MTC Week Three (Week 3)

Just a quick update for you all! Louisa didn’t get much time to write this week, she only got ten minutes but next week she will have an hour to fill us in!

She is in her last days at the MTC and will be getting transferred out to her first area very shortly! So if you remember in the last email she had been ill and they thought she was allergic to something but they weren’t entirely sure what was up with her? I got three lines from her today:

Lol only get  10 mins today so ask myum for details. thats sweet. Also
pray for me x

With no explanation as to what I’m supposed to pray for her about I jumped to the conclusion that she was still ill. So panicked I try to get hold of my parents to see what has happened only to find out that actually what had happened was the Mission President had assigned all the missionaries their areas, but not told them. She knew that one of the sisters was going to the Canary Islands and she really wanted it to be her that went haha. All that worrying for nothing!

Here is what she has to say for herself this week –

No package has arrived but I have told president and he will forward
it to wherever I am in the mission. I only have 10 minutes to write
and then will get an hour next monday to write you all! I met with my
president, I do not know where my first area will be yet I find out
tomorrow. One of the hermanas in my district is going to the canary
islands but they have not decided who yet, I think out of the 3 us of
it will be Hermana Quispe because she is the only native spanish
speaker but I really would like to go so I am praying the Lord has
prepared people for me there. But if not that´s cool because they have
giant cockroaches that fly and bats too, we have an elder in my
district from the canaries. The churros at thew place were amazing, I
have sent some postcards hopefully you will get them. My mission
presidents neice served in huddersfield and I went on splits with her
she was also in jemimas ward, sister abel. An elder in my district is
dating sister calles´older sister as well how cool right! I love you
and may get to email when I know where I am going but I do not know. I
love you, much love to all, Hermana Liddicott xxxxx

Man I do not think she will deal well with flying cockroaches and bats haha, her poor companions!

Still it will be exciting to see which area she gets called to! I found out that the boyfriend of one of the sister missionaries in my ward is serving in Madrid mission, but I forgot his name so I need to find out again and maybe Louisa will bump into him!

Next week’s email should be good, details of her new area and what she is getting up to.

Until then, you know the drill, adios!


One thought on “MTC Week Three (Week 3)

  1. Coachroaches flying bats – nah a doddle!! She’ll cope she has the Lord on her side for goodness sake!! 🙂 xxx


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