Usted Puede Hacerlo (Week 7)

I had to look up what “usted puede hacerlo” meant, google assures me it means “you can do it”.

Out seven weeks it is strange, I don’t notice her absence as much because I don’t live at home, but I do miss all the phonecalls we used to have. I was reminiscing yesterday how it would often take a full day just trying to get in contact with her. I would ring while she was still in bed, she would ring me back when I was in a lecture, I’d ring her back when she was at work and then by the time we finally got hold of each other we would forget what we were ringing for.

A short email from her this week and a note! Next week P-day will be on Wednesday as she is going to the Temple, so you can still email as normal but you won’t get any replies/group email until Wednesday.

Hola everyone

Okay so anyone who knows me knows I HATE spicy food and I honestly
cannot eat it.
I mean I frequently wuss out of eating pepperoni pizza because it’s too spicy.
I’m the kind of Hermana that eats plain at nandos. I. Hate. Spicy. Food.

So todayyyyy we went to a restaurant to eat spicy burgers. It’s a big
challenge and if you do it you get a shirt and then they put your
photo on the wall of fame. So we went with all of our district to do
it! All 6 of us!

She does hate spicy food with a passion, hopefully she will get used to it now and we can eat hot curries together when she gets back haha. Although she doesn’t say whether she succeeded or not she did send a picture of the shirt you win, it might be hers though I suspect it was probably one of the others who won, she is a massive wuss with spicy food!



Some more photos!




For some reason some of the photos come out really small and bad quality I’m not sure why, they appear like that in my email!

Anyway adios for now, next update will be WEDNESDAY not Monday!


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