True or false: “Guilt”-tripping works on Louisa? (Week 5)

A friend of mine and Louisa’s and Jemima’s left for her mission before Louisa went out and so as a result her group email doesn’t go to Louisa’s missionary address. So I forward them to her.

She writes THE most amazing group emails! So detailed and descriptive, really lovely to read. This week when I forwarded it to Louisa I prefaced it with:

This is what a group email looks like 😉

Am I ashamed of “guilt”-tripping her? Not in the slightest because this week ladies and gentlemen we got a corker! You may thank me later! (Just in case some of you reading this think I’m the world’s worst sister it is all in good humour haha! An ongoing joke which began before her mission, she was always terrible at replying to anything haha)

It’s week five in the Madrid Mission and Louisa has this to say:

Woke my companion up last night because I was teaching the second lesson in Spanish in my sleep awkward hahaa!

It’s okay though and the member are so friendly it feels a lot like Wakefield ward here we all need to visit after I come home from my mission!

Today we went to the very cente or Madrid and here is photographic proof.
We have 2 investigators with dates to be baptised on July 9th and we
have am ace new investigator he is called Fran and is 19 add is so
prepared for the gospel so we’ll see what happens and there are so
many less actives here too! We are teaching a bakery owner called
William and he gives us so much fresh bread! They have really nice
sweet breads here as well and they are lushhhhh!

I will be here until the middle of August for definite but will most
likely be her for a transfer or two more so possibly up until sometime
in November and I love it here! It is so hot here I don’t no how I am
going to stand in august.
I am learning to be patient and we go running every other day and it is torture but my companion loves running so I haven’t the heart to tell her how much I dread
it…although I May soon as I can’t take it forever…

People are impressed with ,y level of Spanish but it is soooo hard to
understand the different accents as everyone is s from different parts
of South America in barrio 9. In one of the days that was really hard I just started crying in the middle of a lesson which was so awkward but it’s okay I’m learning yo
have more and more faith everyday.

Question, did Jesus have the veil like we do? We think yes but?

Also mum can you send me the recipient for Yorkshire puddings, in cups
because we don’t have weighing scales….and for brownies and cheesy
bean tortillas. We eat with members most days at lunch and tea so we
rarely have to cook which is nice but it means we eat a lot of rice
and chicken. Everyone here works on Sunday’s so it is so hard to get our
investigators to come to church but we have 2 investigators with dates
to be baptised!!

Best story of the week? One of the elders went missing from another ward for like 6 hours so we had to wear normal clothes take off the badge and go hunting in the metro, it was ace and I felt like a spy! They found him and all was good in the end.

Please correct my grammar and make me sound smart

Needless to say I have not corrected her grammar or made her sound smart ahh it is so funny she’s going over to Spanish and losing all her power over English 😉

Can’t believe she sleep-talked the second discussion! That is absolutely brilliant! She used to sleep-talk at home sometimes but just random stuff but this is brilliant. Next time I hope she sleep walks 😉

The Elder going missing is a bit odd, I keep reading about missionaries disappearing, I’m not sure how if I’m honest but I’m glad he was found safe! Imaging Louisa as a spy though made me laugh haha I don’t think she would be very good at it.

She promised photos, she has delivered and she has sent photos!

Adios until next Monday!


Louisa and her companion Hermana Jimenez

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