Everywhere you go, always take the weather, or something like that I think… (Week 6)

It’s only taken six weeks but I think she is getting the hang of group emails and pictures as this week we got another great update from her! Even better I had to correct barely any of it, her English was really good this email.

So this week she says:

So this week was was good. It’s been very hard but good. It was cold to start off with but it is really heating up something chronic today! We hiked up a mountain in Toledo and looked round some sword shops, there is one here that sells the sword of Laban and captain Moroni. Like it says it on the swords and then it’s says HLJ (haz Lo justo/choose the right) and then has the Spain Madrid mission logo. He sells lots because many missionaries buy them there. They are the real deal and cost about €90 and then he posts them to your home address with UPS, for some more money. It’s super cool.
This is me and my companion Hermana Jimenez at the top of our hike! We went with the Hermanas from barrio 5, the elders from our district and then some more elders! So it was a fun trip and definitely worth the while.
Spain also won some football game here or something and so people have been super celebrating which has been fun right outside our window ahah!

image1 (3)

Toledo is a really old and very beautiful Spanish city.
We had a good week teaching our investigators and working with the less actives, they are so wonderful and we had lots of success street contacting. It’s sooo hot here that he afternoons are really exhausting but the members and our amigos/investigators always feed us and give us drinks when we stop by which helps loads. We made empanadas this week with some of the members and they were so tasty I need the recipe but they don’t weigh things out here they just kind of guess quantities in a kind of mas o menos way of cooking what works really well for them but I would totally fail at to be honest!
Every time I meet an American they want me to imitate an American accent or pronounce words in English because they think it’s funny and when I phone another set of missionaries they always speak to me In English as opposed to Spanish to enjoy my accent it’s weird.
The work is hard but it is the lords work and nobody said it would be easy! But it’s so rewarding when you see people making these changes in their lives for good and you can see them becoming happier each time you visit, it’s a rewarding work!

image3 (1)

Also I want to talk about this poster:

image2 (1)

The world has already been changed by Jesus Christ and his Atonement, Im just here to help people to know it. If You want to change the world turn to Christ, this used to be a motivation for me but now it reminds me to be humble.
Also here is a bonus picture of sassy elder Sasso and his companion elder Hendrix who is going to work on the Disney cruise ship, they came with us to Toledo, they are in our district in barrio 9 as well:

unnamed (2)

Love Hermana Liddicott

And now you lucky people some short bonus material from the email she sent me!

The ward is nice and so are our investigators…Today we are going to Toledo and I will send more photos later but here’s a drawings from my comp.

She also asked me to make her a CD of church music like EFY and stuff because she finds it really hard exercising to MoTab haha!

And now some bonus pictures!

unnamed (3) - Editedunnamed (4)

Here she is having a meal with her district and ward mission leader Jesus. I will say that when I read the email the picture hadn’t loaded and I misread it as “I had dinner with Jesus” haha.

Since starting Louisa’s blog I know have a job so though I’ll try and get the posts up on Mondays they may often not get published until Tuesdays now!

Until next week! Adios!


One thought on “Everywhere you go, always take the weather, or something like that I think… (Week 6)

  1. I loved Toledo when I was there it truly is a wonderful place. I was there on a painting weekend and absolutely loved it you are very lucky to be serving there. So great to know you are there too, keep up the good work. Lol Grandma xxx


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