Slowly slowly (Week 12)

Well she has officially been out three months now! It has both gone super fast and really slowly, fifteen months left on the clock for her! Not so much happened this week; she says:

Hey so not much has gone down really since last Wednesday but that’s
cool you know!
We’ve got a great new set of investigators called grace and Jose and
another young one called Brian and so that’s really cool. We found
them all as street contacts and so that’s such a blessing to see the
fruits of our work and so it’s so nice to see the blessings and
miracles of the work!

Guess what! We went to Jacqueline’s house and we didn’t miss the
bus!!, who knew it was possible hey!?
On Friday we set a new baptismal fecha with Clementina for the 13th
August which was super exciting and we fasted with her on Saturday and
Sunday so that she can feel ready for this baptismal fecha that we
have with her! We had a NDH with the Barrio as well which was really
nice and then we did Zumba afterwards except we did it in skirts
because we forgot to bring shoes and stuff like that.
We had a lot of people fail us actually his week but on the plus side
we got to contact loads which was super fun and we get to have some
cool conversations. I think we got likened to Isis a few times this
week and we ate some super delicious food with Sajianna.
Guys I’m sorry my week was lame and I don’t have any cool stories 😭
Here’s some cool photos of a park where we teach and a photo of us
with Sylvia and her daughter

I forgot to ask what an NDH was haha I’ll try and remember for next week!

Hopefully she has a good week this week!

Send her an email! Let her know what you have been up to!

Until next week! (I just remembered I’m on holiday next week so the blog might not be up straight away, depends on wifi/data signal)





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