”
Don’t give up! You can do it!
Hermana Liddicott x

Here’s some standard Spanish sunsets and some superhero graffiti


Toledo (Week 17)

Message from Maria: Apologies everyone for the blog being so far behind, I have been abroad for two weeks with limited internet!

Because I have so much to catch up on I will literally be copying and pasting her emails for the last few weeks, regular service will resume as of next week!

Hello everyone!

If I didn’t email you I’m sorry, we went to Toledo so I haven’t had
wifi all day nearly and well we were enjoying Toledo! We found the
sword of Laban replicas again and Hermana duffin and I knighted each
other! We are now officially called as missionaries to the Spain
Madrid mission 😉

This week we gained two investigators, a mother and daughter from
Ecuador that were a reference from Barrio 1 about 2 months ago who we
never managed to contact. So I got the impression the other day to
call through the old references we had received and she was one of the
calls we made. She answered and now we started teaching her! She works
Sunday’s but is trying to find a new job so she can come to church!
The people here are so humble and willing to change for this gospel
it’s inspiring! Ulysses our investigator failed us both times, so
technically he was never actually an investigator because we never got
the chance to teach him which was sad, maybe some other time! We got
to eat with the stake president which was cool. It’s still really
really hot here, it’s still hitting around 40 degrees sometimes still,
I’m weak with the heat haha..!
2 of the investigators we lost are a couple Called William and
Carolina. My comp went to visit them when we were on splits with the
members. They want to convert us together sir religion because we have
false doctrine because as sister missionaries we aren’t allowed to do
besos to men (air kiss greeting thing) and so therefore we have false
doctrine…? Strange right.

We learnt how to make morir soñando at last which is the most
delicious drink from the Dominican Republic. The recipe is:
Morir soñando
2 liters cold milk
Lots of ice
I cup of sugar, or sugar to taste
Juice of 8/9 lemons.

Put the milk in a big bowl.
Stir in all the sugar til dissolved
Add the ice and stir, the milk needs to be really cold
Add the juice of your lemons. Tip it all in and stir it.
Drink it and die with happiness

Someone tried to essentially buy my companion. This 25 year old
morrocan stopped us in the street and was like “hey I’m single and I
want to meet a girl” so we invited him to church. Then he told me
straight up that he was in love with my companion and wanted to marry
her…and he never spoke to her only to me as if I was some kind of
middle man. He asked me to invite her to go for coffee with him
without me there. We explained the word of wisdom, and fixed a cita
for Friday. When we rang to confirm the cita he told us he was Muslim
and didn’t want Christianity but he still loved my companion. We came
to the mutual conclusion that we should not meet up on Friday.
Also attached is a photo of me with someone who is the best friend of
a woman called Christina in my ward, small world right!
Some thing spiritual?
My district leader shared these with us a while ago as the key for
miracles in the mission. I think it’s a good key for life.

Be believing
Commit yourself
Do your part
Expect trials of your faith
Expect the Lord to act

Hermana Liddicott x






**The Next Two Weeks**

Hello all! So usually Louisa’s blog is updated weekly, I hope you’ve all been enjoying reading it. Unfortunately I will have very limited internet access for the next two weeks whilst I am away on a university archaeological dig and so it’s likely that there won’t be any updates on here until the 19th/20th! Apologies in advance! They will be up eventually so keep checking back for them!