Queen Lou (Week 10)

No photos this week! Noooo. But she has a few things to say. Now that all her district has changed over she is the leading missionary as she is the only one left from the previous transfer (hence my title Queen Lou).

This week she has to say:

Not much to report this week ustedes (you guys)!
I got a new companion, she is American and 25 and from Arizona, she
likes talking.
It’s been super hot here and I’m melting but I’ve got some wicked tan
lines on my feet from sandals which is ace.
Our investigators failed us a lot this week which was sad and we had
zone capacitación (training). It was nice and we got to have pizza and all sorts
of cool stuff. Sorry I’ve been super lame and don’t have any new
photos this week, don’t hate me.
I’m leading the area now which is scary as I’ve only been a missionary
for one transfer but I’m learning a lot and it’s hard but I know it’ll
be worth it. Already one week into the transfer which is weird, we
have interviews with the president tomorrow.
Our carbon monoxide alarm went off this week so we were out of a Piso
for a day but it was a false alarm so it’s all good.
In the street if someone is busy they say ‘Lo siento, tengo prisa ‘
which means sorry I’m in a rush, but the elders told the new greenie
that ‘prisa’ actually is a serious illnesses and if someone tells you
that they have prisa you should leave immediately. He figured it out
eventually haha.
I think that’s it. Stay cool and thanks for your emails guys.

She really did appreciate the emails, she messaged me saying it was a nice surprise to have so many from people, she can read them during the week you see so it’s nice for her to receive them all the time!

She emailed a little afterthought later:

I think I wrote everything already but I miss and love you guys. Stay
cool, write me good stuff like always and photos. I can read emails
all through the week so you can write me wheneversssss. Please

Thanks so much everyone who emailed her! She really did love hearing from you! Keep emailing her 🙂 You can email her any day you like!

Until next week!


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