Staying in Barrio 9 (Week 15)

I was excited to get her email this week, because it was transfers on Saturday and I wanted to find out where/if she was moving/getting a new companion. She has quite a bit to say this week!

Hey guys

This was a cool week, we got a new investigator called William and he
has such a cute little daughter! After the lesson he gave us both a
mango but they were super ripe and they dropped mango juice allll over
the metro haha! And then by the time we got them home to Piso they
were not edible aha but it was fun all the same!

We had transfers this week and…
Broma, jokes jokes, I’m still here in b9 and I’m super excited because
we have some great stuff going on! Pedro has his baptismal date for
the 10th September and so I will get to see that still which I’m super
grateful for! I’m still here with Hermana shaw my companion from last
transfer as well. They split our zone again and so we are back to the
carabanchel zone with only 18 or so missionaries and only 4 Hermanas!
Which is crazy as it’s just us and the sister training leaders. This
week we did lots of getting to know the members better and asking the,
for references! We are very excited because one of our reactivated
less actives and a recent convert have both started bringing their
friends to church! It’s so great when people want to share the gospel
with their friends!

What’s sad though is that we’ve had to leave some of our investigators
because they don’t want anything. That’s always the hardest part, when
you come to know someone and what the best for them and they choose
not to accept the gospel 😦

I got to eat some Russian food this week because we have a Russian
member in the ward called Olga! She’s so lovely and her food is
amazing, however we had the address for her old house so we went there
first and then had to walk half an hour over to the other side of the
pueblo to her actual house haha so we were only a little bit a lot
late! But she thought it was funny ahah!

This is us with our investigator Fran and a video about kebabs. Last
week there was a festival on Monday so nothing was open. Genuinely
nothing. I mean in England when we have bank holidays every thing is
open still but here nothing, not even the corner shops or super
markets, they know how to do fiesta days here for sure!

Hmmm also we were sat on the train this week and all of a sudden when
we’re waiting at a station we smell spray paint! What happened was two
kids jumped onto the tracks and started graffiting the train carriage!
Photos attached

Something spiritual:
There is a video called “la voluntad de dios ” I’m English it’s the
will of God I think. It’s based on a talk by D Todd christoferson.
It’s a story about a gooseberry bush and how God as the gardener knows
how best to make that happen. This week after sharing the video with
many people we had transfer calls and other things. Something I really
wanted, or thought would be best, didn’t happen and so I was upset and
then angry but then I remembered this video, and I realised it all
comes down to whether or not I believe it. Do I really believe God has
a plan for me and knows what’s best?
The answer is yes, I know our Heavenly Father has a plan for each and
everyone of us because we are his beloved sons and daughters and he is
excited to see us home again! I know my Saviour lives and I know that
God loves us.

Pictures are attached below. Unfortunately I can’t upload videos to here but if you have Louisa on fb you can watch them there!

image1 (6)

image2 (4)

The video of The Will of God is below if any of you want to watch it, it is a really nice one!

Until next week! Adios!


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