Surprise Suckers a.k.a Don’t Listen to Louisa (Week 8)

Recap: so in last week’s email Louisa said – next week pday won’t be until Wednesday so don’t email me until then (her usual day is Monday)


From: Louisa Liddicott

Lol okay e mail me. Pday is today after all. Change of planssss

Haha last night I nearly emailed her when I was emailing Jemima but I thought no because if I wait until Wednesday I can tell her about the first half of this week, clearly I should have just done it. Nevermind though I emailed her after she sent that and she replied.

Fairly short-ish email from her, this is what she has to say this week!

Hey guys

Surprise I’m emailing today and not Wednesday because they changed p
day back to Monday for us but we still have the temple on Wednesday
after all 🙂

We have two new investigators this week, one is called Elegua and he
is from Venezuela! And the other is called Marien and she is Spanish
as in from Madrid. Marien is very sick and she is depressed she has
had a lot of challenges in her life and everytime we teach we can see
her getting happier and it’s such a great thing to see!
Only Clementina has a baptismal date for the end of July and she’s so
wonderful we’re super for her! We went to Jaquelines house on Tuesday
but we got super lost when we found it she lives in a mansion but she
lives super far away and we missed the bus home because it came early
and so we were stuck in the dark of the middle of nowhere!

Her emails are funny I get to the end and never feel a sense of completion like she broke off in the middle of saying something…this one left me thinking “how did she get back?”. Haha still it is great to hear from her!

Some bonus info from my email!

Lol yeah they changed it back to Monday because we have a special meeting on Wednesday with the whole mission about family history so we get kind of like 2 pdays but today is email day! Which is cool but nobody emailed me hardly haha!

She hasn’t been too well recently, a few things throwing her health!

My week was good honestly I’ve physically died, Tuesday I was fine but Wednesday was bad, I hurt all over like I had the flu it hurt to think and walk and I just threw everything up…we went back to the Piso at9pm so I could rest and I had a blessing but I forgot to get changed and stuff so I woke up at 4 am fully clothed in bed like oh. I got better from there on in but couldn’t keep any food day until Saturday so I’m just about recovered now man it’s been a rough week haha! But yeah apart from dying it was good like I mean I can’t really remember much of the week except that I was dying…

Sounds like she has had a rough time of it, so glad she is feeling better now though!

She included some pictures, they came in a weird size again, I’m not sure what she is doing to them but they keep coming out funny haha! Oh well!


She wanted everyone to know her address 😉 All letters are parcels to this one!


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