4 MONTHS IN (Week 16)

Four. Months. In. Wow time is flying and I can’t believe it! Soon the year will be over and then she will only have 11 months to go! Nice, long email from her this week and more pictures which is awesome! Sounds likes despite a few trials she is really enjoying life!

Hola all

Today was a good week, we spent a lot of time with the members over
our medio dias getting to know them and asking for references which
was good fun! We met with one member called Marta and she taught us
how to make her delicious barbecue pizza and it was amazing. Also we
had a NDH its my favourite families, it’s the Sanche zfamily and then
Lilianna and Nelson with their children! They are absolutely fabulous,
we’ve been working to reactivate them and they came to the ward
activity on Saturday! The activity was really fun and our menos
activos (less actives) came to the activity too and they really enjoyed it! It was a
fundraiser for the youth and so they had a barbecue which was amazing,
I thought English barbecues were good but Barrio 9 took it to a whole
new level, seriously. Then they had karaoke and a water fight!

Karaoke sounds about right I would have been so up for that!

We took 3 trips to Boadilla this week! I think it’s a record but it’s
because there is actually so much work out there! We were scrolling
through the phone and found a contact called Antiguo investigador Luz,
Boadilla. So we rang them and fixed an appointment and now we are
teaching them! She was having the lessons about 4 years ago and the
missionaries just stopped coming one day and she didn’t know why, we
can’t find a teaching record either for her so we have no idea! But
she’s fabulous and is already starting to give us references of her
friends for us to start teaching them too! But Hermana shaw is super
Vieja and old and tired in the mission so she fell asleep the whole
journey there haha and she practically fell asleep in a lesson during
a 3 minute video, Mercedes, the member, was absolutely crying with

Man if ever you hit a gold mine with somebody, they clearly struck gold with this contact! Someone willing to listen and refer their friends is pretty impressive! I’m glad the member found it funny Louisa’s companion fell asleep – wake up H. Shaw!

I did my first ever piso knock. Hermana shaw doesn’t like street
contacting and so she wanted to piso knock one day, which is hard
because they just have an intercom system so you talk over the
intercom and hope they let you in and if they let you in you have no
idea who they are or what they’re like or if they’re creepy or not
until they’ve buzzed you into the building and you get the lift up to
their piso. So I outright refused the first time but we were walking
down a street and felt impressed to piso knock one of the buildings. I
timbre-d the first apartment in the building but we didn’t hear
anything so I assumed the pisos were vacant and then just rang all the
piso bells in succession. Well then we heard something…
Lots of neighbours came out asking us why we were ringing their pisos
and so we explained we were the missionaries etc and we were here to
share a message with them! And one of them listened! We have a return
appointment to start teaching her this week! Lesson learnt? Always
follow the spirit and don’t randomly toke people’s apartments. Turns
out they don’t like it. We think we’ll mostly stick to street
contacting now ahah!

H. Shaw street contacting is part of missionary work! Sometimes in life you have to do things that take you out of your comfort zone. I imagine piso knocking is weird haha just buzzing all the intercoms and see who answers especially as you don’t know who you will be seeing until you get up to the door.

We found another person as well this week! He is called Ulysses! He’s
South African. He was praying in a church and thanking God for life
and stuff and then he was walking down the street and we contacted
him, he’s from South Africa and speaks only English and he’s like wow.
This is a sign. It’s meant to be and so now we get to start teaching
him in English! Always following your promptings when contacting, or
in general really. The Lord doesn’t tell you to do things for no

Okay somethings spiritual for the week I guess, this morning I studied
in Mosiah 21 and the people here have lost 3 wars. After 3 wars and
rounds of death and suffering they humble themselves and pray to the
Lord. The Lord softens the hearts of the lamanites so that the burdens
on the Nephites are bearable. What’s interesting is it says the Lord
didn’t see fit at this time to free them. So they endured a little
longer and finally they run into Ammon who’s come from Zarahemla. He
preaches the gospel and they all have the desire to be baptised. Think
if the Lord hadn’t ask the people of Limhi to bear their burdens just
a little longer they and had instead freed them they might never have
met Ammon or heard the gospel! Remember, when the Lord asks you to
bear your burden just a little longer it’s because there is something
better in store for you than merely being freed of your burden. The
lord knows our need better than us, Limhi didn’t know his people
needed ammon and the gospel, but the Lord did. Bear your trials with
patience and humility, there are brighter times ahead!

Love you all,
Hermana Liddicott


I bet Ulysses was glad to bump into them it sounds like he is interested and I bet Louisa is glad of an opportunity to speak English. Sometimes I like to imagine that when she comes home she will have forgotten English and only be able to speak Spanish haha!

Interesting thought about burdens, often when they get to their hardest point that is when they will be taken from us. Patience is hard though but usually the answer. I know that thought is pretty relevant to Louisa at the moment. Like they say the calm always comes AFTER the storm!

Pictures below! Until next week, adios! Maria x

image1 (8)image3 (7)image5 (2)image4 (4)image2 (6)


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