Because she’s Happy (Week 11)

Yes, she sounded so much happier this week which was great! Got loads of nice emails from her and I think she nearly drowned us in photos 😉 She just needs to work on captions now so we know exactly what they are rather than my guesses haha!

This week she says:

Hey guys

We did some service and sorted out baby clothes.

Funny story? Some guy chased us down the street to tell us that he had
a connection with the Holy Ghost which was making him tell us that’s
one of us didn’t want to be a missionary and that the other had been a
used by their dad, neither of which were true and so that’s super

We did Zumba at the chapel which was super fun and I super sucked but
you know that’s cool hey! We also had some sweet lessons and have some
really great new investigators and I’m really excited to start
teaching them. Today we had temple and I did the work for one of my
ancestors which was super special! We’ve seen a lot of miracles this
week when we’ve been street contacting which has been really nice!

I got the worlds biggest blister and underwent 18th century style
surgery to get it removed in a family home evening so that was super
intense. I haven’t got more time to write right now but photos are
attached. Apologies to all those I haven’t emailed it has been an
intense day!

Hermana Liddicott

I laughed when I read about the guy chasing her down the street haha that must have been hilarious although I’m sure also a little nerve-wracking! She sent a video of them all doing Zumba, I haven’t managed to spot her in it yet, good luck trying to find her!

  • Upon trying to upload the video I’ve been informed I need to upgrade my wordpress plan haha so if you have Louisa on facebook you can watch it on there otherwise you’ll just have to imagine them doing it 😉

When she said she had a massive blister I was imagining a fairly big one but when I saw the photo oh mama that was the biggest blister I have ever seen in my life! I don’t even know how it managed to get that big without popping?!


It is so big! Yuck. I don’t understand people who refuse to pop blisters, whenever I get them I pop them asap and let them dry out, otherwise they take forever to heal. That one is a beast!

Here’s a gross picture of their surgery on it!


That’s cool she gets to go to the Temple as well, I know lots of missions the missionaries don’t get to go.

image3 (3)

image4 (2)



I like that she can email constantly throughout the day so we get little dribs and drabs as she remembers things she hasn’t said! SO we got another little short email from her!

I couldn’t really remember anything that had happened in the week but

then I did so here’s so more cool stories I hope!

So we had a NDH with pedro and Sandra and they made this eternal life
worthy drink called morir soñando and it’s like lemons and ice and
just all yummy goodness and hands down its the best food ever. Well
drink. They’re from the Dominican Republic.

I am not sure what an NDH is I’ll ask her next time. She seems very enthusiastic about it and sent a photo, a recipe might have been better 😉

image1 (5)

Andddd more photos!

She had a meeting with her mission president this week, the girl in purple is her new companion Hermana Shaw

image2 (2)

image1 (4)

And they found a wall signed by John Cena


And that is all for this week! She is happy and doing great and not ill anymore so all good news!

Looking forward to hearing more from her next week!




Queen Lou (Week 10)

No photos this week! Noooo. But she has a few things to say. Now that all her district has changed over she is the leading missionary as she is the only one left from the previous transfer (hence my title Queen Lou).

This week she has to say:

Not much to report this week ustedes (you guys)!
I got a new companion, she is American and 25 and from Arizona, she
likes talking.
It’s been super hot here and I’m melting but I’ve got some wicked tan
lines on my feet from sandals which is ace.
Our investigators failed us a lot this week which was sad and we had
zone capacitación (training). It was nice and we got to have pizza and all sorts
of cool stuff. Sorry I’ve been super lame and don’t have any new
photos this week, don’t hate me.
I’m leading the area now which is scary as I’ve only been a missionary
for one transfer but I’m learning a lot and it’s hard but I know it’ll
be worth it. Already one week into the transfer which is weird, we
have interviews with the president tomorrow.
Our carbon monoxide alarm went off this week so we were out of a Piso
for a day but it was a false alarm so it’s all good.
In the street if someone is busy they say ‘Lo siento, tengo prisa ‘
which means sorry I’m in a rush, but the elders told the new greenie
that ‘prisa’ actually is a serious illnesses and if someone tells you
that they have prisa you should leave immediately. He figured it out
eventually haha.
I think that’s it. Stay cool and thanks for your emails guys.

She really did appreciate the emails, she messaged me saying it was a nice surprise to have so many from people, she can read them during the week you see so it’s nice for her to receive them all the time!

She emailed a little afterthought later:

I think I wrote everything already but I miss and love you guys. Stay
cool, write me good stuff like always and photos. I can read emails
all through the week so you can write me wheneversssss. Please

Thanks so much everyone who emailed her! She really did love hearing from you! Keep emailing her 🙂 You can email her any day you like!

Until next week!

Never Give Up, Never Stop Giving (Week 9)

Louisa’s subject line was just “group mail”, if you read my blog you’ll know I went on a ysa convention this weekend and the motto was “Never Give Up, Never Stop Giving” and I think this applies really well to Louisa’s week!

She has been out a little over two months now and there have been lots of ups and downs for her. Whilst she never stops giving her service to the Lord by being a missionary, I think she is struggling with never giving up on herself.

So before I get onto telling you all the stuff she has been up to this week, I have just a little request; if you can spend just a couple of minutes writing a few lines please email/write to Louisa! Tell her about your life, university, job, travels, upcoming events etc. Even if you don’t know her that well or you think she wont want to hear from you she will, she really would love to hear from everyone! Her p-days are Mondays so get writing 🙂 (Contact details are on the sidebar to the right)

Thanks for everyone who does already email her and write to her, she really really appreciates everything you all do 🙂

This week she says:

So this week on Sunday I turned two months in the mission, it’s gone
really fast but super slow at the same time! It’s been very hot here
and I’m weak so I’m melting haha!
We went to the temple last week which was so nice and then we had a
zone meeting about family history and how to help our recent converts
do it so we can help them take family names to the temple. It has
rained a bit which has been nice and makes it easier to sleep at night
because we don’t have air con or a fan. We are going to ring the
office at some point and ask if we can get one or we are going to melt
in August.
The elders had a baptism on Sunday and one of the members told me he
wants me to marry his son which was interesting. But the baptism was
great and I got to try thin mints, then we got transfer calls.
We had thought me and my comp would stay as she is my trainer but no
she is leaving to go to the Canary Islands. 2 elders went home as they
have finished and one elder got transferred and the other gets
transferred out in two weeks so I will be the only remaining district
member. The rest will all be new so it’ll be a whole other round of
getting to know people which is scary but exciting. I’m quite scared
to be honest to stay in the ward without Hermana Jimenez because my
new companion doesn’t know anyone or where anything is either! So it
will be an interesting few transfers or so.
My favorite food this week was a Peruvian lemon meringue pie which
Annalise and roger (photo below) made for us on Sunday. It was a quiet
week and one of our investigators came to church! But then left after
priesthood, we found a less active in the street who was baptised a convert at 9 years old and then went inactive after a year and hasn’t
been to church since. She is 30 now and so she is happy to have met us
again. One of the members daughters was found dead in her flat 2 days
after arriving from Peru so that was intense. The daughter was like
24. It was a nice week on the whole though and we didn’t get lost or
miss the bus much.
Thanks for the emails and the letters!
Hermana Liddicott

I laughed a bit about the member wanting Louisa to marry their son, because before Louisa left she joked that she would find a Spanish person to marry and stay out there forever, it’s happening sooner than she anticipated haha 😉

She’s finding it tough that all her district is changing and that she will be the only “old” missionary in her district now that everyone is getting transferred out and she is the only one remaining. She really likes her companion and is worried about having a new one. I know she’ll rise to the challenge though and get through it just fine! She’s a tough one.






Surprise Suckers a.k.a Don’t Listen to Louisa (Week 8)

Recap: so in last week’s email Louisa said – next week pday won’t be until Wednesday so don’t email me until then (her usual day is Monday)


From: Louisa Liddicott

Lol okay e mail me. Pday is today after all. Change of planssss

Haha last night I nearly emailed her when I was emailing Jemima but I thought no because if I wait until Wednesday I can tell her about the first half of this week, clearly I should have just done it. Nevermind though I emailed her after she sent that and she replied.

Fairly short-ish email from her, this is what she has to say this week!

Hey guys

Surprise I’m emailing today and not Wednesday because they changed p
day back to Monday for us but we still have the temple on Wednesday
after all 🙂

We have two new investigators this week, one is called Elegua and he
is from Venezuela! And the other is called Marien and she is Spanish
as in from Madrid. Marien is very sick and she is depressed she has
had a lot of challenges in her life and everytime we teach we can see
her getting happier and it’s such a great thing to see!
Only Clementina has a baptismal date for the end of July and she’s so
wonderful we’re super for her! We went to Jaquelines house on Tuesday
but we got super lost when we found it she lives in a mansion but she
lives super far away and we missed the bus home because it came early
and so we were stuck in the dark of the middle of nowhere!

Her emails are funny I get to the end and never feel a sense of completion like she broke off in the middle of saying something…this one left me thinking “how did she get back?”. Haha still it is great to hear from her!

Some bonus info from my email!

Lol yeah they changed it back to Monday because we have a special meeting on Wednesday with the whole mission about family history so we get kind of like 2 pdays but today is email day! Which is cool but nobody emailed me hardly haha!

She hasn’t been too well recently, a few things throwing her health!

My week was good honestly I’ve physically died, Tuesday I was fine but Wednesday was bad, I hurt all over like I had the flu it hurt to think and walk and I just threw everything up…we went back to the Piso at9pm so I could rest and I had a blessing but I forgot to get changed and stuff so I woke up at 4 am fully clothed in bed like oh. I got better from there on in but couldn’t keep any food day until Saturday so I’m just about recovered now man it’s been a rough week haha! But yeah apart from dying it was good like I mean I can’t really remember much of the week except that I was dying…

Sounds like she has had a rough time of it, so glad she is feeling better now though!

She included some pictures, they came in a weird size again, I’m not sure what she is doing to them but they keep coming out funny haha! Oh well!


She wanted everyone to know her address 😉 All letters are parcels to this one!